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1. Anechoic Chamber

This world is perilous,
Destroying all we create,
Bury our dead to have condos built on gravesites,
We decimate our old so we don't have to pay social security,
And they pollute our air so we don't want to breathe,
And contaminate our water so the children will have nothing to drink,
Kill all we can so we can eat now.
Anechoic chamber is asteroid damaged earth!

2. Jihad

War erupts again, in the Middle East,
Never seems to end, violence in the streets,
Smell the stench of death, vultures feast.
Destruction will commence,
Saddam has gone insane for declaring jihad upon the United Nations,
This will surely be his demise,
He's developed biological weapons and ready to destroy in the name of Allah.
Like the mustard gas he launched upon us during Desert Storm,
Arming a million citizens with guns preparing them to kill,
Warnings he will not heed, bombs will fly,
Destruction will commence, the messiah won't die.
Obliterated Iraqis scorched in napalm flames, breathe the acidic carnage,
Overlooking heaps of flesh melting, believed he had the power to start a world war,
Unleashed his blessed famine, exposing us to gore.
Asesinar la anti-christo, derrimar santo sangre,
Angilar todo su jotos, fumar mas mota.
The world is at war, fight for our lives, death veers its face,
Struggle amongst the human race, desperate man falls in defeat,
Determined to kill as much as he can,
Brain washed fools enforce his master plan.
We can't kill the devil, god is why so many died,
Religious wars claimed so many lives,
Mother nature has been raped by progress,
I fly my last mission and feel great remorse for these crimes against humanity.
This is their way to bring peace; he spreads his disease, history regurgitates.
I won't kill no more, I just want to get stoned, I miss my family.
War hides poverty stimulates the economy, dying for oil, ocean start to boil.
Desecrated sand, pollute existing lands,
This would have never happened if we legalized industrial hemp,
A source of oil and clothing, not fighting someone else's war for big money interest.
The damage to this earth is nearly irreversible,
We destroy our children's dreams,
Jihad is a bunch of shit because so many perished because of it!

3. Analytical

This is the end you've gone too far talking shit incision emotional scars,
You'll rot away, ulcers bleed today,
Bleeding profusely, yet you refuse to quit,
Grab a bottle of gin and take a healthy swig,
I've tried to help you, yet you refuse me, because I smoke pot,
You've never seen me in a drunken stupor,
For years I've watched you be a pathetic fool,
People have robbed you.
Not any more I'm leaving home, sordid man you will die alone.
Analytical your words they echo in my head,
I'll miss you more when you are dead, for all the hateful things you said, analytical!
You could never hold a job, ever since the death of mom, but I tried to help you,
The years of drinking own your soul, you're addicted now, it's beyond your control,
I hate you and wish I were never born, zombified there is no hope,
Paralyzed succumb to the pain in you, father you will writhe in pain,
Ostracized renounce thy family name, sad as it is I wish the best for you,
I smoke weed to keep from killing you... you must let go of the past,
Mom is dead and never coming back, 16 years of verbal abuse,
I was forced to live my life with a chronic alcoholic,
Success was my only goal, all the times I was told I was a worthless piece of shit,
You were never there for me, I supported myself without your help,
Because I can't stand you, you are stupid, going senile xerosis infected.
The cycle of this disease has been broken by me, die die die.

4. Wither

He corrupts our youth and makes them fiend,
A bastard of a human being, rapes the soul and steals their dreams.
Forced to live in infamy, all in the name of cash,
Sucking your life dry, never thinking twice,
Annihilate your mind, he sells coke, speed or meth,
Selling whatever he can get, turn a girl into a whore,
She will trade her body for a little more, her body will suffice,
Anal sodomy is the price, screaming out in pain,
Inducted into the hall of shame, dreams gone,
Dead and shattered, girlfriends abused and battered...
Getting rich is all that matters, ego trip makes him plunder,
Client list growing longer, perversity growing stronger,
One night out of laziness he urinated in his girlfriend's mouth,
Instead of going to the bathroom, she vomited all over everything,
A few drops splashed on him, she was violently beat and used her hair to wipe it up,
And didn't let her shower for 3 days, beat her for stinking.
Realizing she sold her soul for really cheap,
He will kill her if she ever leaves, rotting teeth wither,
Demon seed, makes you slither, beg for more you wither,
Integrity killer, crack pimp dealer, wither, wither.
Her family longs to have her back!

5. Regalos De Mota

6. Extreme Of Paranoia

Cannot get a grip.
Living in a distant unconcerned cycle of shit.
The rats are closing in, while the flesh crumbles just beneath the skin,
Without trust, fear consumes the mind, without trust,
Fear consumes the mind, how can I trust you,
When you can't even trust yourself,
You get all high and think everybody is talking shit,
You grab a gun or a knife and all you want to do is kill,
A genius of manipulation and extremely paranoid,
Writhing in all its sickness.
Weak and feeble minded, a substance turns into a way of life,
You choose to run from your demons and hide,
You will not go without and nothing will suffice,
You're lying to yourself I can see it in your eyes,
Secluded out of touch by avoiding mankind,
You've done this to yourself, you've sacrificed your mind.
Bleeding for another day.
Scratch the flesh away, hanging by a thread that's unraveling at both ends,
Search for metal bliss that's leading to the emptiness.
God of sorted nothing, release my pain slowly,
I ask no more questions you give worthless answers,
Pale and bleeding dying lifeless, will for give me for my weakness.
Found dead lying on the floor immersed in vomit,
Eyes glaze over a powder white enigma liquefied in a feeding utensil,
Hatred surged to the extreme of paranoia and I can't kill no more,
Feel no more you will learn to trust fear,
Genus of manipulation extremely paranoid,
Writhe in all your sickness.
All the lives you've destroyed!

7. A.Z.T.

American zero tolerance is a way to hold us down,
Make us pay fines or incarcerating us for possessing seeds or periphineilia with resin.
In Vegas or Tennessee, people being arrested for having seeds in the carpet of their vehicle.
This is not right; weed was here before us, my detemperment, for arthritis use,
For a chemo patient who can't eat, stimulate the appetite, drug laws must be changed.
Prohibition must be stopped, revolution will kill some cops.
Overthrow the system make them bleed we don't tolerate your nasty greed!

8. Waiting For The Millenium

Sealed in a plague never meant to save, it's all so vague,
Channeled inner rage, enigmatic hate, this was our fate,
Suffer everything turns to shit, decomposed everything deteriorates,
Cataclysmic fate, mother nature repudiates all human beings.
Sodomize the earth and punish me for our birth.
Exist in your womb, and I'll resist you, organized religion.
The ATF, the DEA., the FBI, the CIA, they're all out to get me.
I have gone beyond your lies, to campaign my wage of pacifism.
Throughout the centuries ignorance controls the weak,
Trying to define our lives, the hope we try to reach, suffering agendas,
Racial tensions high, massacre the trees is gonna make us die.
See the eyes of a child person trying to live;
Our resources going dry we'll have nothing more to give.
Breaking down the barriers together we are strong,
Mother nature mends herself and we will bond amongst,
Hand in hand in harmony, to our special place.
Regurgitate our destiny to kill the human race.
Fuck yeah.
Deep in the rain forest is a tropical disease passed down to natives chopping down trees.
Sealed in a plague never meant to save, feeling inner rage, from inside tormented dreams, like a
Waiting for the millennium a time of fear, to take the lives we hold dear.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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