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1. Into The Wayside Part I / Sick

Sick of drying up in the sun Sick of this island Sick of fun Sick of being sober Sick of starting over Sick of black flag Sick of cro mags Sick of the living Sick of people dying Sick of the buying Sick of trying Sick of television Sick of telephones Sick of homophobes Sick of condos Sick of the GOP Sick of liberals Sick of me Sick of obama Sick of head trauma So very tired of feeling sick Sick of living in america Sick of mass hysteria Sick of realism Sick of buddhism Sick of longboards Sick of hardcore Sick of baptists Sick of atheists Sick of police Sick of yuppies Sick of paying rent Sick of being bent Sick of hearing lies Sick of mankind

2. M.C.D.F.

Wait i'm innocent I can't afford to go back to MCDF now they got chained up to a seat forty more days and i'll be out again Heading out to main county jail back to j-mod and i'm on no bail a little bird sang now i'm left to this one bed, one sink, one cell Please send me back to the farm i can't sit here anymore in solitude i got to work these idle hands before i sink in claustrophobia Wait this isn't fair I have a faulty attorney that doesn't care while i'm staring at the ceiling he's fast asleep have to write to the warden get an early release

3. Moving Principle

Welcome to some kind of breed, 'does this make you happy?' they got you working the machines, Mr. Grieves is shadowing new generations for the hunt millions of new minds to gut technicism is scary and the singularity no more analog for us, 'does this make you happy?' The moving principle means going forward without the drag of the modern world They had me wired, they had me tapped I lived on a grid, centered the map use to live on a salary, fed my guts to the IRS dropped out for an alter wage, sold my soul to the DEA started living a private life, away from the magnetic traps now they have no part of me, i'm just an obsolete thing The modern world is surrounding me The modern world is slowly burning

4. The Doldrums (Friendly City)

Can you help me out of phantom bay? This place is a vacancy stuck in figure 8 'where nothing ever happens' no one's ever late Why? Tell me why? The dullness is filling me I have to get away get this complacency out of me I'm my own figurehead in my own state Why? Tell me why the doldrums are killing me Hold my breath watch my mind sift away as useless as a compass in a hedge maze without a direction without a base Why? Tell me why dullness is filling me Living in the doldrums walking in the doldrums floating in the doldrums wandering the doldrums all day

5. Open Head

I use to know this kid always sitting on the side nobody spoke with him, they thought him rather odd he had reptile skin he lived a weird life he smoked his cigarettes he lived on paperbacks When he was alone he found things were the same only happier than a man of open head Open my head Open head

6. Into The Wayside Part II


7. Terminal Addiction

Every day i'm suffering from terminal addiction flood bank memory, turning me away frome me suck it down and cut it up Humanness and self-distress Every day addicted downward circling, burning at both ends, addicted Reality is futile, it poisons my existence pseudo images, policy, management I need alcohol, cocaine and demerol caffeine, nicotine, vicodin, heroine addicted

8. Don't Toch Me

Wretched feeling and feeling split gone into and around the back I don't have any feelings, only some of servitude cringing, crying, awake don't look at me or anything Volatile, simple minded, only sinking and deprived You know you're a mistake all of you feeling nothing but to take braking fingers, needing splints all of you, i don't like you, i don't need don't touch me you're sickening

9. Back In 84'

Back in 84' i nearly choked on the u-cord until my dad came and cut me loose he said, 'the pain you felt today, it will never go away' and 'the best way out is always through'. He said, 'watch out for the world trying to shape you living here you got to know the truth' twenty five years later everything is the same a civilization gone deaf-mute

10. All The Time

Late at night living with myself i'm burning up all the time around the first of the month i'm breaking down all the time walking with my eyes to sky i'm outside in all the time at the end of each day i'm digging dirt all the time I was going on about town walked into a puddle and was put out I don't burn like i did when i was twenty two

11. The Pathos

What a nightmare leaving home what a nightmare coming home pity humans the pathos pity victims the pathos What a horror seeing rows what a horror knowing their yours pity mission the pathos pity living the pathos What a notion of disgusting use people killing each other for no use

12. Nigh To Life

Nigh to life and a life nigh to peace and full-peace never have i eluded the fact facts are inescapable First being war, war is near first being way, war is hear Watch the high bolt take everything Turn your head to see turn your back to follow what has happened? War of all against all.

13. Into The Wayside Part III


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