Dark Lyrics


1. Upon Winged Elemental Crests

[- The Endings of Chaos - 0:00]

From the Darkened Waters...
Marduk shall rise from winged elemental crests to the darkened earth as ancient rule
has reveled for centuries of chaos where in the race of men has cried fourth from
infernal evanesence... Rise upon us lord of all from your sleep to slay the earth
from ancient rule who slayed your son.. Ereshkigal befall this plain...

A blaze in the sky the leigon to fly upon broken night the kingdom takes flight..
Hearing the cry these winged do fly who shall it be? Hearken!...
Lords of eternal time! Hear my cries! King of all magick Marduk we beckon
you fourth from your infernal eternal slumber! Conjuration! Rise!
Dark Waters have risen...
Marduk has journeyed from winged elemental crests to our darkened earth,
where ancient rule has reveled for centuries of chaos, where as our race of
men has cried fourth from infernal evanesence...
Rise upon us lord of all from your sleep to claim our earth from ancient rule who
slayed your son ereshkigal befall this plain... A blaze in the sky the leigon to
fly upon broken night the kingdom takes flight.. Hearing the cry these winged do fly..
Who shall it be? Hearken!...
Storm of wind bring the earth to war...

[- Upon the Vortex of Cthulhu]

The lord of wind howls upon the throne of Uggae...
Binding of the Elder gods to reclaim this earthen plain...
Yet leap through the vortex does Absu rise combined also with forces of Tiamat
gained knowledge of the conjuration of Marduk..
Hold fast the ancient ones grasp upon our land not to allow the binding of the
elder ones to reclaim the throne of Kia... Let thee be told!
Many a leige pass upon the vortex as monsters brought fourth by the call of the
ancient ones as so by a name a shape and number...
Absu cries of war to all whom would raise their swords upon the name of ancient
power to rule this plain once more.. Let thee be warned...

[- The Shroud of Uggae - 1:02]

Destiny unknowned to thee Elder kings.
Hear your name from the call of Absu.
Through the land Uggae leaps abound.
To call names of war through chaos...
Marduk rises forth upon land to hearken fourth the winged fates... A call from the
end of time to open wide the eternal gates...
Absu hearken lest ye fall to ancient heart shall Marduk call...
The sky to blaze of hazen night to summon forth the elder rite...
Lest maelstrom take its hold on all and realm of Kia shall befall...
Elders rise to take their stand as Ancients claim this realm of man...
Upon the sky winged fates howl of war to lands wherein no time does exist to
realms void of light. Kia Alal Kanpa! Destroyer of earth remember!
Yet pass the gates of Uggae do they fly...

[- Leigons of the Graves - 0:54]

Cries of war... does Marduk howl... as the Elders... raise upon the Ancient...
ones to reseize the realm of Kia in names unformed of shape, number, or form...
Cry of war as winged fates fly...
Beyond realms of time yet through the vortex...
Sword of might...struck upon fate...
As the beast did... fall upon those dark waters!
To silence all cries of the winged...
The insumountable creature from its grave!
Does it ponder the howl of fates...
Amidst cries of war the beast does rise...
Of fire! Marduk struck fourth a fiery disk! Lashing upon the life of Absu to
render the beast silent. Rays of death! Dead but dreaming life...
Past the oceans to summon fourth the Elder liege!
Hear me! Liege of chaos...
Come forth and render the Ancient fires as coal yet iced winds blowing!
Struck upon the Ancient ones As Nergal did fall as first slain..
Names of death of war! A blaze!
As rage did fill the eyes of Tiamat who struck forth with winds of winters bane!
As risen from its watery grave the beast does pass upon the vortex
Elder gods did turn pale with fear as the beast did draw ever near
Zi Kia Kanpa Kutulu Barra!
Dark waters did recede and the beast now howls of war to the fates

[- Shadows of the Sky - 3:87]

Marduk did sense a presence
As did the Ancient ones truely
And all turned pale with fear
For fear the beast would appear
Spirits of the blazen sky remember thee whom slain did die
Spirits of the deadened sky hear thee lord Cthulhu's cry
As gates flew wide the beast came forth
Pale with fear were those whom did hear
Spirits of the darkened sky heaken as the winged fates fly
Shadows darkened the land and sky
Barra Xul!
Dark Waters have risen...
Marduk has journeyed from winged elemental crests to our darkened earth,
where ancient rule has reveled for centuries of chaos, where as our race of
men has cried fourth from infernal evanesence...Risen upon us lord of all
from your sleep to claim our earth from ancient rule who slayed your son
ereshkigal befall this plain...
A blaze in the sky the leigon to fly upon broken night the kingdom takes flight..
Hearing the cry these winged do fly.. Who shall it be? CTHULHU!...

[- Of a new Chapter - 1:11]

Names of death were called to them all!
Absu fell as its life fluid did spill upon the land.. The fates did draw upon the
sands of time! Marduk cried forth his plea to be heard by him.. Hearken as the
fates did draw upon the sand! The dark waters did flow red with the fluid of Ancient
ones. As the Elder ones did recede from the land claimed of Cthulhu
Race of men would befall
Cthulhu has claimed this realm
Did Marduk perish with those, Upon winged elemental crests...

2. Dimensional Manifestation of Ashen Forms

[- To Quest - 1:3]

I stumble over hills of time to flee..
The vortex of death thrust upon me!
Through nightly forests of death running..
The flaming spirals of Cthulhu!
Rays of blinding darkness threaten to disperse my soul
Century of burning incense hath brought the maelstrom..
The black earth once white of life..
Those dark angels of the stars!
Tho i do flee the vortex upon me i did hear the winged cry.. Hearken!
I did fall upon the black earth and those flaming spirals did pass my soul
Liege of Cthulhu has turned away and i did smell the incense as i was free
And i did turn pale with fear as the darkness did lift itself from my body
Flee i did once more to realms of light wherein chaos has not found itself
As passed upon the gate..
I did spread thy wings..
Who would hear my pleas..
As the sky did fall black..

[- Banishing of the Alal - 2:12]

Begone oh kings of darkness from this world lest i conjure lords of the sun against
thine power. Open from the gate thee lord of the sun who is known by thee name as
Shammash of the sun.. The veils of maelstrom have cloaked my soul
Lords of fire, i call to thee
Fire raging, the sun is burning bright
Power of light flows in me!
Let it be told that i did stand against
And those who raised upon did fall
With blinding rays of light i lashed
So shall it be told as written upon the sky

[- Of Magick and Demons - 3:18]

I lept through the gate with rage upon my eyes
Stand i will against the armies of darkness
I did stumble out into the darkened earth with flames of light upon my wrists
As i did leap through the sky and descend upon the dark waters of Cthulu
Across the water i walked and did not sink in the name of light let it be known
A beast did ascend from the skies upon me and i did howl with fiery light crests
Arming myself with shields of light the beast did howl upon lord of darkening skies
The sky did turn black as the powers of Xul spread across this earthen plane of light
The name of the beast would be unknown and unspoken for fear of incantations
Seas did swell and darken with the beast to send me to the ocean of dark dreams
I did rise from the ocean and call to the sky in the name of light
Barra Xul Malda o' lord of darkness i call fourth his name in purity
These black dimensions called domaination and manifestation
Manifest the names of Xul in forms of power and flame of Hades
Coalesce these names of hatred tho the beast did become 9 of death
They did surround my presence and look upon me with ashen eyes
Spoke through my mind the beasts did call all to one and i did fall
Into the dark seas of darkened earth..
As i did fall the lightness of my soul did call unto my body to rise once more...
As i did rise from the seas!
Into the sky i lept as rays of light flew from my body blinding eyes of death...
So i did strike fourth in light!
Death befall the sorcery of those who may not be spoken the form of truth...
As i did asail the dark skies!
Hear me o' lords of power i do call fourth from the sky powers of true light...
The sky did open with light!

[- The Darkening Seas - 4:23]

The beasts rose in form of one tho i did raise shields of light...
Swords of darkness did impale my soul as i did cry out in pain
Destructive storms, winds of heralding bane cast me out
The circle of Cthah was formed in a name, shape and number
Veils of darkness did cloak my soul
Winds of fire did appear before
Ia Zi Annga Kanpa Maskim Xul
Ashen eyes did stare upon the earth
The skies did turn black yet once more
Into the dark waters we did fall as i did hear the name of the beast being that whom is Cthulhu...
As did i look upon the seas and called out in names of Xul.. Hearken lords of light.

3. Through the Ethereal Vortex of Archaic Life

[- The Calling of Shammash - 4:67]

When skies did darken
It rose upon the breeze
Subdue the earth so violent
With blood upon the breeze
Unto eternal flames
Beyond the darkened seas
Shadows of lore crept
Death upon the breeze
Lucid death did consume entirely this realm upon the name thee malevolent
ancient Cthulhu. Skies of velvet night therefor uncalled by forms of eternal life
to the names of the Elders. The ancient ones do consume this plane once
more and hereby did make slaves of man. As were formed encompassing giant
shapes of the Ancient ones in praise of the new kings
Dark water turned red with life of men
And all men were pale with fear
Hear them call with pain.. this world will befall
In hopes dormant would awaken.. i lept from chains
Across land i flee.. Daemons do pursue me
Through tunnels i flee.. Ancient cries of the beasts

[- In Names of Lore - 5:64]

Fields of battle of the last stand
Great vortex thrust upon me i stumble
Ethereal in terms of mists i walk
Infernally bestowed upon me i fall
Names of lore were stolen from a higher self
Archaic fathers i call to thee to bestow strength
I will swear to you i do display the elder rites
Lore! hear me and do speak through me elder fathers
Do entrust in me oh the fiery throne of Anu i embark
Subversive creation fielding the battle of lord Cthulhu
Story was told unto me through my manifest unwaking
And i did lash out from chains of slavery of the Ancients
As i spoke the ground did open wide with flame
Cast into frost fire i do recall them empower me
As they spoke i fell deaf upon the world of cold
To the air i rose and did call out names of elders
Know that our years are the years of War!
And our days shall be measured as battles!
Our generation of life may once live again
So that we may be free from their bindings
I shall restore the covenant of ways of the old
I enter the first gate and assail the guardian

[- Centuries of War - 1:96]

With blood upon the breeze
The war did rage once more
Skies of darkened seas
War upon the breeze
Invoke the silent seas
In a name, a shape and number
Frost of magick fire
Rise from bloodied seas
Lands uncalled i traverse in forms unknown
Through the ethereal vortex once more i lept
As the Ancient onces were unheard of me
I struck out with names of death and blasphemy
Begone masters of death.. Lords of Tiamat i banish!
Absu hear my words i call.. With sorcery of death i call!
Barra! Begone of this realm.. Into the abyss i banish!
Return our home to life.. Exode! Unto the burning Sun!
I am the messenger of those Elder fathers
Eyes of Tiamat did glance upon my Soul
The Ancient ones did surrounded me i did stumble
I stared unto the darkened frost eyes of Tiamat
They did raise their sorcery up upon me as i fell
As i cried out with blood upon the breeze..

4. The Ravaged Crimson Fields of Evanescence

[- The Markings of Destiny - 4:90]

The cry of war.
Hearken elders.. The time has come
Our destiny.. Is at hand
May dead rise.. Smell the incense
Stoop not down.. Yet rise above
Unto the abyss.. Unbidden hatred
Faithless depths.. Names of lore
Ashen graves.. Ancient in forms
Mist of life.. Beckon my wishes
I, the last of the elder force beckon once more
Waken so that we may reap our crimson vengance
Cthuhlu lies in wait upon thrones of blood and lies
Dead and dreaming no more fathers i do conjure

[- Masses of Destruction - 7:98]

As the earth shook.. Upheaving the lands
Infernal fire risen.. >From eternal graves
Skies did open.. Winged fates flew fourth
Uncreation of death.. Storms of fire
Open the gate.. Pass the realm
Ia ia dag! Ia kanpa gat!
Crown of realms.. Ashen graves
Mist of life.. Beckoned my wishes
All was silent..

[- Upon the Throne of Iniquity - 5:73]

Hearken! for our generation did come fourth upon this realm once more from our
eternal resting places to reclaim the land we hold so true from those ancient
fathers of iniquity, death, and lies.. Absu did stir with an evil rage upon hearing
of the invocation of the elder ones once more and he did summon Tiamat whom
inturn brought fourth Cthulhu whom upon hearing of this resurrection did strike
out with rage upon the body of Kingu and did render him headless as a corpse..
The dark waters did cease and sudside as the mighty Marduk rose once more
crying out in vengance upon the Ancient one Tiamat whom had slain his son in
the last great battle when dark waters did rise. Tiamat, sensing a presence and
lept in fear between the spaces where worlds collide for fear that Marduk would soon
be near. Cthulhu stirred upon his throne and did summon the guardian of the gate Iak
Sakkak. And his demon horde stood forth before the gate of realms in wait of the Elder
ones. Through fires of unlife the elder ones gathered with sword and shield
Their war was one of time and peril for the right of the black earth
Men would recall this battle in written texts for centuries of darkness
Tiamat waits in wings of fear upon sensing the elder presence was near
Storm the gates to War..

[- The Signifigance of War - 0:09]

Over deserts, through eternal oceans they journey
Above the sky, past fragments of time they leap
Walking upon the ravaged lands between the lands
Wanderers of the night are thee of Elder creation
Upon the gates they arrived and all was silent
Storms of.. Fire.. I call you fourth
Hear me.. Ancients.. I beckon you
Your time.. is near.. Hearken fathers
Open.. the gates.. you shall befall
Tiamat sensing battle lept from spaces between worlds
Upon the back of Marduk she did leap with heart of fire
Marduk did cry out in name unknown to her burning
With enraged emotion he did lash with swords of frost.
Marduk lashed out with swords
Upon the heart of the ancient one
To spill the venom of her blood
With sorcery he did carve a wound
Tiamat did cry out with pain and blood
and lashed with spears of black earth
With the soul of death she cried out
Dead and not dreaming Marduk will lye

[- Songs of Fate - 1:97]

Marduk did fall as death upon a black heaving earth
As Tiamat did cry of victory and all were pale of fear
Whence from the blackened earth the magician rose
With rays of infernal frost magick he pierced her heart
Blood of her blood spilt upon her grave
Lord of Magick spits of a venom gaze
Call whom ye call Tiamat hath been slain
Deadly dreaming upon field of crimson rain
Past the gates the elder gods came fourth unto sands of frozen time
With wings of fire they did rise upon the walls of the ancient castles
In search of the ones whom so called upon a plague of black impeity
Choosen ones who may rid the earth realm of those gods of death
Upon his throne Cthulhu was filled with an evil emotion.. Hearken Absu!
Let us make monsters that they may go fourth and destroy these sons of iniquity!
Upon this enchantment Hubur did rise and make beasts of venomous blood
Monsters of serpents skin and fire of dragons breath, with horns of Shammash
To the gates the beasts did flee to conquer those gods of iniquity..
Deadly dreaming.. Fates are singing.. Songs of searing..
Of burning eye i saw an army of the dead rising from walls of flame..
Dead and dreaming.. Fates are singing.. Songs of chaos..

[- Dead and Dreaming - 7:73]

War did consume all of life force
Fields of ravaged crimson chaos
Swords and spears clash
Fire and frost burning
Crimson rain falling
Wars of centuries
War did consume all life force
Fields of ravaged crimson chaos
Watchers.. of all.. Hearken.. i call..
Names of.. 50 names.. i call.. to me..
Fathers.. we rise.. before you.. our cries
Infernal.. magick.. frost fire.. burning
Watchers.. of thee.. Hear me.. i call
Names of.. Marduk.. beckoned.. to me..
Ancient.. fathers.. hear us.. rising..
Infernal.. magick.. dragon fire.. searing
Of death, gods fell until 3 remained..
I, stand before you Cthulhu with son Enki, Marduk
Hear me so that we may reap a crimson vengance
You have ruled this land upon a throne of blood and lies
Dead and dreaming you shall lye upon that throne once more
The earth shook.. Dark waters stirred
Infernal fire risen.. Marduk lunged fourth
Skies did open.. Cthulhu lashed out
Uncreation of Death.. Both pale of fear
Opened the gate.. Dark waters surged
Ia ia dag! Marduk fell upon graves!
Crown of realms.. Cthulhu cried war
Mists of death.. Called by 7 names..
Cthulhu did gaze upon me with eyes of death and i could feel my body turn
pale with fear. My body did levitate above the ground as infernal fire filled
my eyes i cried names of war.. As i peered upon the corpse of Marduk i did
lash with serpents upon the body of Cthulhu. Whom did turn his face and
returned with burning rays of binding darkness upon my body
and a sword in his possession. All was calm as dark waters stirred.

5. Phantoms of the Fallen Ruins of Kia

[- The Zonei and their Temples - 7:77]

Serpents of the deep ascended upon the thrones of kia with thoughts not of
ceremony, but thoughts of hostile intent and idea. And the Zonei did flee this
realm in cause of fear for many would be slain by sorcery of the ancient ones
by lead of the ancient serpent called by Cthulhu. Many centuries have passed
since that time of destruction. The Ancient ones have returned to their eternal
slumber. Seven great cities have been established in honor of those
And the ancient ones have made these as shrines of them
The Zonei live in fear
Slaves of ancient gods
Bound for years of years
To fill the chalice of sorcery
The eyes are behind thee
Eyes of thee that bind me
Gods of the skies above thee
Keepers of the seas below me
Seven are those great cities of gold
In names of those seven ancient ones
To never be spoken aloud among thee
For a burning disk would destroy me
Hearken and remember as i speak this
Spirit watchers of the seven zones of Earth
Slept in the sea of spheres and monsters
Whom slain walks in spaces between stars

[- Binding of the Eastern Gates - 8:09]

By the name i hath been called i command thee to open thy gate
Of a name a number and a form thou have been called to me
Watcher of the chalice.. Speakers of sorcery
Lift my soul above you.. Incant the offerings
Name of Marduk i call.. Dead and dreaming
The mystic seal of gates.. Carved upon my chest
Storms of baneful winds.. Shrouding the lands
Lift my body with force.. Deviltry i howl
Chalice of golden city.. Lords of all magick
Blood of the offering.. I claim unto me
By the name i hath been called i command thee to open thy gate
Lords of magick and of sword have taken hold of my soul
Deliver us from the bindings of our gods and of our fears
To the gate.. Of the East.. Set thine eyes.. Raise thine sword..
Against lords of abominations i stand fourth and stand firm!
Xul!.. Haunt me!
Xul!.. Deliver me!
I hold the sacred chalice of the cities of seven before you ancient lords of bane
Xul!.. Bind me!
Xul!.. Chain me!
With strength of the elder ones i stand before you and destroy the chalice of death

[- A Catastrophic Ending - 3:21]

Seven are they! Seven in name! Seven in number! Seven in Shape!
No Enchantment! No magick! No Evil Fiends! No Sorcery!
The oldest ones! The Elder ones! Ancient Kings! Plague of gods!
Searing rain! Burning frost! Bitter suns! Darkest Waters!
With burning disks the gods of creation spawned in Anu i lash upon the seven
whom would bind the Zonei in cities of temples of shrines of them and i did
strike that in name of 4 and she did cry out with blood upon her breath and
an evil emotion upon her breath she did vanish from me. Name of 2 did lash with
burning disk and i did stumb in a fleeting motion as the chalice fell upon ground.
All became pale with fear and death!
As the chalice did strike earth a blinding light rose from the seas to stare upon us all.
As my kind known as the Zonei did become as wax upon the sun and the cities of
seven became as sand upon the shores. All became pale with fear of death!
As a wave of chaos did open before me a darkness shone above me
The vortex that opened and i did enter it for fear of a searing fate
For fear of turning as of wax onto sun as sand unto water as nothing
As i did see my world turned to shards and my people were as dead
Centuries of time did pass as days unto nights of burning sorrow
In wait in lye for a time when time itself may exist yet once more
May the Zonei walk once more among me and may i resurrect cities
For those lone phantoms of the fallen ruins of Kia i wait and i exist..

6. Spaces between the Realms of Existence

[- The ones lost of Time - 2:67]

By the name which i was given on the Sphere of Marduk, master of magicians.
Watcher of the worlds! In the name of the covenant..
Last city of the skies! Open wide your gates..
Lord of all sorcery! I stand in your shadow..
Possess me with your names! To possess my spirit..
That i may be strong and true
Vanquisher of evil spells
Dark Angels.. Dead and dreaming
When shall.. Their generation come again
I am.. One of those lost ones
From a.. Time before the forging of gods
Cold rain.. Erodes my kingdom
Beloved Sons.. Render the ancient fires
Loud roaring.. A bitter venom
They are.. Gibbering loathsomely below

[- Generations of Frost - 13:09]

I whom awaken him hath called fourth.. An ancient, burning pain
From a night as pitch as black and death.. Upon me, Upon himself
Of the generations of past burning fires.. Seven are they, They are seven
Amid the desolate places of earth they rise once more.. Like a flood, they
ravage. I hath passed a torch of cataclysmic destruction upon this realm
yet unknowned to me. And on the mountain of dawn they creep yet amid
the desolate places of earth they crawl
The highest walls
The thickest walls
The strongest walls
They lie in wait
They wait for man
Not in that heaven
Nor on this earth
Men are arrayed in terror
All are screaming in pain
Crouching for the sacrifice
Falling like rain from the sky

[- Serpents of the Skies - 2:41]

They glide in the doors of all like slithering serpents
They enter through windows like the ever gusting wind
The haunts of all man where a sacrifice shall be offered
Upon the altar before the temple of the dead and dreaming
Of the last city of the skies i journey forward in cure
From places in the sky where no traveler hath returned
Upon the names of monsters made by those kings of all evil
I step fourth to the gates in spaces between realms of life
Upon the foundations of chaos
I hearken their habitations
Spirits of the skies hear me
Save us the cities of men
Watcher of the worlds! In the name of the covenant..
Last city of the skies! Opened wide the gates..
Lord of all sorcery! I stand in your shadow..
Possess me with your names! To save the realm of men..
Forgotten Generations of Man..

7. Gates to the Spheres of Astral Frost

[- Across Time and Space - 1:5]

By the veil of light of deception
I stand fourth beyond all exception
By the pale worm the king of seas
Summon plagues of ancient disease
Upon this realm i have stood for centuries of chaos
Son of the sun, and lord of the spheres of burning
I did walk among the astral planes in veils of death
And it was known to me of all iniquity and betrayal
For the Elder ones would rise upon their old fathers
Would not i speak to them of fate of the Elder ones
For it would be their calling and their destiny of ruling
Yet my father would banish me as i did say nothing

[- To Walk with Men - 7:2]

Edin na zu!
Was cast upon me
A banishment!
To walk among men
Hear me Father!
I stand in your shadow
No more!
I call to the gates
Father of the Zonei
Hear my pleas!
I as nephew of yours
Beckon you!
Send gates upon me
That i may!
Be free yet once more
A burning disk did strike before me
Within flames a voice of calling
A test to be sent forth upon me
The zones of an ancient are falling
Choosen one!
Freed again once more
A test of life!
To summon thee Uggae
An ancient curse!
One whom would rebel
Elder fathers!
To destroy the curse

[- Fathering of Sorcery - 8:51]

In that way you have called upon me father of the sky and spirits of the
burning disks of light i do praise upon you the blood offerings of man in form
of sorcery they were well versed and known in ways of cataclysmic whirlwinds of
force. As you have sent the gates upon me i do ask to be known in ways of these
tests of my strength and wisdom. To be sent blind as thee who look upon your
brilliance is unknown in ways of our kind. As i did speak there was a spectre whom
did become known to me and did speak of teh great elder one Cthulhu whom had slain
thee his elder brother and who did set barriers of entrance upon his realm. I was as
assasin to slay the great elder one who so has lost his ways.
A veil of light surrounds my soul
Subdue the darkness lest all will fall
Yet free once more..
To the gate i do so cross the realm of all man
I do also flee the realm of men
Before the gates i stand in wait
Open unto me so that i may pass
Unto the realm of the elder ones
To walk among my kind once more

[- Of Dreams and Visions - 4:76]

As light in spaces between time
So shall i be in spaces between worlds
Gate of the sun open above me
So that i may embrace my kind once more
Memories of fading visions
Visions of sound..
Upon the realm i stand.. Knelt on astral land
Spirits of the fiery disk.. Burning fires of night
Upon my brow was placed.. A crown of calling
Around my neck placed.. The jewels of Ishtar
Around my waist placed.. The sacred belt of Enki
With haste i shall flee..
Mighty of Cutha turn your face in fear
Lest i strike a fatal blow upon your brow
With wand of lapis i do entrust visions
For the kingdoms of the Ancient ones
Know that Cthulhu may see me of here
Know that mighty Cthulhu may lye in wait
Know that i do possess in me all power
Know that in me i possess...
A power strong and true!

[- Upon the Gates of Ninnghizhidda - 5:9]

Sent upon the gate to realms of the dead and the dying
Wherein no inscence does burn and none are dreaming
All formed of impeity and blood offerings of Ancient ones
Know that all shall be avenged in names of the ancients
Cthulhu screamed upon his throne whence he sensed a presence
All of life were pale with fear and hate as dark waters trembled
And Azag-Thoth was awaken from sleep as dark waters boiled
The gates of seven did close and monsters were shaped as guardians
And they were as demons of the abyss and as faceless and terrible
Clung to the gates of seven they do stand guard against those of life
Hearken and beware for they are terrible sights to view and behold
As the horned serpent Ninnghizhidda stands before the gate of seven
Across countless seas i stumble and through many deserts i crawl
Whence before i reach the realm of Cthulhu i may perish yet in haste
Yet i do summon the powers of the water of life and go forth once more
And upon the sky i did see the many eyes of Cthulhu and i did turn pale of fear
Watcher of all worlds
Before my time is done
I plead of you

[- Whirlwind of Spirits - 0:07]

To the first gate i pass and with rays of life i subdue the monsterous force
Upon the Second gate i cross and with disks of calling i unlock the forces
Holding the wand of lapis i pass upon the gate of three and render it open
No evil spirit may seize me of here!
Through gates of many i stumble
Unto the gate of seven with sorcery..
Ninnghizhidda may stand before me
With a baneful howl he rises forth..
With crown of calling i take to skies
With disks of fire i project upon him..
Of no effect are my powers upon him
As with rays of shadows he howls..
By the veil of light of darkness
I stand forth upon thrones of death
Upon the gate of pale worm of seas
Wrought with plagues of ancient disease
Hear my words as i swear to you
The sword of iniquity slices through
Upon the altars of unlife a fatal sweep
Such has been the fate of all whom stand upon seas
Raising swords upon the throne of mighty Cthulhu
And this has been my story to tell as i have been asked
For once more a god has fallen to a lord of disease
As i am the one whom knows all that as he sees
Watcher of all and keeper of the keys to the gates
Such was the fate of this son of an ancient father
Shall be the fate of all who rise before dark waters
Stoop not down unto those dark waters less ye perish
For within lies a deep unyielding ever espousing abyss
Hiding creatures of malevolence and those evil spirits
Lest ye summon all who would lay waste to your realm
This is how it has been written and it has been learned
Hearken and remember sons of men and race of spirits!
From dark waters a howl comes fourth in black night

8. Unto the Darkly Shining Abyss

[- The Covenant of Vengeance - 9:09]

We are the lost ones of a time before time
We are the burning pain upon souls of men
We are the iniquitous children born of Earth
We are standing at the foundations of Chaos
Know that man was spawned from the blood of Kingu
Commander to the hordes of the dreadful Ancient ones
And know now that man does possess his baneful spirit
This the cold seed of rebellion against those Elder gods
And blood of man is the blood of vengeance
And blood of man is the spirit of vengeance
And power of man is power of the Ancients
And let it be known that this is the covenant
Know that man holds the sign, the shape and the number
By which he may summon the stale blood of his parents
And know that this is the covenant created by Elder gods
Man is the key in which the gate may be again flung wide
Such as man is the key
By which the ancient ones
may seek their vengeance
Upon the mighty Cthulhu
Whom lies between worlds
And does truely call death
To those in realm of men
As they are keys of demise

[- Of Cephalomancy and Mystic Etchings - 8:25]

As Marduk lies.. Dreaming
A vision of chaos..
Filled with dread.. Fear
Awaken to see.. Dreams
Cthulhu lying upon bodies of men
Upon time to cross..
Saw burning.. Gods
Upon corpse of Tiamat
Sixty times water of life
As she may call to Ancient gods
Hearken Tiamat! and know as i speak this unto you i am he whom hath restored
your life. Go forth unto your Ancient bretherin and speak unto them i have seen
their faces in death. With all powers of Cephalomancy i have conjured visions
of the futre and it is one of unlife. Know that the mighty Cthulhu shall consume all
and all shall be as dead but not dreaming. Tiamat did rear up upon the body of
Marduk and she did become as smoke unto winds. Marduk did begin his journey
upon the realm of men and did become as man himself. Between space he flew
as light between stars unto the sphere of Kia he did become. And so he did set
out among men to find the key to the gates of baneful mighty Cthulhu
Over worlds
Between spaces
Across lands
Through seas
And one man shall be the salvation of our kind and of their own kind for he is
the key. Yet upon the woods i do find this ecclesiastic soul whom holds the
sacred keys of sorcery. Awakening of our souls yields a name a shape and a
number by which the gate may open. Upon throes of maelstrom a binding of
light to the sigil of Cthulhu known as a sign of chaos
Through seas
Across lands
Between spaces
Over worlds
Where upon the thrones of Tiamat i did stoop and beside me the key of man did
kneel down. With a baneful howl the body of tiamat did rear upon the key and he
did stand fast and strong. Marduk you have come to me once more with a one
from races of men so tell me of visions. And with that the Ancient ones surrounded
our bodies and we did call out to the death of Cthulhu
Over worlds
Between spaces
Across lands
Through seas
Beyond the wanderers of night they rose yet past the winged elementals, before
dimensional manifestations, beyond the ethereal vortex, past fallen ruins of Kia,
and through gates of astral frost they journeyed. And it was known to them that
this one of men would be the key to life. And Kingu did summon weapons with
no equal of power that they may do battle against this Ancient god of rebellion and
lies. For it was known that a magnificent battle was upon them.
Whence upon the first gate they did arrive they did kneel
and they did call to the watcher for strength.

[- The Burning Disks of Unlife - 0:87]

Before the first gate the key did stand, summoning a whirlwind of force he opened
the gate. Beyond a dormant corridor lies faces of monsters
Under path of Cthulhu they follow and they howl
Let us make bones of bodies, heaps of their flesh
A battle ensued of a great time and of destruction
Yet as all became clear
Those of Marduk standing
Masses of gravaged bones
Piles of that decaying flesh
Upon the gate of two the did stum with the blood of monsters upon their faces
Let any whom dare satnd before us hearken forth now lest i summon demons
That they may do battle against any whom do stand in shadows of loathing fear
Before us stand and make yourself known to me lest i summon those demons
Shadows did appear as one and did stand before those of Marduk and of Tiamat
Before sound or light the shadows lashed with disks of blackness and of death
It was known that the head of Ishtar did fall upon ground as death shrouded her
Marduk cried out with spears of fire upon the spirit and blew an evil wind upon it

[- Demons of the Wanderings - 1:09]

Enraged.. with emotion
Upon her corpse.. a sword
In spaces.. between spaces
We hid her body as laid to rest
Upon .. gate of three
We stood.. and it opened
Passed.. as would be
At gate of four we stood before
He of men stood before the gate of four
Lord Shammash upon unto me your gate
By name of Uddu i beg of you open to me
Lest i break apart its barriers with forces
With a blinding light the gate did open wide
Revealing unto all a beast of dark wanderings
And it did rise upon he of men with sorcery
Yet Marduk did summon winds of bane into it
As the Akhkharu reared upon its sepentine belly
It raised upon Marduk with an evil emotion
Edin na zu! Edin na zu! Destroyer of worlds!
Binding in fear and clasped upon hands of stars
Arise! Go far away! Be shamed! Flee! Turn away from my body!
Go to the desert! I command thee! In name of shammash
Go to the desert! Not to rise before me once more
Be commanded by Shammash the mighty
Be commanded by gods of magick, your destroyer!
Kakkammu Kanpa Barra Homme!
Zi Dingir Kia Kanpa!

[- The Battle of all Endings - 4:20]

Yet in realms of Cthulu he did grow weary of such battles
And did cast spells of opening upon those remaining gates
Called.. from past
As day turned unto darkness marduk did draw ever near
As Cthulhu reared upon his throne with a baneful howl
Stand.. before me
Marduk did enter upon the realm of Cthulhu with caution
Cthulhu did close the final gate before others may have entered
Now.. your death
Marduk lept fourth upon cthulhu with spears of demon spawn
As Cthulhu lunged with howls of demonic monster serpents
Who.. shall fall
With a flame and howl of calling
Marduk fell with wounds of death
With spears and howls of calling
Cthulhu fell with wounds of death
Marduk undead nor dreaming
Staring eyes of the others death
Cthulhu undead nor dreaming
Staring unto the eyes of death
Hearken Cthulhu and hear me as i speak unto you
You have called us forth for your death as known
What spirits of iniquity did fill your soul with treachery
It is upon you i lay my sword for it is your fates that call
Cthulhu did become filled with fires of strength and sorcery
As Marduk lay upon ground he did become pale with fear
With an enraged yell Cthulhu did beckon all forces of Uggae
For now it would be the magician who would lye dreaming
Be known elder god your fates are howling death and dreams
One shall fall in as death and all shall be known of his loss
As Cthulhu lay the blade of Marduk's sword upon his body
And with a swift motion the corpse of Marduk lay without head
Storms of black rain fell upon the land and the final gate opened
Once more mighty Tiamat stared upon Cthulhu and saw the corpse
The last thing Tiamat did see as Cthulhu did rendered her lifeless
And many would stand before Cthulhu and all would be as death
Yet one stood upon the throne of Cthulhu with sword of Marduk
And as Cthulhu did sense a presence he saw his enemies face
As the blade did carve out upon the throat of the mighty serpent
Lifeless Cthulhu fell upon the corpse of Tiamat, headless and dreaming

[- Markings of Chaos - 6:66]

Stoop not down...
Unto a darkened abyss..
Realms of death..
Of darkened waters..
A wind has risen! Dark waters stir! Signs of Chaos!

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