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1. Of Grievance And Exhumation...(The Fallen)

[Excommunication of Resistance]
Stoop not down before those darkened waters...
Kneel not down unto that darkly shining abyss...

Life as death, night to day.. Centuries crawl, and fade away..
Race of men, kings of earth... turn your head, pawns unhearing..
Life as death, sits in wait... fallen son to a king of fate..
Wars of heaven, scorch the skies.. descending angel in pyre cries..
Rebel cherubim bound, to lakes of fire
Cast out the wicked, left to suffer
Forthwith he rises, burning with malice
Charred in horrid vale, filled of dark designs
Amidst flame gathers stygian council in throes of despair
Speak thee of terms to war
Seraphic lords and cherubim gather on golden chair
Speak thee to terms of life
Expanse filled with the hiss of the rustling winged
Speak thee to terms of death
As summons was read, the great consult began!
Speak thee to terms of war

[Council of Abaddon]
Upon exalted throne sat he most high to bring word of war with heaven, scorching the sky
Is mine!

Sounds of thunder fill the vast expanse as this was not their single host
To war with heaven once more would bring eternal pain none would dare
As lord Belial most fair did rise to tell of their even worsening despair
Speak we of war once more, as we have before
To raise our swords in haste, eternal sulphur pyre we taste
Speak thee in terms of war as we shall suffer more
To rise with wings of death, spilling heavenly crimson
Hear my council, despise we may
To scorch the crimson skies, ephemeral demise

Hearken kings, Lords of hell
Empyrean Gods! Destiny calls!
Cloaked in garb, Of reason's being
Sufficient have stood, though free to fall
Rise to fall, Chaos for eternity
Subterranea, beguiled limbo
Hearken lords, Kings of hell
Enslaved we are, Rueful eternity Thus their caliph rose to them and in thunder spoke of war and hell, heaven and peace
In heaven they would bear upon thrones an unconquerable wealth of destruction and slaughter
Kingdom come
It shall be done!
Vehemently the voices of seraphim enveloped those burning caverns
Such that the lands of earth were up heaved and torn into molten flame
Unto them he threw silence! Attend yourselves to my words cherubim
Diverge our minds from war and turn to.... resurrection!

[A Transversal of Mythologies]
There are times before him, there have been gods of elder creation
Before his inception wars of unbeknownst time were waged of dimensions
The remark of our plight lies in ash, soil and time.. resurrection!
Deities of unimagined dynamism.. Remark to our vindication!

O' myriads of immortal spirits hear my words of grievance and exhumation!

In death we trust o' gods of a time unknown and a place unspoken
Beyond these shackles i shall endure to descry your inception
Vengeance shall be ours! Heaven shall crumble before me!
As with his words the god of hell journeyed from that stygian council unto plains unknown
To the gates of hell he would venture with mind aflame of blasphemy and hate
In absence of their lord, angels of pyre and sulfur let loose a message to he..
Absconded of their grievous bondage and chains they shook the earth at its foundation
The gods and angels of hell could not be silenced with pain and subjugation
Upon his throne in heaven the slightest of cold chills crept upon his spine, and god lowered his head....

2. Espousing The Lore Of Ancient Mythos

[Keeper of the Gate]
A hollow universe of death rotting created by god as an evil curse
Where all life dies, death lives and nature breeds untellable fear
Beyond lake of freezing flame, avast burning caverns of sulphur
Unto immense fields of despair; ever purposeful Lucifer traversed
Where to upon reaching the gates of hell he encountered a form in the abyss
Of immense shape and strength this guardian of hell stood before him and commanded
with cerebrean howl "You shall not pass Lucifer, o' king of hell, lord of lies and deception.. I am decreed upon this gate as sentinel and no beast so
foul as yourself may pass beyond me."

"Thou art grim and terrible guardian,
tho magnificence mean to pass.. Retire or taste thy excess!"
"Thou art traitor angel! Whom first broke peace
in heaven.. Back to thy punishment fugitive!"
"Learn by proof then hellborn! Not to contend with spirits of heaven!"
"So raise your cleave heaven born and prepare thyself for horrors unfelt!"

O'er time and dimensions they raged and cleaved..
Amongst burning flares of disease and torture..
Upon the ashes of the spectacular dead embodied old..
With fell swoop of his impetuous hand thee mighty guardian receded

"Into the shadows with you once more you fowl servant of god!
Lest I lay your head upon my chamber as reminder of your failure and betrayal."
"Vanish I may lord of flies and chaos, yet gloat not your victory upon mine ears lest I trade words with he most high upon his throne.. I shall diminish
into the blackest depths of hell and await my persecution but not until I bestow my key upon your neck and bid you farewell... my lord."
"Farewell then Guardian and trust not to hope.. For it has abandoned ye."

With impetuous recoil and jarring sound thee infernal doors on their hinges did swing wide and vast exposing space and time and dimension upon his eyes..
With wingspread vast for arms of soldiers in voluminous armies unnumbered Erebus had opened as outer gate..

[Binding the Centuries]
As duty he stepped forth unto the immense gates as without dimension, breadth, width and time were lost and elder nature holds chaos as anarchy. Where
moist, dry, hot and cold held no place.. Upon the..
Seed of Zonei!
Torn asunder the body shreds unto pain and fire.. Gods of all to tear the flesh from bone to rent the blood of veins and crumble bone unto dust. With
features unknown they revealed unto Satan a history of time and wars.. Of dark waters receding to reveal signs of Chaos.. Of immeasurable beasts and gods
raging unto each one with fury unseen by even angels of death and wrath.. Of destruction of lands and oceans heaved upon space into obliteration.
To close his eyes he would give his immortal soul lest his eyes had been torn from his skull and close they could not.

No body to corpse.. Gods of the stars are seven
Screams unto silence.. Seven seals used in their turn
Mind is omneity.. Seals to those seven gates
Reflection inception.. Essence and color materialize in seven shapes of gates
No body to corpse.. Gods of the skies are seven
Wrapt unto silence.. Seven seals used in their places
Mind is everything.. Seals to unlock the gates
Reflection deception.. Essence and color materialize
Body render to mind once more as he stood upon grey rock before the void...
Hearken fathers of the suns! I beckon you from your slumber!

[Beckoning the Zonei]
Barra Xul!
Barra Edinazu!
Barra Anu!

I descend of seraphic trappings.. To forewarn of a new god!

Barra Xul!
Barra Edinazu!
Barra Anu!
Barra Xul!
Barra Edinazu!
Barra Anu!

Before the void i stand as silence sings
Unto its bleak veils i call once more
Hearken fathers from the suns! I lament!
Reveal your magnificence unto me.
Slowly as lucifer stood upon ashen rocks the vacuous dimension folded unto itself in ways time, shape and color became as one. Terrible wrath, pain and
confusion befell him as he bore witness to one of mighty stature rising before the mists of dimension. A formless shape of elemental construction.
And when they awaken forth.
Upon that forsaken spirit
To raise without shape or form
Lest the invocation invoke chaos
Hear me ancient fathers
Speak thy name unto me
It is i who commands you
It is i who beckons you
It is i whom binds your spirit It is i whom chains your form
As then before the fallen Lucifer a shape was revealed
Then arms did reach out with hands of scale of serpents
With a spear upon its fingers and armor upon body
A crown of tentacles spewing from mouth.. Eyes of jade..

"Dead and dreaming.. No longer shall i slumber. I hath heeded your cries specter of hell.. I know of your plight for i have seen it upon your mind. As
now i summon my liege!"

With the raising of its arms a blinding light comes from all directions as shapes of gates appear and a liege of gods as ancient ones would render those
luminescent gates unto flame. Lucifer turning did know of victory against an impetuous god of heaven and earth to claim as his own.
Flames of the Zonei!
Seven in name, shape, and number they are.
Spirit of the moon remember!
This the hoarding liege of chaos!

And as they have awoken forth
Upon my forsaken spirit
Risen as shape and form
Let the invocation invoke chaos
To assail the throne of god
Filling of the cup of vengeance
Spilling the blood of seraphs
I shall claim victory for my own
For it is lucifer who commands you!

3. Discerning Thee Apocryphal Divinity

[Return of the King]
For many an age Lucifer traversed as measured by the time of mortal beasts
Of many centuries hell's denizens raged and awaited their lords return to them..
Before the gates of hell stood Lucifer once more
Solitary angel.. Released of Elder dimensions

Open the gates
Lord of chaos
Return to hell
Reclaim your throne

With a roar that shook the earth to its foundation.. He returned.

"Hear me baleful spirits for i hath returned from places unknown to gods and men
I hath traversed upon time as i have fallen between spaces unto dimensions of gods!
Impetuous Deities! Our time is soon at hand my sons of chaos... The rivers of his rule have run dry!
We shall assail heaven with a fury unknown to this world of fools and lies... God must die!"

[Plea of the Father]
"Michael, our time is at hand.. Those stricken from heaven have released vengeance that no creation of mine doing may expulse from our dimension... our
time is at an end...."

With such notification Michael rose up
and journeyed far from the eyes of god
Upon the world of man he journeyed
and with fear and hatred lashed upon creation
Renting the lands with blood of the sinful
He came upon thought of hell and death
Lucifer must be stricken with death
I must journey..

Through darkness fell the archangel..
Upon lake of pyre he emerged with loathing........
Solemnly he journeyed before the throne of Lucifer and asked of talks with his former angelic host. To which Lucifer granted him 5 breaths of life before
he would be stricken dead..
Speaking of the end times he warned Lucifer he hath not idea of which he was to unleash upon this world.. With a grin lucifer looked upon Michael begged
of his keep in hell and upon denial smote gods messenger with sword, removing him of his head..

[Declaration of Destruction]
Assail the Skies!
With a great wind hell grew darker
Its denizens stride trembling the land
Unto the air they took
Flocking the skies with black
With great clash the angels of god lashed upon the skies
As dark and light came to meet, infinity became undone. Hear my Call!
As with such a force that light became rendered as dark
As god's host of angels fell unto dust in the winds...
Great was this moment of destruction upon the eyes of Lucifer
Forgotten allies falling unto ash in the name of his impending destruction. With eyes of disease he pointed upon the throne of god...

"So it has come to pass former angel. Your hatred hath consumed your soul.
So it must be. Turn your liege upon me and end all things..."

God hath been silenced..
God is Dead! With such news a noise rebounded through the heavens that none should ever have forgotten.. The Zonei and their ancient gods have cleansed
the throne of god and such misaligned creation.. "I shall claim the throne of heaven for my own!" proclaimed Lucifer as he must.. All things shall be
made.. As now my eye turns towards the world of men..

[Dormant with contemplation]
Quietly Cthulu sits in wait
Quietly Marduk sits in wait
Thence in heaven Satan sits.....
Upon the world a darkness crept until all the lands were concealed
The sun no longer lightened the day as the moon ruled the sky
No longer would the almighty father extend rule from the heavens
Under his watchful gaze all chaos must ensue creation of havoc
As lowly in the shadows they watch and they wait in antipathy
Eyes all focus and gaze upon throne and earth.. In rule of all
Shemhamforash! Hounds of Satan reviled.. Ever purposeful kings..
Spirit of the moon remember.. From the pits of ancient holocausts!

4. Invocate The Tempests To Castigation

[The creeping disease]
Quiet was the earth upon that day.. As Hell bore from the depths and surfaced upon all creation as molten from its cinder pyramid. Beasts spawned of
heaven whom hath set upon lakes of burning ash forever scarring angels as beasts of loathsome appearance..
This.. the day of reckoning.. Judgement hath come unto men and women alike.. The skies were painted red that day forever staining the earth with their
crimson showers. God himself hath been silenced on this day. Malevolence shall forever shape the lands and heave the oceans..
Abomination! Pandemonium hath enslaved the lands..
Mass inception! Children of the pyre! Obtained vengeance! Claim the throne!
Hovered on wing, of impious suns.. Dire in arms, left untold..

I sung of chaos and an eternal night..
I raped the lands of all his light..
Cast out, i hath returned of hell..
Upon my blade the heavens fell..
With fierce winds of Orion armed as bodies of angels fell as autumnal leaves upon his tranquil stream....
I have journeyed! Of myriad dimension of unpass space and time. I hath awoken the sleeping hounds of centuries old!
Gaze upon creation comrades.. Now truly our time has come.. Sathanas... Thy kingdom come!
From this dark and dismal house i have condemned all heavenly hosts.. For thee hounds of Zonei i hand you sacrifice! Maker of kings.. Ancestors of the
land..Whose thought is beyond gods and men.. Remember...

[Of Elder Revisitation]
Released upon the world of men once more.. Cthulu, hearken and remember!
To void the earth of tranquil life once more.. Marduk, hearken and remember!

At once gazing upon the eyes of old.. Marduk hath seethed with irk and vile contemplation.. Spirit of the moon remember! Enki has risen of dark waters
upon men with disease as sin.
As with rays of flaming disk was lashed upon from the heavens removing all fluids and matter of sin as spillage upon the floors of earth as lakes of
intestinal excretion...

I call to thee!
What spirit on earth hath conjured...
Name of the Covenant!
Proceeded of hidden realm retreat...
Watcher of the ways!
Past upon the mighty gate...

Upon the throne lucifer sits in contemplation of unresurrection
As beasts are these ancient yet elder gods of dimensions past.
They must return from whence they came as spirits exorcized
Fell beasts of unimaginable force.. For they may challenge the throne of mine..
Beasts of burden.. Unconstrained by forces of heavenly nature
Ever watchful those eyes of watching gazing upon mine eyes..
Fell beasts of unimaginable force.. For they may challenge the throne of mine..
Ever purposeful they awaken from tomes of restraint of hell....

[Opus o' Sathanas]
Mother darkness! Wrap your loving arms around me..
I have sung of chaos and eternal nights of burning moon
I hath brought hellacaust upon the lands of men and beast
Raised iniquitous creation of pure sin from earthen tombs..
These hosts of hell with ceaseless cry, the shining crown of night....

5. The Squalid Eyes Of Impending Treachery


6. The Ghosts Of Reprisal And Strife

[To Arrogance comes Inception]
I hath fathered deceit.....

Of council to Lucifer, Belial spoke of treachery among the Zonei.
To render wretched dogs from whence they came..

I hath fathered hypocrisy..

I feel their gaze upon me
Eyes of freezing fire
Burning of funeral pyre
The aura of deceit..
None must be spared..
The crown of bitter night..
Of stygian council rebel angels took host to rent the heavens of the elder menace.. To fill the seas of beasts that Leviathan herself should take heed
Vast was the expanse as Marduk strode upon the rebel angels host.. Hear me summoner! Hearken and know that your time upon the throne of disease is
diminishing.. With stature of behemoth Lucifer took up arms.....

[Scorching of the Skies]
Time of strife..
Path of war...
With haste Satan's host of rebel angels unleashed fury upon Marduk..
Unaware of elder fathers waiting upon the wings of unfettered fury..
With blinding rays of venomous light elder gods lashed upon them..
Sanguine sky.. Angelic entrails rain upon the earth.. Remember!
Lucifer.. Upon throne stands with fear of twilight.. Summon malice!
Burning gaze.. Eyes of malice, freezing the night.. Hear my cries!
Ruination.. Your time has come to pass master of flies.. The fallen!

[The Tranquil Storm]
A great calm crept over the lands.. Once more the sun laid its rays upon the lands of earth. A new beginning had come to pass. Malice had fallen from the
skies.. Tho the earth in ruins, spirits would be born anew to cleanse the lands once more.. As mother earth lamented on that day...

Ishtar, lady of the gate of the gentle planet.. Open wide thy gate..
Queen of women, Deity of men.. I pray to thee.. Hearken and remember!
Race of Men!
O' bright and eternal rising, torch of the heavens and earth.. I beckon..
In the name of covenants sworn between gods and men.. Barra Ishtar!
Race of Men!
Eternal tranquility..
Placid Eternity...

The black seas are swelling.... The darkly shining abyss..

Marduk, God of victory over the dark angels
Lord of all the lands of the foreboding earth
Son of Enki, master of magick and magicians
Vanquisher of the ancient ones of times ago
Who assigns the wanderers their places
Who assigns the wanderers their spaces...

7. Dragons Upon The Mountains Of Mashu

[The Call of Cthulu]
Hounds of war.. Cthulu invokes hordes of malice
Call to arms.. Herald of mass legions of upheaval
Ia mass Ssaratu! Beyond the swamps of wandering dead
Cthulu, master of the armies of the ancient ones beckons
The gates are no longer barred, locked and bolted! Keepers of the gates hath been slain upon scarlet swamps. Armies of the ancient ones, dragons of the
deep.. Gods of the seas..

Iak Kingu, Iak Azag
Iak Azabua, Iak Huwawa
Ishniggarab, Iak Xastur
Insurgence against Marduk
Dragons of the deep!

Forget not the fate of Absu. First victim of elder discord who hath been lain in empty space.
Once more Hubur arose, she who fashions all things
Compiles matchless weapons to the arsenal of ancient ones..

[The Foundation of Death]
Barra Anu!
Bar the gates
Renew its bars
Man the tower
Open the gate
The dead rise
Break its bars
Call to war!

Summoned are the demons of Hubur
Laying waste upon the temple of Marduk
The viper, the dragon, the winged demon
Bearing weapons of no fear, Kingu shepherds
You come to war Kingu!?
With baneful creation of Hubur
Then you shall fall upon blade
Speak lest you be silenced...

[Dusk of Eternity]
Armed with disc of power in chariots of fire Marduk came fourth. With a blazing flame he filled his body. Dragons of the seas fell upon the ground and
all were slain. Knower of the secret names, shapes and numbers gazed upon the form of Kingu.. With a curse Kingu lashed upon the body of Marduk.
Striking with disc of power Marduk blinded his eyes of death. The monster heaved and raised its back striking forth in all directions with ancient words
of power, screaming ancient incantations. Marduk struck once more and blew an evil wind into its body, filling the wicked beast as then Marduk shot
between its jaws the charmed arrow of Enki and struck once more, severing the head of Kingu from its body... The black seas swelling...

8. The Sundering Of Eternal Sentience

[Of Elder Creation]
Of the first disobedience of the elder...
It was Tiamat who bore them
Upon the seas of Absu they surged
By their rebellion abode in the heavens
Of ages they grew in bearing and age
Beware of Anu who begat Enki
Their waters as one water
Called by name and of shape
Their doings were loathsome unto the ancient ones.

[Return to the Lore]
For many an age Marduk ruled the throne of heaven
Ye the blood of Absu cries out to the abode of vengeance
From the blood of Kingu Marduk fashioned men as gods.

Insurgence! They are the lost ones.
From a time before time
Of a place beyond the stars
From an age when Anu walked the earth
We have felt the wrath of the ancient ones
We are from a race beyond the wanderers of night...
Beneath the seas of the Earth, calm but thunderous
Tiamat called from her slumber, Barra Xul!

The cold and the rain erode all things
A plague of the gods upon men of earth

Of the rising of the elders
Upon the throne of Marduk
From the calm seas they surged forth
To slay the iniquitous sons of Tiamat
They take to the heavens
Their eyes burning with the malice of ages
They are the children of the underworld
Men laid to waste in their path
The realm of man consumed

The dead hath risen to destroy the living
Marduk sits in wait armed with contempt
Shadows, the burning shadows of war
Filled with an evil emotion sounds the call
Faceless and wraithlike they rode to the heavens
To disperse the limbs of Marduk upon the seas
The eye upon the throne is opened, dark waters stirred...

[Confrontation and Decimation]
I call forth the name of Marduk
Lest he hear my speech upon his throne
We speak to thee terms of war
Lay down your will or be slain from the skies,

"It is i Cthulu who beckons you Marduk.. Submit or face my wrath!"

"I bow to none, god Cthulu.. Let us make war!"

Thus the heavens shook with the thunder of war
Such that the Earth split upon its core and was torn asunder

[The Espousing Blackness]
As a binding of light, time became frozen as the northern seas
Unto a place where no space could exist Marduk and Cthulu were awakened from destruction. As unto their ears a voice spake.. I am the watcher of
watchers, surveyor of all things...
Elder god Marduk, Ancient one Cthulu.. Your time has ended upon the black earth.. Your war hath brought destruction upon the universe. This has been the
end of all things. Nothing exists of what you once fought so wantonly for.. Your immortal lives have come to end. Stoop down, unto the darkly shining
abyss.. Dead and no longer dreaming..

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