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1. Maximum Golgotha

World wide stop little wars
here comes the winged redemption in blood
you all will return provences of Rome
the Legitimator restoration called
Bow and scrape at our feet
comprehension plan by birth
accept the part of slave or destination road to
Golgotha pain is coming maximum execution
Golgotha pain is calling maximum crucifixion
Born again holy hill of pain
push the way of new golden fields
we make no bones about promises
stand in awe of our apocalyptic pride
Let's get down to brass tack
we make bold to give back the world
purity order and peace
gripping dawn of the new empire
You can't decide about your life
it belongs to the eternal Rome
Slavery and Colosseum law
forget mercy and suicide escape
Golgotha maximum restoration calls.

2. M.A.S.

Enormous killing ground
shredded and shattered white doves of peace
Supreme laugh on life and death
devoted soldiers to the imperial fairness
We'll march and the water will turn red by blood
Close the ranks M.A.S. loyalty honour and blood
Purifying fire light the roman pride for the fight
Close the ranks M.A.S. Caesar's high order of attack
purifying fire total persecution instant
Glaring solid eagles daring thunder and lighting of fate
freedom of braves until the last breath
We'll dominate fabulous final war
We'll march and the fields will turn red by blood
Imperious clump of war unprecedenting typhoon
marvellous bolds of Rome
born to laugh in the face of death
we'll march and the sky will turn red by blood
Heated famished men hungry for victory...war!

3. Non Plus Ultra

Vile worms snaked from east to hurl our people in the abyss
revenge blood curdling law it's the highpitch of excitement
we do not entertain a dream we ourselves are the dream
Do you hear their scream from caves high from those mountains burst
you haven't ghost of chance our Caesar blinds the sun
we do not entertain a hope we ourselves are the hope
Non plus ultra eye to eye
We're prop and stay for gear hard elimination smash
you'll burn on seeing our flag starry sky is over our heads
we do not entertain the fate we ourselves are the fate
we do not entertain the war we ourselves are the war
we do not entertain the death we ourselves are the death

4. Panzer March

Hulking pincer movement roaring epilogue of mistakes
Shout! Fire! Panzer chime omnipotent solemnity of hate
do you believe in the apocalypse day?
killer machines opened wide their steel jaws
Turbulent proud splendour hurricane steam roller
Shout! Fire! Panzer chime high convulsion of furnace of pain
do you believe in the apocalypse day?
cleansing machines straight to drain in the earth
Panzermarch run wild the blockade
burn up the road to the glory
Panzermarch claim the divine due
you're dab in designing for death
Faultiness rabble rousing faints offence undoing
Shout! Fire! Panzer chime flagellation born out of hate
do you believe in the apocalypse day?
roman machines prevail over the world

5. The Crucifier

Blood to bedew will flow for the bowels
of roman rebirth sacred transfixion
the enemy darkened the empire
and on they cross they'll find the furifying death
deluged with their bastard blood
I'll not make them draw breath hanged through flames
their prayers can't dispute the Caesar's magniloquence
Crucifier starves for the killing time
Death rides heel for leather
Crucifier spews the noble revenge
Death rides hell for leather
Hot nails will tear the flesh of oblivion
awful magma blessed the hammers beating

6. Megalometal

Proud chaos eater stainless steel mass controller
boisterous conquer pattern of loyalty
riots of hymns of glory putiry of fighting essence
immortal souls sing the power of missionary
Imperial eruption undescribable explosion of light
high minded Caesar Megalometal has broken off the chains
Persistent furor best overkilling school
mass doctrine maker roman armed assault
unstopped propagandist historical unioner of braves
divine dictator definitive antichrist

7. Roma Caput Mundi

Rise up eternity our destiny is at your feet
blazing wonder you've got the future in your hands
can you hear our screaming hail?
Spread your wings against the nightfall
make real the creation of living space
come back to throne over the mankind
and our arms will rise up high to the sun
Rome you'll be the queen of all skies
I feel myself part of the light
I need to feed on your might..
I'm dying for disrupt the chains
for the tomorrow of elected people that dream the victory
(bound to the empire of purity)
High fly eagle supremacy of divine race
perpetual vision bless my life for dominate
clear horizon of our flag
You're the bringer of the gold dawn
amazing universe of power
take my breath away by your lighting
and our blood will shine bright high over the world

8. Ius Primae Noctis

Stop short shut up stay here brace you
I lead on flames the perverse broiler
ready spread out blasted silly
I blanch lick me I'm the bombthrower
Animal on heat I'm bound for duty
bloodstock since the dawn of domination
I'm roman sadism prostrate to my cock
it's time to bring the law into force again
Pleasure pleasure you live to give me the pleasure
Slavery slavery my rapture is enjoying your slavery
I condemn' blot out a carnal burst out
my broach rapes you lascivious cows
I'm clawer straight to untrodden pit
from the beyond the compass of evil
I've got the supreme claim on all the bitches
you don't stand a cat's chance in hell of escaping
I'm the roman sadism prostrate to my cock
It's time to bring the law into force again
I'm the power from past lie down under the pure
completening of task who dare to clip wy wings?

9. Soap Opera

I was born for the end I'm bursting out
I dislike to watch working half done
I look bleeding of crime the circle of soap
I'm in charge of lead to him I come after
like Dallas Fountain of stone and Falcon crest
continous flow production I bring the end
Soap opera no spare no lives
audience of mine no spare no lives
I was born to feel chastity of mind
I raise the series at last fragrancy of success
inhaling the light the passage way
I reprise the serial it laying at me under
I'm the community centre tearing out of my heart
the teamwork calculator for the final instalment
Wake up actors of mine.

10. Neanderthal

I'm the invisible thing that you need
the reflection of your mind
deceased unchristian scream before you bleed
'cause I'm the inaccessible madness that reincarnates
the wildest power the bouncer into your nightmares
I was ever born and I will never die
I'm the cannibal morbid chill
the measureless multiplier of primal thundering rage
I'm on the prowl
I'm the crowning megalith breathtaking wonder champ
a mammoth into stiff the strongest beast
I'm the primitive regurgitation of prior bestiality
the storming pure energy
I'm the monstrosity carnivorous feast
implacable war the legion of hell
never born never die never die
reincarnate reincarnate
the wild power that will survive

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