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1. 間 (Ma)

[Translation from Japanese:]

The way to above and to below is one and the same.
My Path is High,
Above the sky,
Where you can fly or you can die
You can't enter twice..


Above the sky!
Above the sky!


2. Un Pensiero Per Il Destino

Il tempo non scade se non ti insegna qualcosa:

Non hai capito?
Non puoi vincere il male.
Lo puoi solo sorpassare.

"Nacque un altro leggiadro pensiero,
per negare si rigido impero,
ond'il Tempo più Tempo non è"

L'inferno porta il destino.
L'arroganza, la punizione,
una cospirazione...

Vite in orbita.
Il cuore in centro,
la luna è il tradimento,
è il destiono dall'inferno!

Tutte le vite in orbita,
è il destino dall'inferno, ma il cuore rimane in centro!

3. Sorrow Descending

For a marble, without shape...
For inscriptions, not to obliterate...

Don't cry, for my vain strife...
Death will always thrive where love hides...

Sorrow descending...

Mounting the throne, time rolls.
Sunday ending but Sunday dawns...

For the dice with death, I pray again!

Halo of obedience, your chamber's Kingdom!
Sorrow descending, my soul ascends!

Alas! Long live with the dead!
My soul ascends, my vows were kept.

4. Medea

Black vultures guide the unyielding wind, through the land of onerous duties. Its wrath inflates the weathered sails still rising over the broken mast. Land of onerous duties, where the memory of humans is the echo of my suffering soul. There... Death is the only one whose promises remain fulfilled... and the nests where vows once perched have been destroyed...

Verdirb nicht die Nester, wo die Schwüre sich hocken!
Erschrecken, verschlingen die Babys. Tote Babys.
Zieht ihr die Seile fest, ihr Weinen nicht zu hören!

Trockner Hafen das Warten
Und die Mole ein Steinherz
Dort, wo die Liebe schleift.

Wir sind angekommen. Die Lava meines
Zornes formt das Leisten eines Mordes
Und malt einen Sonnenuntergang am Himmel.
Wie diesen, der die Liebhafer nackt findet,
nach ihrer letzten Liebestat...

Die Racheluft zerbricht den Mast.
Den, an dem die verratenen Bettlaken sich erheben, die vom
Schweiß der Menschen getränkt sind. Der Menschen, die einmal verliebt waren.
Der Menschen, die einmal verliebt waren...

Am Mast gefesselt schreie ich, kannst du mich hören?

[English translation:]

Don't ruin the nests where oaths perch.
They frighten, they devour the babies. Dead babies.
Hold on to the ropes, not to hear their cry!

Waiting is a waterless harbour
And the pier is a stony heart
where love sharpens.

Here we are. The lava of my
fury moulds a murder
and draws a sunset in the sky.
Like the one which finds the lovers naked
after their last intercourse...

The vengeful wind breaks the mast.
The one which hoists the betrayed sheets
Drenched in the sweat of people once in love.
People once in love...

Tied to the mast, I shout, can you hear me?

5. Dilate The Time

A cosmic ray, all my ideas
chasing the light and spreading fear.
And what if I could dilate the time?
Would I control the global rhyme?

-Freezing the moment
-... and laid to rest
-You have to race!

All my beliefs into the womb of time!!

-Offspring leading chariots of light,
future now is fragile and so close,
just a line to cross,
I need you,
cause all lines,
need at least,
two points,
to exist...

-Attach to your dreams the power of will
and you'll see their mass, how huge will appear!
-Energy turns into mass, you'll see!
-Our newborn ideas!
-Two parallel lines
-they begin from your eyes
-... Our eyes

And do have a point where they meet, and is close...

Where we approach the speed of light,
trying to dilate the time! Trying to dilate the time!
Dilate the time!!!

6. Les réminiscences extatiques

Cachés derrière des portes entrouvertes,
je connais ta voix, je l'ai aimée...

Je sens la trahison, aux bouts des doigts,
frappant toutes les touches d'un piano désacordé.
Je sais que c'est le morceau qu'on aimait...

La lune effleure, mes espérances ravivées,
au son d'un piano oublié.

Je sais que tu l'avais bien dit.
Les réminiscences extatiques, ne sont que des avis...

[English translation:]

Hidden behind ajar doors,
I know it is your voice I have loved...

I feel the betrayal, in my fingertips,
hitting all the keys of an un-tuned piano.
I know it is the piece of music we loved...

The moon gropes my revived hopes
under the sound of a forgotten piano.

I know you said it quite well,
Ecstatic memories are nothing more than just opinions...

7. Truth Will Prevail

I saw your trace, on wet soils of empty graves.
I wanted you for me, but you belong to all...

A rooster used to wake you up, now slaughtered bleeding in your hand,
it seems to be a brilliant feast for your keen appetite.

Your answers to my questions, feeble, pitiful evasions,
A truth living the day has bitten a nightmare through haze,
which left a trace on empty graves...

I wanted you for me, but you belong to all...

8. Όμορφη κόρη

9. The Charmer

Two horses rest in silence, by the sea.
When a young girl, who came from the dead, approached the scene.

Inside their nostril, she has laid a scent of deed and you may listen
to their neigh in your silent dream.

Charmer, my poor charmer, rest under the olive-tree,
under the olive-tree.

When death loses track of all her charms,
he is always drunk in Morpheus' arms.
Under the silent, the silent olive-tree.

Charmer, my poor charmer!

Two horses are gazing at the sea,
when a young girl approached the scene.
Her name in the shape of fear.
Her shield shiny, as when she lived...

Charmer, my poor charmer, rest under the olive-tree.
Charmer, my poor charmer, rest under the olive-tree.
Under the olive-tree!!

10. L'idée fixe

11. Misery's King

Winds listen to me
And carry my voice as far as there are ears to hear
Clouds lift my spirit to the open doors of heaven
Eleven times the earth has offered a ring to her beloved since the
day I reached this lonely place.
This lonely place...

Now I am Misery's King!

These rocks became my Palace
I am King without one subject
Hallucination is my faithful servant
When I feel sad I am dancing with my thoughts
I tried to lock inside me
Something young, Something vivid
But in vain...

Now I'm Misery's King!

Christos Antoniou ‒ Orchestrations, Keyboards
Fotis Benardo ‒ Drums, Percussion
George Diamantopoulos ‒ Bendir, Kaval, Sarod, Yayli tanbur
Charalampos Paritsis ‒ Violin (electric)
Androniki Skoula ‒ Vocals
John Thermos ‒ Keyboards

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