Dark Lyrics


1. Centurion

He was branded by the politicians
braked by the exile
Now he's looking daggers at the mankind
darkening the peace of life
There will be a lots of widows
climbing over the faints
It will storm a lighting warfare
the world will see his might

Heavy as a triphammer
louder than a locomotive
Spread the eagles of banners
The roman predator is crossing the door

The myriad of smoking guns
lacerates the sky
Lancinating screams of bronze steeds
flog the mellow jive
The enemies will be on the rack
under the rabid look
They will be returned guilty
by the eagle troops

Legions are moving forwards
shambles will be reality
Hell steelwork released
a blazing river of lead

Centurion is flashing
Centurion is marching
Centurion is laughing
Centurion is coming on!

He's burning, he's killing, he's swinging
March on, march on, march on
He's coming to get you!

2. Steel Breath

Steel lighting rides roman skies
Rolling blades run into the light
Fire eater crawls from the dark
Let shining begins!

Can you see around us the steel breath of Destroyer
It could wither you with only a glance
in the time of a breath
The great beast is everywhere
It sneaks in your fears
from warm wind that's rising to every noise you hear
in the lands of the flames

Its black scales are blazing on the bark of the trees
Take the hand of Caesar and by the speed of light
a nuclear rain will burn so bright in your spine

It's tongue of fire shoots you as a thunderbolt
The gunner of the storm is as heavy as the steel
It can gulp down you off the reel
Into the minds he's biting
while the Hell grows under world
The pain for souls is coming
You've got the blood from holy war
The gun of Destroyer is up high

3. Guns Are Screaming

Guns are screaming
It must be law exploding all the balls
for running blood
Drawn out of anger don't fear the war
Steel kiss of guns unchains my dynamo

I'm chromium plated rebel
like storm I'm coming
to neutralyze again
The leather I wear is to kill
Like whirlwind by wings of steel
I'll rise from fogs of Hell

Guns are screaming straight out of Hell
My father is the pain and my mother
is the suffering
Through blood by thunder take Latin steel
Your children will cry on other knees

Guns are screaming!

4. Metal Gladiators

I'm the master of destruction the leader of the armies
I'm the shadow from the endless night
The death walks behind me you can't stop the saviour
I'm the demolition dynamite

From the void of the dark high up to the wind
Let the sons of Rome kill the wild in a chariot of gold

Side by side with Caesar I'll open the graves of soldiers
I'll smile 'cause you damned to die
Metal gladiators shall rise from the abyss
Do you hear their power that will blast the savage lands

Razing to the ground every street of every town
Let roman steel rides the clouds in chariot of gold

Shooting the brains by the stainless steel bent
I was forged in the fires of Hell
Through the bullet storm I'm the scream of the fright
I was born in the fire and I'll ride the sky

Northern ravens stopped their dance on the roman heads
sucking blood and turning fast
All the arenas are prepared to catch the god of thunder
Do you hear their power that will blast the savage lands

Razing to the ground every street of every town
Let roman steel rides the clouds in chariot of gold

5. Snow Covers Imperial Alps

While the woods call my name
frozen winds blows through my hair
Eagles of Rome fly up high
Are you ready to feel the power
of this land

Snow covers imperial Alps

Where the wind kiss the clouds up high
Up high the white mountains
touch the blue sky
Great endless realm is open wide
The grasses of Gods sing the glory of this show

Snow covers imperial Alps

You're face to face with the force of nature
It's time to fight no turning back
It's time to live the power of Alps
It's time of victory!

6. Bloodstreets

Powdery streets of these means towns
where evil rules and death is princess
Drunkards sleep there beggars live here
dogs and rats stale near our children

Oh, no! I'm dead beat
I can't see it anymore
I can't permit it

Drug and surplus crimes and silence
toxic warderers n'warps of shepherds
Beastly beadles extended racket
falsehood treasures of fading religion

Oh, no! I'm dead beat
I can't see it anymore
I can't permit it

Keep the faith friends of mine
I can tell you no lies
Will come a dashing future
where our children can play
Raise your arms friends of mine
follow me in this fight
Will return the empire
leave these bloodstreets behind

Flashy halfbreds vile diviners
unhealthy hair huge disaster
Deadly outlaws putrid anarchy
infected bitches n'seedy gypsies

7. Mors Tua Vita Mea

Running wild on the highway of life
through preachers an TVs
We're unleashed like hurricanes
We were born to catch the fate
Speedmen ride the blazing engines
through lies and deals we turn
By supersonic warmachines
we learned to eat and survive

Since the night of times to the end of the world
Rules mother nature
We were born to kill to survive
Kill to survive

Fucking tyrants lost the control
You said it's evil game
Roman reapers shred the faces
When you understand it's always too late
Monsters burn bright fuel so fast
straight through the veins of neck
You're sneaking and creeping to escape
Don't fight against the law of life

8. Razor Blade

I hit you when you're rapt in your ecstasy
you're sneaking upon the bloodbath at you feet
Screaming souls of lambs make glad your mind
Now feel the caress of my sharpest blade

Stop the planting of your seed
I paralyse your spine
I already can smell the stench of your dead flesh
I'm coming as a damned horde
a blazing cyborg of steel
I've just left the Hell to purify the roads

You're a scabby reptile
Deathrow, I excavate your guts
Mothers forget the pain
'cause the babies raper have no escape

I shave your vile skin
until the bleeding bones
Here's the pride tormentor
that disintegrate the drone
I make you feel such an hellish pain
I've just left the Hell, I'm hungry of dud brains

Violator! Has come your turn
I'm the sharpest razor that comes for the sacrifice
I'm the executor of the sentence of death
You raped and killed so now lick my razor blade!

Take my blade!!!

9. Raging Power

Rise up from the dark of the no return
Brighter than a million of atomic bomb
Ride the wild horizon by the will of revenge
Shine on blind them show the dawn of a new age

No more tears of children
no more crimes of strangers
high will shine the light
No more sicks of madness
no more middlemen
in the place where the future roamed

Thunder roaring cannons from Armageddon
Blaze up the worldwide your fury cuts up
The asphalt is burning it's the sign of rebirth
The power the will of power pumps our heart

No more christian puppets
no more sweat of backs
the flame will burn on and on
The lower people eye
must be closed in time
for the nation where the future roamed

Take my hand

No more sicks of madness
no more sweat of backs
high will shine the light
No more tears of children
no more middlemen
in the place where the future roamed

Rise up the future of gold
the eagle has landed to spill the blood
highways has cracked up
Rise up days of light!

Germano Quintab - lead and backing vocals
Fabio Monti - lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals on "Centurion"
Luciano Monti - lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals on "Centurion"
Manuele Maricotti - bass guitar
Marco Bracciotti - drums

Thanks to emmaliar for sending these lyrics.

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