Dark Lyrics


1. Beyond The Immortal Spirit Of Unying Death

[Vinyl bonus track]

2. Wretched Life

Death trap - hit'n'run eyes wide open
Shut up - suck the gun your will is broken

Seize the day, end your life
Abandon hope, and your life

End your wretched life!

Mass-death-blood-drain hell-mouth-birth-pain
Blitz-krieg-mind-fuck 3rd world - 4th reich

Looking forward to die!!!

3. Casket Ride

Ready for the casket ride? Death-bound joyride
One way freedom-run, sorry-go-round!

Soulless man - dead and gone
Lying in his grave trip of death, endless night
Rotting under ground to cross the river of death
Spare a dime for the ferryman
Prepare thouself... For the casket ride!

Ok, this is your captain speaking..
Fasten your seatbelts..
And get ready for the
Ride of your life!!!
Casket ride!
Casket ride!
Casket ride!

4. Faces Of Death

All around me faces of death
As I put the noose around my neck
No-one here gets out alive
So bow down your head and pray to die!
Pray to die!
Can you stare the deceased in the eyes?
Or kiss the lips of a dying bride?
Would you hold a dead man's hand?
As he leads you through the shadowed land!

Brain Storm! Death Blow! Blood Flood!
Faces of Death! Faces of Death!
Faces of Death!

5. Moralized

I've been watching you inside your house
When you're asleep, when you're awake
I've been stalking y ou for two weeks now
And soon I'm gonna make my move

Knife keeps plunging
Right thru your fuckin' ribs
Twist the blade up
Grab you by the hips
Throw you to the floor
Cut you up real sweet
Leave you lying there
Dying for your sins
Eye for an eye
Butchered in full daylight
Die by the knife
Mora-lized from head to toe
Your body is turning cold,
As blood runs to the ground
Killer's frenzy, captured in your eyes

It could be you motherfucker tonight
Knife keeps plunging
Right thru your fuckin' ribs
Killer's frenzy, captured in your eyes

6. Rotting Alive

Welcome to your bloodred nightmare!

The spell must be broken reality's a dream
Reality's a life-long nightmare
And nothing as it seems

Rotting alive, ready to be reborn
Rotting alive, ready to be no more

The spell can't be broken this suffering is real
The demons are my life-long partners they
Live beneath my skin

Maggots crawling thru my living flesh
Take the blade and let 'em out!
Degenerating starts from mother's milk
You rat fuck you're all gonna die!!!

Die and die again!!!

The demons come again! 1000 razor blades!
Fuck up my living flesh! I've died a million deaths!

The spell has been broken reality's revealed
The demons are just taking breath now
And by dawn they'll start again!

7. Demon Skunk

Welcome to hell, dear old friend
So nice to have you back here again
We got the stuff to expand your mind
This shit is gonna blow your mind!

Demon skunk fucks up your brain!

Just one whiff and
Your brain starts melting
Feels so good when you're nauseating

Demon skunk fucks up your brain
Demon skunk drives you insane

Keep on laughing while you wet yourself
Can't stop crying as you shit your pants

Demon skunk fucks up your brain
Demon skunk drives you insane

Sweat like a pig, drool and bleed
Body fluids are running free!
Get ready for another round
With the best friend you've ever found

8. Shitgrinder

Pretty boy, chicken bones
Honey jar - fuck that!
Split your skull, slit your throat
Burn your corpse - fuck off!


Pretty boy, chicken shit
Plastic soul - fuck that!
Pound your head to the wall
Till you're dead - fuck all


9. Symptoms Of The Flesh

Symptoms of the flesh
Curse of human race
Venereal death
Imminent disgrace

Symptoms of the flesh
Festering decay
Your dick falls off!
Your cunt rots away!

Gonorrhea, Syphilis,
HIV, dying breed!

10. F/C/D/C

(Freedom Chrush Death Corps)

Last Remains of a dying reign
Falling any day
Mass destruction endless pain
Freedom strikes again!

Here come the angels of death
Retaliate! Here comes your death
The world is saved again

Master plan decapitation. Heads will roll today
Humiliation of all other nations
Heroes lead the way

Here come the angels of death. Commiserate!
Here comes your death. The world is safe again

Bodies burning in a lifeless pile
Chaos breeds across the land
Now the monkeys are running out of zoos
The Promised Land is free again

White Man's Burden

Manifest Destiny!!!

11. Slutrush

[Vinyl bonus track]

Parental Advisory - Explicit Idiocy

12. An Evil Eye

I have an evil eye
And it's pointed straight at you
My stare is cold
A reflection of my soul

I am the evil eye
That is pointed at you all
This stare is cold
A true reflection of your souls

I am the monkey on your back
The boogieman under your bed
The skeleton in your closet,
Incubus in your dreams

I am the stalker, I am the rapist
I am the strangler, I am the slasher
I am the reaper, I am cancer
I am vermin, I am the demon
I am religion, I am the a-bomb
I am the cyclon, I am the needle in your arm
I am the tumour in your brain
I am the weakness in your heart
I am the pain withut a name

Taneli Jarva - vocals
Esa Holopainen - guitar
Marko Tarvonen - guitar
Oppu Laine - bass
Nalle Österman - drums

Thanks to khotti for sending these lyrics.

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