Dark Lyrics


1. Ghosts

You find things about yourself that you will soon forget. Counting old friends left behind a jaded mind to go with it, hated flowing through your veins but jealousy is all you feel. Mistaken from the start always wrong it never ends. You can never be in love until you learn to be alone, you will never miss those heavy eyes until you're left with none. You can never achieve true happiness until you hang your head.

2. My Hands Are Made Of Spite

There's a conflict being fought, which weighs us down as we ignore it. You can taste it on our tongue feel it burning through our skin, solutions can take away the years, still it lingers in the air we breathe. Trying to escape the past each second sucks blood out of me. Forced to wear all my misfortunes Grow up like a modern man, still I can't find time to made amends. Such a hopeless wreck swearing with a spited tongue everything I gave out, I am getting back. When I die, I'll burn in hell. Resting in a bed of sins.

3. Along

Tell me I don't need a blade that's razor sharp just to keep my thoughts under a lock and key. Making bad decisions press along while nails dig into me, scream for help but no one cares It doesn't matter anyway. Light won't carry through the room. The doors are locked. It's darkening. Every step I take gets worse. Solutions seem to fail me.

4. Nail

Getting closer to the breaking point, With blatant words my voice is shot, while my skull takes another hit, I try to cover my broken nose. Body's weak, lacks courage and pride each blow is more brutal than the last. Seeing my mistakes slowly seep into the earth bearing scars that open now and then, each tells a different story I could really give a fuck if I ever win or lose. Your wounds become a part of you. They condone the real truth.

5. Bite Down

Biting down on my lip making sure I feel the pain. It seems like rain is coming down in cement blocks of two's and three's, one more drop could drown us all I stand outside to watch it fall. Bite down.

6. Cross Them Out

Strict regards to all the walking dead soon you will be struck down. Your miserable appeal destroys the masses - wearing pretty faces filled with empty thoughts. I point my finger place the blame, I kill them off and cross them out.

7. Pressure's On

[Red C cover]

Law's On My Back Pressure's Always On Never Able Do Things On My Own The Way We Dress Disturbs Them All They Push Against The Wall They Tell Us Our Rights Just Because Fight Cant Understand At All Law's On My Back Pressure's Always On Never Able Do Things On My Own They Keep Their Eyes On Us Ready For A Bust Don't They Have Any Trust? But Who Are They To Say? I Do Things My Own Way

8. Walking Home

I'm here to wrap my hands around society's neck. Slowly slip away against a lifeless grip. A long painful death is what you deserve, open your mouth, bite the fucking curb. Born into a vicious circle you learn to cut a the throat. Watching people lining up in tight single file rows. I still revolve around a world I choose to cut off. One nation under god over a burning cross.

9. Asleep

I've given up too many nights In hopes to hide away with sleep, Running from my enemy, but still she drags me by the feet. There's days when I can't find the time or even care to open my eyes. I drill the clock into the wall pass hours until I'm wrinkled thin. Nightmares seem to follow me, It's getting hard to remember my dreams. If I stay awake tonight I'll gain much more than growing old, Now each eyelid shut - I'm giving in but never giving up. Wake up.

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