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1. Hysteria

How will we survive
They continue to ask
No one ever does
There's so much grief
In breaking for bread
All we've ever known
No birth without blood
No confusion without us
The book of nightmare carries the moan
Our bodies in a war knot tightening

2. Citizen

Excuse me Mr
Excuse me Ms
I got a problem
I got a lot of em
Are you right here with me
Are you listening
Do you feel similar
Feel anything
There's no relief for me
I'm just a person
I bow and bend
Afraid of everything
Just a citizen
I can't breathe out
I can't breathe in
I can't explain the state I'm in
It's getting harder
It's getting hard
To stay human
To stay being

3. Repeating The Circle

Blown from the sun into the surf
Pushed from the womb to water the earth

4. World Blue

The world's down with sentiment
Harp strings that I've never heard
Family talk they talk a lot
Talking into telephones
I used to have a broken head
Broken words from broken thoughts
Too much blame on sorry self
I caught the world flu
I saw the world blue

5. Quarantine

Tell the doctor you have a bad life
You carry a knife carry a gun
Parents are white gaudy and slow
Fear is a house without windows

Call the police
Turn me in

When you go out you sit alone
Inside your head cemetery songs
I'm dying I'm dead
As love in the backseat
As heaven sent

Contagious in need of quarantine

6. Brace Yourself

Living from the chest
Living through the day
Under blankets closeted
Behind the shop closing doors
On the rooftops in panel floors
The man remembers easier days
Before death went searching for his pain
Before day troubles before the stint
Hands cracked and calloused from surroundings
Son replaces father when father dies
He eats dead things to stay alive
His wife became widow it didn't take long
In the stomach was a stone that dropped from her heart
It stayed in her a year until a crack
The weight of her loss put her on her back
Resistance is a place where nothing lasts
The Pacific is a place where nothing lasts
A Pacific made of ash
Brace yourself
Try to stay alive

7. Adult

Young adults find out that they keep coming back
Back to a corner a street a place to be
Where buildings are nothing but holes in the ground
As we get old changing the colors of walls
Breaking from home crossing the bridge
Living outside the gold state seems amiss
Somewhere I saw faces and hands
fighting for space on a clock
It didn't show time being precious as silver and gold
Proving us we're wrong all of us move on
We got for a ride we slow down and die
We have to give up things we love sometimes
That dream about tumbling down a hill in a car
Happened again last night
Some adult life I'm bound

8. Hotel

Been sleeping in hotel rooms
Been finding vacancies
Tearing through the front door
Looking for a new place again
Hotel is home for no one to stay
The sheets pressed and folded
The room calm and black
Window is a blind shade
I've gone away again

9. Ordinary People

Ordinary people we do ordinary things
Work is our water and we drink
Our eyes are a condition always moving our minds
Living inside a house of cards
Sublunary people we do sublunary things
Strangers of this world actors playing a disease
Burning through night its love that we crave
Every year every month every single day

10. Nosebleed

My nose bleeds like my father's did
I'll never be pure
I'll always be loved

11. Community Service

The community
This community
Their community
Our community
Which community
Where's community
What community service
No one wants to be burdened

12. Video

Pacing the room dragging my feet
Watching the fog fill the street
Melody Drive empty at ten
Houses look bolted and low set
The network shows the movies
About persons through the blinds
Watching waiting and everyone cries

I felt the woman come closer
Fifty years moved from picture to picture
Inside it was pouring rain
I could hear the drops hit the screen
And nothing's the same as it was before
Outside the video
I would have loved to be there
To see it


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