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1. The Jester's Banquet

One must be remiss when their prospects of bliss
Will abandon all reason to blend with decay
A banquet of fools in the lunatic season
The cards that I've dealt are so vulgar today

Enchanted with the flow
I swim these streams
Of tears
Once torn apart
That meet as one
To dwell beneath the eye in realms of dreams
And thrive within the shadows of the sun

It is through this I will drift empty handed
With a destiny sailing half mast
This sun, may it set on obscurity yet
And arise when the now is the past

I cannot recall why I'm taking a fall
I'm abandoning reason
This blend is decay
I dine with the fools in the lunatic season
The cards I've been dealt are the cards that I play

Enchanted with the flow
I swam these streams
Of tears
Once torn apart
That met as one
And dwelt beneath the eye in realms of dreams
But dried beyond the shadows of the sun

2. An Illusion To The Temporary Real

Chagrined, I lie ensconced between the dreaming and the dead
Let my eyes perceive degrees and not directions
For the sanguine expectations that embellished prior years
Are the fervent hopes now lost in imperfections

The emaciated soul seeks to conceptualize itself
In an illusion to the temporary real
Within, thus beyond, we segregate our spirits
From the probing hands that touch but cannot feel

Through cognitive dysfunction aspirations stay utopian
Like dying leaves that to their branch still hold
Unaware their will may yet delineate futility
They agitate a flame already cold

Plagued with trepidation through the volatile states
Foreordination links me to the now
For even if I sought escape I'd only leave despair
And my death would be one final awkward bow

3. Vista

Never shall I love another earthborn face
And I (the knave, the fool) will stay inept
Condemned to forge a barren hell
To deify and then dispel
That summers' love....... in winters' rain I wept

At the vista on the edge of forever
Where the party is culminating thus
Iago deals a hand again
That I have not the wit to comprehend

Above all else our birthright to be shackled will remain
And paths we choose can only be so wide
To greener pastures hence?
(Who knows?)
The joker rocks the fence
But in pastures, green or barren, we abide

At this vista on the edge of forever
Where the party has culminated thus
The deified can now ascend
To where I've not the wit to comprehend

With the currency of damnation
On whom do we spend our sorrow?

4. Catalepsy In Staccato Rain

My better self was always born tomorrow
Though the wings of failed seraphs I would borrow
As nights became obsessed with introspection
The days a contravention of reflection
Within the id a stranger did I form
A lily on the waters of a storm
I always searched the mountain for the chasm
The catalepsy caught within the spasm
I can feel no more as this empty shell
I can feel no more as this empty shell
Delusions in the grandeur of the dawn
My better self , in essence, was stillborn

5. To Death Betrothed

Her mind engulfed with loathsome thoughts,the devil and dismay
The burden of lifes' theatre and the stage on which we play
Autumnal sun, no peace upon that burning, pale skin
Frustration writhes around her yet the pain, it writhes within

Amidst the roaming clouds her seething feelings slowly burn
In knowing that he placed above all others shan't return
For time will pass and never shall he come again to grace
The wondrous glow he once professed to see upon her face

To death betrothed
Her union now a myriad of lies
As dry in every way as burning sands
In midnights' cover he covets another
The all alluring vesper lover
Left every grain to filter through her hands

Alone again to reminisce of when her eyes were privy
To the grandeur that is morn of every day
Resplendent still, she walks in ghostly mists of those betrayed
To mourn encroaching dusk and self decay
To fade as light into the night, forever incomplete
Alone to watch the spectrum turning gray

6. Abyss

Immutable, in mists of gold beyond this Acheron
How grandiose the touch will be when each caress is gone
How bitter rests bereavement on the souls of those bereaved
Funereal our lust, through an eternity conceived

This grim fa├žade of misery we never chose to share
Do not the spineless crumble when their backbone isn't there?
Tomorrow they will rise to find these remnants on the dew
And realize with downcast eyes the guilt they never knew

The dawn shall bring what lies beyond the shadows of our dreams
An end to misconceptions through a tragedy it seems
Alone we strive to greet the night as fates' benign embrace
Seduces from a sanctuary beyond the life we face
A love to curse this loveless earth, a weakness in a portal
To humankind we bid farewell and thus retreat ... immortal

7. The Stigma Of An Age

As one we will embrace the dusk
Of times we all lament
For every aspiration lost
And every fortune spent
Such hellish thoughts relinquished
In the nightmares heaven sent

Reflecting on the obsolescent
Moments that we gauge
Embody what is life
Is just the stigma of an age
A monkey is the king
Of every kingdom in a cage

Exquisite is the maya
That pervades in every way
As life, the subtle prelude
To a posthumous display
Embraces like a lover, as a thief
It walks away

As babes we thread dimensions
Of an aged infinity
From a past bereft of vision
To the darkness do we flee
The monkey may be caged but tell me
Which of us is free?

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