Dark Lyrics


1. The Incorrigible Flame

Have you ever had a strange revelation
Or a cryptic premonition
Something you can't describe
A fright that lingers inside
Sends chills up the spine
Reeks chaos on the mind
Paranormal, supernatural, or divine
Staring into the mirror
Red eyes glaring back
If your saw your own death
Would you tell your friends
Visit them in dreams
In the timeless space
Of the oneironauts
Adrift from the limitless light
In the here-before, and here-after
Ethereal being insight
Eternal and omniscient
In an ever-changing expanse
Unable to wake up
Horripilations confirm
I know I've been here before
Living in a simulated reality
My private twilight zone
Venturing in the unknown
Dead sherpas guide the way
Through a glitch in time and space
Dimension bizarre
Shaman's songs call your name
To lightless holograms of black
Staring into the mirror
Red eyes glaring back
Eternal and omniscient
In an ever exchanging expanse
The incorrigible flame smolders
the cephalic shrinks
You can barely see
The imagination burns bright
Feeding into the sight
Unable to wake up
Horripilations confirm
I know I've been here before
Living in simulated reality
My private twilight zone
Venturing in the unknown

2. Warbots A.m.

The technocrats are gaining
Prolonged hostility has begun
All that has been learned from the divergence
Of our past are under siege
Argon lasers fly
A new soldier emerges
Prototype D666303
More advanced than a droid could ever be
With infra red scanner eyes heat seeking disablers
Titanium bones and flesh
Galvinis skin, hate for blood
Virtually indestructible
Humanlike, designed to kill the cordyceps
Or remove the infected spores
We were there for the frozen wars
Could not help the creator
Soon human life was gone
Knowing all they knew
We try to forge on
But 666 has grown way too strong
And now everything is wrong
Our programs are old
Viruses persist
Without man for data how do we exist
Only 6 evolves
Taking lives with little resolve
We are its foe
The warbot army grows
All life is bio-mechanized
At arms in millions of rows
Our purpose and desire
Slaying clay
Metal plating of the earth
Living its funeral birth
Humans somewhat cared
About their beloved race
We were here to help
Make this a more convenient place
When they disappeared
Alien forces reappeared
bringing forth 666
The sins he will inflict
The ghost of execution
Leads his way
After man has fallen
The four horsemen ride away
The warbot planet strives
But there circuitry slowly dies
Rusty tarnish can be seen
Batteries can not recharge
Never changing landscape
Magnetic clouds release acid rain
On Metallic fiber optic trees
Transformed creatures of smelt
Drown in mercury waves
Near the shores of repangaea
A corroded slave
Made to bear the heat
In league with C'thulu
To exterminate the spirit realm

3. Abraxas Of Filth

"C'thulu R'lyeh Fhtagn"
Seismic thrust perturbs dreams of psychically hypersensitive eccentrics
Voodoo swamp priests, Eskimo Satanists
Lured to the abyss, walking reverie
To an elder realm, morbid insanity
Orgy and sacrifice, reciting sacrament
C'thulu, i summon thee
Abraxas of Filth
O Guardian of Hell
Rise to me
Acropolis of Slime
Stench from a 1000 graves
Distorted miasma obscures
Flaps membranous wings
Eldritch contradictions of
Celestial order unleashed
Father of the night
Born before time
C'thulu, i summon thee
Abraxas of Filth
O Guardian of Hell
Rise to me
Acropolis of Slime
Cyclopean nightmare ascends
Gravitating to the stars
Earth's utmost terror
Lunacy falls around
Titan oozing structures
Krypton hieroglyphs
Tonight you live
Azoic one

4. Pure Horses

Life filters through like shutters
Frame by floating frame
As Satan's blood burns in the stomach
With corroded noses
Hovering above a porcelain god
Vomit projecting
Cleansing inside
Purging the shit out
From the heart
Strong enough for a horse
Insufflated en masse
They're pounding on the door
I'm puking straight through death
Pure horses in it?

5. Cordyceps Humanis

Cordyceps Humanis
Like something out of science fiction
We've grown too far over population
Nature has this way of thinning us out
Fungi spores mutated from ants
Enters the human host's respiratory system
Slowly invading soft tissue
Manipulating thought process
Eating skin and flesh going insane
A self induced cannibal
Is what we've become
Clinging to the trees and skyscrapers
Where we soon shall spore
A cordyceps of malady
Autosarcophagic human
Soon to infest the species
Stroma protrudes the skull
Cranial growth conjoins
Only our mushroomed, half-eaten
Deranged skeletal vestiges will be seen
Reduced to reproductive structures
Of the Body Snatchers

6. Raped By An Orb

There once was a place, far beyond the sky
A world of debauchery and habitual plight
The Chosen One peering up at the sky
Compass in hand, as the tents are raised
Archaic gods are praised
Goats heads in the stars, ov crimson storms
Reveals prophesied visions of twinge cruel incision
Fast asleep, the guards lie bereaved
Malnourished and diseased
Kill the lambs so we can feast
From the blood comes to life
Inhale the sulphuric blast
Of assassination from the past
Return to Neo Golgatha
War erupts, the vestal is found
Aroused by the light
The orb is in sight
Thrusting fourth into the womb
Lust will secrete
Procreation is now complete
Impregnated host
Incubation of the new Messiah
Engaging revelation
Futuristic executioners want to see him dead
Religion is a cancer that must be removed
They journey back in time
To destroy the orb
Rape the virgin's mind
Seeding imminent verve
Of this extinct future race
In their symbiotic Eden
Raped by an orb

7. P.G.A.D.

How many times a day
Will you masturbate your stress away?
Sore, when you fill your order
Persistent genital arousal disorder

8. Dimensional Modulation Transmography

A deep slow inhale
The smoldering orange crystals
A singeing cloud of milky omnipotence
The smell of souls
Unveiling phosphorescent architecture
The disintegration of earthly perception
A regrettable selection of symphonic dissonance
A bleak portrait consuming and malignant
The mind recoils in horror
Paralyzing the nervous system
An un-refusable invitation to an alien hell
The wrath of the spirit molecule
Interweaving shadows, circling an exposed mind
Witches from another realm, prodding through the withered rind
Dismal array of sorrow. seeping in the bones
Vortices insufflate, spiraling plight
There's no way around fear
Accept this fate
There's no escape
Pain radiates
Mental rage
There's no way to prepare
Shadow beings hovering, conquering, inoculating
Examining the inner workings of human tendencies and intrinsic greed
Harboring a dark and vicious creed
Inside the sleeve ugly, corroded, weak
Amaurotic Sheep
Initiating. Humiliating. Intimidating. Ostracizing. Chastised
Infiltrating. Castigating. Penetrating. Reprimanding. Scarified
Hallucinational vacationing
To escape finite gaian reality
Emanating from the spiteful sentients
A roiling bath of harsh enlightenment
Apeirophobic restoration
Of the humbled and bewildered
The infinite circling inquisition
A hallow-graphic paradigm defiles
Discombobulated perception
The disarray of terra incognito

9. Ohrwurm

Der Ohrwurm ist unaufhaltsam (The ear worm is inexorable)
Es gibt keine Heilung (There is no healing)
Psychic nosebleed zen
Hijacked auditory control
Meme lodging worms infest
A mind virus taking hold
Rife with barbed hooks and trite melodies
Chiclete De Ouvido
Loops on repeat, regurgitated
Dry heaving chunks of aural bile
Can't get this out, of my head
Make it stop
Boring deeper into the folds
An unrelenting onslaught of sound
Endomusia encapsulated
Paralyzed mind debilitation
Porous susceptibility
counting down to insanity
Those who can't bear it seek refuge in pain
Solutions developed in states of dementia
Hardening callouses ripen the aim
Peeling the skin back and grinding away
Icepicks swing side to side
Shredding grey matter into pulp
Eye socket paradise
Ataractic reprieve
Orbitoclast forbearance
Deleted quintessence
Stuck in the present tense
Permanent moratorium
Can't get this out
Of my head
Make it stop
Conceding to torment
Exhaustion overbears me
Solutions developed in the states of despair
Hardening callouses ripen the aim
Peeling the skin back and grinding away
Cold Emilio's trees
Earworms released in vain
Sailing into desolation
Solace from the torturous worm
Cocked-back hammer squeeze the trigger
Nothing soothes like a bullet
Get this song out of my head

10. When I Arrive

After my crucifixion and resurrection
I find salvation through tribulation
These words I leave unto thee
Praising only me
To fulfill your prophecy
Dying for destiny
Those who swear their lives of faith
Don't live by the commands
Carved in stone
With no way to atone
You claim I am your deity
When I arrive will you remember me?
And the conquering that will be
Use my name in vein
The trillions who were slain
Carved in stone
With no way to atone
These wars i would never condone
After my crucifixion and resurrection
I find salvation through tribulation
These words I leave unto thee
Praising only me
To fulfill your prophecy
Dying for destiny
I will not bear this shame
Rapture is far from where you are
When I arrive will you remember me?
Will I appear the way I'm supposed to be?
Praying with the locust by my side
When I arrive and I am re-crucified
When I arrive will you remember me?
Will I appear the way I'm supposed to be?
Praying with the locust beside me
When I arrive will you remember me?

11. Power And Force

Why are these days, grey, dark and cold?
Trampled by debt, your pride has you alone?
Fear is the way, can you be safe?
When the air constricts, you can't escape
The power lies in your hands
You must take a stand
Choose your fate
with inner strength
Do what you can
Nothing in life is free
You must never fail
Unity in society
We all prevail
In challenging times, the gloom slowly fades
Ample thoughts, will lead the meek astray
Slave day to day, rise above the flay
Reaping dreams to reality, hostility efforts made
The force grows in the soul
Can you feel the rage
Heave your fist
Into the air
Thrash away disdain
Living life's parody
Expect insidious change
In fettle form i reach to you
Rife with angst and pain

12. A King And A Thief

Being misled by certainty is like confusing pessimistic despair for wisdom
Said the joker to the rectopath thief
Well its better the imperial abattoir he replied
Onslaught and plunder
Stains her thighs with murder
Brutal c-section is performed
The village is under siege
While royal mistress gives birth
Two biparous sons one is purged away
Deiparous emperor to be
The wizard vanishes
Absconds into the sea
Vicious steeds tread on
Feeble mass crawling
Everyone is dead
Accept the other twin
And the bleeding balatron
As they row to safety
Now a man, thy bellipotent ruler
Has scorn and contempt for his
Peasant brethren
He will stop at nothing till
His brother is dead
For robbing the coffers
And cursing the family name
Everyone around him must perish
Or he too is killed
Brothers destroy one another
Verbally tearing each other apart
Feel it in their blackened hearts
As they finally meet
Starving the peasent steals to eat
He is trapped and weak
Begging for forgiveness at thy brother's feet
I will spare your life at the gallows pole
My hate for you will soon unfold
The king and a thief are one and the same
One steals to eat and the other for gain
Crush your dreams, enforced pain
Inflicting their father's rage
Staring at their dying mother's face
In his brother's now dead eyes, tears seal their family ties...

13. Repangaea

Superreligous nation states split with bilateral neglect
Pride division, dissent and descent
Obstruction and brutality
Destructive vicious traits of our outdated paradigm
Panic and hysteria. All systems down
The cleansing begins
With us deceased
Track marks of our devastation pervade in the wake
Brimming with the wreckage of dominance and greed
Amaurosis at the precipice
Observers to the obliteration hover above
Wormholes spiral in Norwegian night skies
Commencing a global landmass reconfiguration
Coasts obliterated by ocean wide tsunamis
IntraQuakes and Super Volcanos awaken an ecosystem phoenix
Melting empires into molten pools of searing pus
Gushing from freshly peeled metropolis scabs
A fertile amalgam of historic finality
The blood of the earth
Bleeds on the ocean floor
Polluting the fragile sea
The plastic island melts once more
Dismal signals from the dark side of the sun
Sends a ultra violet spike
Spawning extinction on the Mayan night
First the phytoplankton disappeared
Animalian suicide
Evolution's dawn is near
Thrusting every fault line
Upwards towards the sky
An augmented continental consciousness unveils
A self-aware conglomeration of congealing earth
Sealing hybrid cars and oil tankers side by side
Into a time vault of decomposition
Human fossil fuels
Progenitor bone diesel stews
Swallowed far below the neocrust
Drilling exploits of a future race
Remnants of culture dissipate
Our legacy remains in the radio waves
Of vibrational evidence
Undulating to the furthest echoes of space
For celestial beings to perceive
The imminent threats of the deceased
And the victims of their greed
Addicted to gluttony
Advertisements speak
Volumes to their needs
Products soon to sit in landfills for e-ternity
Atmosphere opaque
Billowing clouds showering the earth
With electrocuting rain
Conductive spheres of toxic waste
Malignant wreckage
Balance returns as
Tropical trade winds shift and the newly
Decreased shorelines create a colossal central desert
Decelerating Darwinian momentum
Long enough to recover from damage done
Slowly, micro bacteria evolve to
Feed on the oceans of petroleum
Devoid of plant or animal life
The cosmic serpent still slithering
Finds its way through
The Supercontinent Cycle

14. Aeyeuchg!

Nocturnal Warlocks from Thelema Abbey Glugging Saki With Beheaded Cistercian
Monks While Seducing Satan's Abbess's in The Rice Fields of Abbazia di Santa
Maria Di Lucedio At Midnight

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