Dark Lyrics


1. Scolopendra Cingulata


2. Fortuitous Oddity


3. Anthro-Emesis

Perverse the earth, with your greed and disgust
Intervals of sodomy you are Tiberius
Imperial debauchery, raping the sons of man
Ruled his world with tyranny, his conquest just began.

Concubines of erotica, sado-sexual friezes
Apocalyptic perversion, bulimia orgy
Decrepit senile leader would spend his final days
Doused in emesis, for five years he would train Caligula
Heir to the throne, excessive sexual traits
Unleashing torpid emissions, into his servants everyday.

Practicing carnal lust while in Capri
Caligula learned the laws of blasphemy
To rule with an iron first
Convinced Marco to asphyxiate
Tiberius with his cum stained sheets.

Gaius new Caesar of Rome.

Raped at birth sacred curse, gladiator man of force
Bred to kill, elegant, incestuous tryst for months and months
Impregnating his sister young, to conceive a pure bred son
But he couldn't wait, engorging the unborn.

Pickled fetus worshipped
Divine mongoloid
Was fucked in effigy.

Murdering the wealthy
Spending up the coffers
Depleting the reserves.

Exotic animals, slain into extinction
To appease the plebian scum, in public view
Caligula would be anally-intruding Druisilla
While being copulated by a mighty slave-gladiator
The massive crowd ejaculate in approval.


In the arena, they had no rest rooms
Forced to defecate on their seats,
Filling rows in the stadium
The stench of perspiration and feces fills the air
Choking from the fumes, orgy of thousands coitus as a victim dies.

The days festivities are done until tomorrow's battle, the arena is cleared
The slaves that clean the theater, find corpses
Rotting fecal decay slipping in pools of sperm
Fall to their demise, special gutters guide the semen out
Dripping on worthless scum, resting outside.
Drunk getting stoned.

The dead are gathered, raped one final time
Decimated senators, penetrated from behind
Hot pokers inserted to the anus of the faltering whore.

Left to die, the starving feast
Induced vomiting the king will finally sleep
After a hard day of imperial sodomy.

The next day in the arena, the carnage starts again
Out of the dark they step into the light
Blinded by the sun, as they prepare to fight.

Tolmai its didaskien
Who dares command me?
I'll execute all who defy!

Caligula perverted the earth, learned from Tiberius, the anthro-emesis
Stains the mind of youth, leaking into the future
But I think were pretty tame, history shall remain
Have we learned from our past, or will this be our fate?

[guest vokill appearances by Angela Vigil, Donovan / Autopsy Commission, Diego Sanchez and A.J. Magana from Disgorge (San Diego)]

4. The Isle Of California

Furious winds, sky grows black
Circum polar vortex, weather changing patterns
Causing solar storms

Living on the San Andreas fault line
I feel the earth shake, ground splits open wide!

Massive tidal waves, seaports flood
Power lines fall, bridges rip apart.

Cars drop into the sea, crimson stench rises up
Observing the light, gas lines burst out in flames.

Water starts gushing everywhere, sharks wait to claim their prey
No one will survive on this day, the west coast slips into the sea
The worst quake in world history.

[guest vokills by Keith Sanchez (Catheter)]

5. Pseudo

All our lives growing up, we are taught to respect the laws of life:
Honor they mother and father.
Listen politely when others talk.
Be prompt.
Never disrespect your elders.
Never lie.
Put forth your best effort.
Don't smoke or take drugs.
Sex at an early age is wrong as well.

The moral values sound correct, kind of like our president,
Lying to protect us
Conceals the truth, we are fragile creatures, living in a sheltered womb.

As I walk amongst genocide, liberty's burning bright
Another way to survive, missiles decorate the sky
Long gone are the days when we used our hands to fight,
Fists were our weapon of choice.
Now we're putting guns into the hands of little boys
Suicidal bombers killing for a cause, nationally exposed internal flaws
Officials above the law, they get away with murder.

All while making their business rich
Someday expect a top grossing movie about it
Martyrs they become
The victims are forgot about!

9/11 was a tragedy, the sight of it still burns inside me
Two days before that my sister came to pass
No country is impervious, from a terrorist attack
Still grieving I had to witness that
Pseudo-patriotism is back
Looking beyond the gloom, or the hate we groom.

We destroy all we create
We'd rather send death and debt to our future
Than love and technology.

We live in a society with a fever for physical death or it don't exist.

Than the possibility of eternal life
Something that can be seen now.

The strange things that haunt our skies
Moving fast U.F.O.'s fly
With pseudo friends, we always pretend.

The thing about it all, is
"I'll be deemed a terrorist for smoking weed"
Pseudo nugs infest my lungs
Psychic wars will consume us all
Road rage will be the downfall of man
So drink super coffee
And get caught in a traffic jam.

[this songs is inspired by daily life, good or bad.]
[guest vokills by Keith (Deadspeak) and Dirk (Evulsion)]

6. Friend Of Mine

Two in one
Both harbor opinion
One talks faster
The other talks louder.

7. Rebellion

Up in the sky, beyond the stars
Lies the answer to who we are?

When time was born, the gods lived in peace
Lucifer was beloved by them all
And taught him the creationary pattern
Physics of birth, Merkaba!

Our infernal living force, but instead
He procreated a new race, somewhat out in space
In incubators they were born, bred to fight the great war
In the heavens, his goal was to conquer, battle broke out
Many angels and grey died, others led the sky

The gods grew angry and cast Satan to hell
The captured greys were sent to Mars.

Raping angels, destroying hope asteroids used to fight the way
Awaiting the night when Satan will rise, growing smarter all the time
Left brained demigods creating beasts that fly
Unholy vengeance in the sky
Lasers attack the pearly gates.


St. Michael prevailed this war
Defending his precious sky
And his faithful servants, all the angels who have died
The galactic federation are despised
After years of plotting, the second attack was not successful either
Still they wait to avenge

Galaxies and constellations are at war
The quest to kill the god for ever more

Monuments on Mars record the tale of a universe that thrived with life
Now their planet is devoured, they need to survive
Blasting through the sky, evolve throughout the century.
The galactic federation loathes these deities
Living here on earth they breed
Awaiting the Lucifer rebellion 3, will they succeed?
None of this is true, but it's how things are.

8. Zuno Gyakusatsu

Flying high on a hit of crack, need to find some speed
Hit the liquor store, the companionship of a whore
Drunk and driving stoned and frying
Severely impaired to see group of pedestrians in front of me
The music is loud, laughing at the church I make an evil smirk
All of a sudden the car goes crash.

My mind goes black, smashing into a crowd
Standing on the corner, waiting to cross the street
Ice causes a man to slip, head goes under the tire
Brain death, life for him has expired!

[guest vokills by Donavan Breazaeale of Autopsy Commission & Terry Christbutcher of Excommunion]

9. Black Metal Sabbath

Black gate of the mortal
Sabbath held in thy honor, summon the anti-god
Is there nothing sacred, is there nothing pure?
Cool winds are abound me, from this fire well breath.

Embracing the myth
Everything I am to believe
Embracing the evil
Everything that surrounds who I am.

Smoke will rise from the graves of our elders once slain
Crack the whip, night draws near, darkness swallows me whole
Worship upon the dead, praise all Harassathoth
Satan summon ka-put ancients forces arise

Beelzebub suck my balls, Beelzebub will suck my balls!

Corpses' rise from your tomb
Paint thy light unto dark
Is there nothing sacred?
Sexual urge for the dead

War, holy war
Infernal names invoke the storm
The end of man has come to pass
Goatwhore shall reign supreme!

Lust for the dead in the cold night, a chill grasps my breath
I hold onto nothing, for this I shall fall
Smoke a bowl, read thy necronomicon
Balls of fire, erupt from the pyre
Of unholiness in my mind
Abaudahdine is honored to behold black metal sabbath!

Shootin' up to get my rush
This time I think I'll take too much
Barely breathing, profusely bleeding
I'd get my gun, if I could move
and put myself in the ground

Take a pill get all low, high again you jones
Twisting convulsing, overdosing, skin turns pale
Writhing in sweat, moribund death comes for you
Slicing your wrist as you die you now want to live.

[backing vokills by the choir of the damned featuring Dave Otero of
Serberus, Dirk Trujillo of Evulsion, Ron of Mandrake, Keith and Tina
Sanchez, Than and Keith of Deadspeed.]

10. Cannabism

[habituation to the use of cannabis]
[sung by Ron from Mandrake & arclila acoustic guitar by Tony Perez]

11. Lucid Interval

You are paranoid, with delusions of grandeur
Somehow things ain't right, there's an imbalance in your mind
Chain reflex is slow, anxiety neuroses set in.

Breaking out in sweat, was it something that I said?
Is your asthma flaring up? Why are you so pale?
Hands are livid from punching holes in the wall.
(Thinking someone is in your brain.)

You never take your medicine, that's you're always sick!
Looking so afraid, should I call your mom,
I'm talking to myself, answer me, stop shaking.

Waiting from the ambulance, to get your some help
The deranged look you have, you will cut yourself
Don't grab that knife!

Why are you amputating me?
I am your second personality!
Suicide is not the alternative!

If your trephinate I will not die, we can live together,
Conjoined at the cephalic. I command you to obey.

Don't try to kill me, I have my own life,
To separate, will be our demise!
Smoke some weed and relax!
You're going thru a great deal of stress.

Fetid breath reeks, go brush your teeth,
You should get clean, your hair is full of grease!

This is a song about a man, with an unnatural appendage at the skull.
When they have no weed they go insane, now they are stoned and get along.
A lucid interval will straighten this place out
Fighting you tore down the walls.

12. Misguided

Only child, with an imaginary friend, always lonely
Sheltered and frail, emotionally ill.
Mother will smother you, father left because of who?
Somehow you are to blame
An outsider looking in! Overly loved, verbally abused
Never wants to go home!

Now you live in your head! Your own reality
Everyone else is dead!
Lack the skills to communicate, no friends
Bullies, abuse, suicidal, gravely depressed

Never can do wrong in the eyes of mom.
Severely misguided, my life is a lie, no tears left, now I'll die!

[guest vokills by Joe Tapia & Alex Marquez of Laughing Dog / Noisear]

13. Redundant

Today I'll start a zine, my views will change the scene
Everything that I write, will surely change their minds.
First I will make them laugh, and make them want to read
My reviews are excellent, interviews are in-depth!

Pictures are glossy, and a list of shows.
Now I have to sell some ads, so I can make some cash.
Production run is now complete, first issue is out.
Now I will spread the word, to gain praise of the hard work I have done.

Copies are moving fast, issue one is sold out!
Promos are piling in, labels want to advertise
Go to shows to promote.

Everyday life is getting better, with a shot of beer.
Hanging out with the bands I love to hear.
On the phone with label reps, boy this life is the best!

Working harder, more hours everyday
Magazine is improving in every way.
Punctuation is now complete, vocabulary expanded,
They love the new me.

A few years go by, and still I write.
This magazine consumes my life.
Always looking for the next big thing.
The scene kind of suck. Life is all the same,
But still I try to satisfy the readers who subscribe!
Every hour dissipates from me.
My computer keeps freezing up!

Deadlines suck, contributors take forever,
Another metal fest, there's never anywhere to sit!

Dealing with accountants about bounced checks.
Or being bribed for a good review
If I speak my mind you won't like what I've got to say.
Same old job, same old house.
My life is redundant.

14. Arsonist Savior

Growing up a lonely kid Blaine had an infatuation with fire
Stealing lighters, matches, whatever he could get
Pyromaniacal son of an architect, working hard
Pioneering buildings that would not burn
Gained praise from his colleagues
Never anytime for a wife and son.

This would make Blaine mad
The ill neglect from his mom and dad
Infuriates him to see blood red
The only relief from the pain.

Ignite up the night sky
Tears inside, pain subsides
Watch the structure fall, immolate us all
His destructive hate, burnt the whole block down.

And it felt so good, gotta get away
Before I get caught
Worst case of arson the city ever saw
Policeman arrives so many casualties
All my family died!

Incinerating my house and everything inside
Paramedics could not save their lives
Fire struck while everyone was sleeping
Heaps of seared flesh, I was I were dreaming
I burned my pain away

Now that Blaine has grown, living on his own
High school graduate, valedictorian
Becomes a fire man, to cleanse his soul.

But the arsonist in his mind is still alive, urging him on!

Starting fires again building structures descend
And saving lives how I have to pretend
I am a humanitarian
Hypocrite that I am
>From my father I inherited the gift to invent time-ignited fires
At buildings of my choice
Then I sit back and wait, for the emergency call from 911
Sirens sound, burning down the hospital and stadium,
Both at the same time.

Arriving at the catastrophe, I see victims around me baked
Many souls have I taken away.
I work franticly to douse the flames, moving diligent
I start to cry, hundreds wounded!

[violin by Dylan Yost, backing vocals by Jae Foetusgrubber]

15. Bonus Track


John : drums
Leonard : vocals
Steve : guitar
Zac : guitar
Jawsh : vocals / bass

Special Electronic / Ambient Noise appearances by Matt Blanks of Happy Pappy

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Dave Otero
Blake Street Brothel / Hellion II Studios

Produced by Cephalic Carnage & Dave Otero

Additional Mastering By: Steve Sundberg FTM

Executive Producer: Matthew F. Jacobson

Published by Relapse Records Publishing (ASCAP).
All right for North and South America controlled and administered by
Rkyomusic, Inc. (ASCAP). All rights for the rest of the world controlled
and administered by Rykomusic, Ltd. (PRS).

Thanks to edindavidovic for sending these lyrics.

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