Dark Lyrics


1. Hybrid

Illicit solariums of my nativity
A lachrymal tale of how I came to be
Starting when aromatic genus
of the Marijuana were spliced
with the genes of mice
and soon failed, but continued to splice
until finally succeeding
in bio-cultivating deeds
Creating new life forms
origin of man and seed
But not like you,
the mice knew everything intellectually,
Specifically they had hate
for human beings
for years of experiments
and infecting them with disease...
Dagga, a plant of peace and love
I'm torn between who I am
When you create internally,
all you need is love
it becomes an emotional body
inner animus
But when you create externally,
you don't need no love
All you need is the calculating mind
Thus producing a being
with only a left brain
with no compassion or sense...Hybrid
An army grown of weed and mice
to replace man
Able to withstand famine and disease
Compulsive habits
of environment destroyed
Unable to reproduce
without scientology
Soon the world will be run
by artificial intelligence
Designed to control population growth
Humans slowly become obsolete
When cloning life is similar
to that of the greys
Instead of test tubes
and cattle mutilations
But through horticulture of spliced DNA
derived from Marijuana and mice
Our world will be controlled
by the rich, slaves,
and pollution withstanding... Hybrids.

2. Driven To Insanity

It's sad when kids take their lives
In the act, kill 13 peers
What drives a mind to kill?
Must have been really catastrophic
To hate violently stockpile guns
Inflictin' revenge gruesomely
that oblivious day,
who would foresee media spectacle,
Enshroud in tragedy
Victims will beg and plead
Nation in shock, copy-cat's mock
Upscaled high school...
Killing of the rich
can happen anywhere...
Even in your neighborhood
Children are snapping...
Peach thru annihilation
It kind of sucks... Innocent people died
What made this happen...
Condolence to the bereaved
Deranged adolescents...
Or victims as well
Society could learn from this
Listen to your kids
Two die brains go splat

3. Rehab

For far too long
the practice of Psychiatry
has prospered
on mending society's wrong
To cure a freak who don't belong
It's all a bunch of lies
Rooted at shuffling addictions around
Distorting people's minds
Complicating from those divine
Tell me what's the problem
I have a cure for you...
There's nothing a prescription can undo
You must sit and trust me
I can feel your pain
Correcting the Lithium deficiency
in your brain with pills
You're mad all the time
Sedated now... You'll be fine
Getting stoned
Getting stoned
'Cause I'm distorted from taking drugs
Designed to help me regain my mind
to rid the depression
I periodically endure
I'm not right
But was better than when I came here
Through getting stoned
I perceive all the injections
The scars that remain
The needle tracks that stain the veins
Rehab is a joke to me
A strung out junkie needs to be set free
Methadone clinics just won't help
How do you reabilitate a serial killer
Who longs to kill,
but is addicted to brutal sex?
That's a sick addition in itself
How do you cure obesity?
A transient drunk? Anaclisis?
Manic Depressive Psychosis?
Over-active sex drives?
Anorexia Nervosa? Control Freaks?
Self-destructive humans?
World hunger?
Living here in torment...
It's quite contagious...
Born deficient... COMATOSE
I'm a special doctor
You don't know me
As long as I get my money
I've got a degree In worldly nothings
Fine upstanding yuppie
But I care only for cash
For far too long
Authority made them strong
Rehabilitation does not work
Because crime is high...
Rape has gone up
So has the tension
While psychiatrists get rich
Feeding on the nation's insecurites
Performing mental blasphemy
as they please
A prescription will set you free...
or taint your soul
Will false hope... Rehab is for Quitters
Who's right to say
what is wrong or right?
Desire consumes you are what you are
and no one can change that stupid fact
Molestor or strung out on crack
Rehab can only change
those who will be changed
It shifts the color of addiction
to something of the same
Making the monkey go away
Replacing him with a chimp
Can't stop thinking
about those cigarettes
crawl beneath the skin
Like the man who tried to quit shooting
after 25 years
Decided to put the needle down
and found he could no longer live
So he tried a little bit
No longer exists
Death is the Pain Killer!!!

4. Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth

Aliens hover in space
Observing the human race
Studying who to abduct
Past abductees will be sought
And now about me
I'm a serial killer
Demon of the earth
Should have been killed
through aborted birth
Molesting pubescence
I'm lower than the dirt
Masturbating constantly
I love the smell of death
We are forced to believe
Walking down the street
Impulse to kill
I levitate into a blinding beam of light
Something trying to control my thought
Like when I was young
But the mind won't let it
It's developed immunity
I've got a chemical imbalance
No pineal gland
Therefore no telepathic capabilities
Fiber-Optic wires try to bind me...
Attack of the greys
I must defend
Raped by technology when I was a kid
Taking a laser scalpel
I start to dissect
Fucking the pus wound
Growing erect
With surgical precision
The esophagus is slit, coitus inside
just like a clit
They need me to impregnate
For them to survive
In return they'll save our planet
from anthracite
Mass murderer that consumes me
Compelled to destroy
Mutilating lizard like intelligence
Because I have no pineal gland
With no telepathic capabilities
I cannot fly this craft
Succeed in becoming a god
I'm forced to watch the obliteration
of the planet earth
Down below there is war and hate
Bombs they fly, millions die,
our world is not at ease
Nuclear force, famine spreads
brings you to your knees
A planet in flames
War-torn minds, Oxygen depletes
Panic amongst the humans
Few will remain
Tsunami waves erode the land
Earthquakes crack and spline
War mongers have killed us all
The moon will never shine
We are forced to live underground
The sun it grows so hot
Festering boils upon the flesh
Bodies start to rot
The air we breathe is second hand
from melting ice caps
Fetal wart fungus
I'm a serial killer
Destroyer of the earth
Slashing aliens
Meant to save the world
Decompose slowly, corroding
Rotting here in sperm
Jonesing for weed... How long has it been?

5. On Six


6. Gracias

Suffocation, Joshua "Jagger" Heatley,
Audie Pietre R.I.P., Fleshgrind, Immortal,
Dominion, Thy Infernal, Immolation,
Dying Fetus, Anal Blast, Disgorge
(from San Diego), Engorge, Mentally
Murdered, Massacration, Deeds
Of Flesh, Coffin Texts, Regurgitation,
Internal Bleeding, Skinless, Mortician,
Malignancy, Devourment, Monstrosity,
Sadistic Intent, Engrave, Infamy, Jeno,
Waco Jesus, Laughing Dog, Catheter,
Scythe, Vile, Wicked Innocene,
Dopehead, Crytopsy, Incantation,
Death of Millions, Swamp Gas,
Spewgina, Fetusgrubber, Disfigured,
Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Lead,
Broken Hope, Brides Of Christ, Motive,
Fornever, Origin, Butcher Shoppe,
Soilent Green, Mr. Bungle, Suture,
Bunkdope, 4:2O, Lividity, Tread, Throat
Culture, Drudgery, Pyrexia, Catastrophic,
Nile, Avulsion, Orion Clock, Skinned,
Disillusion, Abbadon, Reincarnation,
Disgorge (Mex.), Impaled, Today is the
Day, Pissed Midgets, Lack of Interest,
Decay of Salvation, Benumb, Exhumed,
Deceiver, Sepsism, Hostile Intent,
Desecrate, Spinecast, Morgion, Dark
Days, Cathiholicon, GoatWhore,
Crowbar, Dehumanized, Sintury,
Prophecy, Mortal Decay, Eternal
Suffering, Gorgasm, Hatewave, Dead
Bodies Everywhere, Blood Ritual,
Wrathen, Lord Gore, Fetus Eaters,
Warhate, Merde, Suffocate, Godless,
Last Days of Humanity, Adnauseum,
Merd, Disinter (Mex.), Misery Cord,
GreenGirl and Vicious, Merodach,
Entorturement, The Forgotten, D.R.I.,
Sodomy of Christ, Insania, Carrion
Crawler, Porch Monkey, Dismembered
Fetus, Sabbatic Feast, Pentagoria,
Severance, Crucifixion, BucketHead,
Fantomas, Dillinger Escape Plan,
FiendDead, Noisear, Numskull,
CorpseVomit, Sale Sangre, Meat Shits,
Permisques, Despotic, Brutal Existence,
Deaden, Truth, Nightside of Eden, Orgy
for Satan, Gorlock, The Chasm, Severed
Mass, Abuse, Bloodchurn, Fiede,
Deprecated, Excommunion, Reform
Control, Maggot Twat, Scumbitch,
Disorder, Ejaculated Whore, Ass Cavern,
Morgue Supplier, Cumchrist, Disinter
(Chitown), HeadFucker, Drawn and
Quartered, Vomit Remnants, Corruption,
E.B.D., Thanks to all North and South,
The Homies from the East, West, North,
and South, From Europe and abroad,
Thanks to all the 'zines and radio who
makes this scene strong

7. Cryptosporidium

Septicemia, Yersinia Pestis
Delusional Hyponatremia
H2O poisoning without knowing
Tap water infects my throat
Nausea, retching,
pallor bowel movements
Epigastric discomfort
Consume water from the sink
Trying to rehydrate myself
Virulent liquid maggots produce
Rapid progressive condition
Instant depletion of body fluids
Electrolyte balance precarious
Secretion of intestinal polypeptide
Dilation of blood vessels
Asiatic cholera secreting fluid and salt
In the intestinal tract, viremia, vipoma,
Water born epidemic
Confusion in thought
Intestinal rot, Bacterial Fate
Trying to rehydrate
Leading to hypovolemia...
chronic renal dysfunction
Massive loss of potassium,
ion (K) from diarrhea and vomiting,
Reaching for the stash tray
Load a bowl... fire it up
Trying to control nausea
Internal anal hemorrhaging,
bleeding sphincter
and constantly wiping,
Lying in pain slowly dying
Wandering in disbelief
Yearning at the terror inside me
Cramping in unbearable I want to cry
Somehow this has to end
Same bacteria eats my friends
Drink Pepto-Bismal to remiss
Smoke a joint to progress
Pale and pink... acid vomit sprays
Dizziness erupts... I slip away
Immune system starts to fade
A fight with time
Antibiotics will save my life
Cryptosporidium killing inside
Burning and churning, intestines writhe
I am still breathing, but barely alive
Parasites dying, I come back to life
Cheating death, smoke another bowl
Regaining hope, bless my soul
The body is gaining strength
No more bloody stool, I hit the bong
Eating to constipate
Hoping I won't defecate
Water epidemic deploys town
A defective filter is what was found
At the water treatment plant,
Intake/Outtake valves
Were somehow crossed,
sending untreated sewage
Into the home, community infected...
Cryptosporidium infecting my body,
Living to tell the this purulent story
Smoking some kind and feeling alive

8. The Ballad Of The Moon

9. Of Smoke


10. Warm Hand On A Cold Night (A Tale Of Onesomes)

When you cuddle up to a warm hand
on a cold night

11. Invertus Indica (The Marijauna Convictions)

I wish that I could smoke
The weed at the turning of the century
From what I have read, In early 19OO's
Immigrants would smoke,
then go habitually insane
Resort to a life of crime or violent rapes
Assaulting police officers, in bordertowns
Extreme prejudism
from this rising plague
Infecting our youth,
Change will commend
Arrests were made,
weed is slowly criminalized
State by state officials were terrified
Mostly minorities that smoked
Jazz musicians were being watched
Under section 2F...
Possession without a prescription
was made presumptive
evidence of concealment
Drugs illegally imported
in violation of this act
And made possession a federal crime
Esta ya ledio las tres, exhilarating effects
Three inhalations of marijuana.
The first puff
induced feelings of well being,
The second provoked extreme elation,
coupled with activity
The third was reputed
to make the smoker oblivious to danger
Developing superhuman strength
El Paso in 1914 characterized
a hot bed for marijuana fiends
Reportedly common
not only among Mexicans,
but among Blacks, Prostitutes, Pimps,
and criminal class of Whites,
Meanwhile alcohol prohibition
was a losing cause
Government paranoia was soon abound
Mafia propaganda was gaining ground
Through violence and bribery...
alcohol could be found
By 1921 an increase of marijuana
was noted Cannabis Indica,
which is Indian Hemp
From Hashish to Opium raise new fears
Cocaine in further demand
on July 15, 193O Harry Jacob Anslinger
was appointed Acting Commisioner
of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
Eager to fulfill his role as an evil crusader
Against the evils of narcotics
The influential of public policy
toward drugs from 193O-1968
Employ every tactic possible
to convince legislation
Marijuana is a national monster
Boys smoke it with girls to seduce them
Still heroin use is rising higher
Public oppositions had very little say
I'm living here in 2OOO
and I have never smoked weed
That made me want to kill
or become hostile
All these crimes
must have been committed
under the influence of alcohol
Smoking pot gets you stoned
You get mellow,
so fuck the bullshit from the past
It is time to grow up
Out of religious pesting
or goody-two-shoe politicians
or lobbyist, addicted to tobacco,
whores, and social drinks
Now's the time for us stoners to revolt
take back a country
we lost a long time ago
Change the laws more suitable for
man... Invertus Indica

12. Molestandos Plantas Muertos!

13. Eradicate Authority

Driving down the freeway
About to smoke
A tulip of fresh pseudo nugs
Reaching for the lighter
My taste buds are enticed
I'm feeling high
Listening to Fleshgrind
Watching the idiot in front of me
Veer to the left, accelerate
Speed traps radars me,
Police lights flash
Oh shit... they are pulling me over
Runs to the car, smells the reefer
Pull me out throws me to the ground
In his panic, feeds me to his dog
Road is hot burning flesh
While back-ups destroy the car
All for a little bid of weed
Dog bite my arm,
treat me as a murderer
Please let me up
the handcuffs are too tight
I'm begging you please this is not right
These hicks fucking laugh at me
You bled to much, you're under arrest
for what your done with no contest...
Cannibal cop
You bastards will pay when I sue you
For the tremendous brutality
for smoking weed
While most people receive citations
You punched me in the head,
kicked me to the floor,
Blackened my eye,
bloodied up the nose,
for ingesting danga, and broke my arm
Said I resisted arrest
Nazi pig blessed man gay as hell
Prejudice too
Taking out frustration
or raping unsuspecting men
You bite their cocks
Glad none of that happened to me
Medical attention is at hand
Still I'm chained to this hospital bed
Then you'll laugh as if this were a joke
Throw me in a cell
with bloodied up clothes
You punched me in the head,
beat me in the ribs,
Kicked me in the nose
'cause I'm not gay
Nazi pig blessed hag, you'll be shot
by Christ-fearing men...
Eradicate Authority
Cops beat nimble,
Cops beat quick,
Crushing human faces with a nightstick
If people like this
are sent to patrol the meek
Harrassing civilians,
terrorizing the streets
Only smoked a joint,
look at what they did to me
Beaten to a pulp
Your honor hear my plea,
What I speak is the truth
Only smoked a joint
Honesty of my youth
And you'll treat me like shit
The justice system is a commodity
designed to make money.

14. Paralyzed By Fear

It amazes me
the crazy ways people have died
The time you have to react
is so crucial to your survival
Freezing in shock is why people die
Can't control the inner reaction
as to what the mind sends
Paralyzed by fear you cannot move
and wound up dead
Like when you die in your sleep
from someone killing you
An intruder breaking into a house
pulls a knife on you
Slicing off your breast,
Proceeds to rape
For a second you could have escaped,
but paralyzed by fear, scared...
he kills you
A man in the woods
stumbles onto a grizzly bear
Because he was scared
Ends up mauled instead
A cop yells out "FREEZE!" to a man
who tries to escape
Ends up dead from bullet wounds...
Could have escaped the train
coming for you
But you were paralyzed by fear
Have a nice death!

15. Exploiting Dysfunction

Before the tornadoes came,
the sun never shined the same
Rabbit freak on a bridge,
pissing on cars driving below
Cat hunters ride, drowning cats
to be brokered for a dollar a pound
We need milkshakes and glue
Sisters play with their tits
innocently yet seductively
Brothers wrestle out debates
Incestuous story a lttle girl tells
about her dirty dad
Small town teens born into hate
the cycle grown,
some will not escape
Sniffing glue reveals his brother's queer
Little kids with vulgar mouths
attack the rabbit
Rob nothing,
this city has a high disable rate...
A.D.D. Ritalin boy, black midget liaison
with a distraught
Abused as a kid, manic depressive
in dire need for love
Stumble onto a fellow cat killer,
ask his whole life story,
Break into his house
and euthanate this dormant lady
There's a guy
who pimps his retarded sister
Such a normality
People with atrial septal
defect coarctation of the aorta,
tetraloy or fallot
Despondent man,
gossiper tries to feel up
the impending sisters
Older inbreds party,
wrecking up a house,
crushing the table and chair
like wild vultures
Living in a house with a mother
who never cleans...
Boxes, clothes, trash piled everywhere,
piled everywhere, piled everywhere,
Exploiting Dysfunction...
Soaking in a tub of green water
Mother brings to him a plate of spaghetti,
plate with ketchup,
chocolate bars falls in the water
Pick it up and eat it
Before the tornadoes came
our splendid town was never changed
From a movie that I was,
it was disturbing
Big wigs exploiting dysfunction
of the worlds' freaks- Jim Rose,
State Fair obscurities, conjoined twins,
congenital amputee,
born a side show attraction...
Exploiting Dysfunction
Kill the chair,
nobody smokes in the water
Must be the water
pretty much like the cities I've seen...
Dysfunction is a way of life
Like the side show freak glamorized.

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