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1. Victorious Dawn Rising

[Lyrics: Schulman, Lead: Kjellgren]

This void born long ago is cold and silent
Five rings of decadence strikes deep and deadly
Bodies covered up with thick melting liquid
Blizzards reign supreme in this world and beyond
Hail the order, never weak nor speechless
Hail the order, one and one with power
Surrounded by rapture, harvest with the king of pain
The elite will always purify as blood runs deep then slip away
From the wooden innocent cradle to the metallic sinful coffin
(We are) doomed to walk this earth among the feeble mass of lies
Victorious dawn rising - Into a starless orbit
Victorious dawn rising - Forever it shall be

2. Purgatorial Overdrive

[Lyrics: Danielsson / Schulman, Lead: Kjellgren]

Creatures crawls up from the deep
Mother earth have summon them up
Waking them from their eternal sleep
The end and the purgatory has begun
The cleansing of this human plague
Earth elementals, divine power supreme
A force so ancient, a force so free
Fiery flames from below increase
On this tormented twisted soil
The blood of the mortals will flow
Their souls will be forever damned
Forever to be forgotten, lost in a void
The prophecies of disaster - They all shall come true
For our sins and evil doings - Deeds decayed and impure
The pathway to oblivion is open wide
The tormenting fires of hell shall burn
Purgatorial overdrive
The seventh seal has been broken

3. The Destroyer

[Lyrics: Kjellgren, Lead: Ahlberg]

We are diving into the deepest abyss known to man
It is time to reveal the truth of all the obscure
Unable to wake up from your everlasting nightmare
Armageddon is coming closer, soon we will die but until we do...
Turn to hate - Make them our enemies
The beast of Hades - Dwells inside of me
I praise the destruction, the human race will never be free
Spending our lives searching, ending up in caskets anyway
I will tear your world apart, nothing left to save
This is the final offer, there is no turning back at all
Riding on the crystal sky fed by the hellbound fire
Victimized since the day of birth, (the) destroyer will tear apart the earth

4. As Legions Come

[Lyrics: Danielsson / Schulman, Lead: Ahlberg / Kjellgren]

Crossing the rubicon
Will we stand up tall
The dreadful black water
Will we fail and fall
Crossing the river styx
For our sins we will die
This dark water of hate
Lays beneath your filthy soul
Fallen is our loved ones, returned to the soil
Surviving is not easy in this mortal coil
As legions come - Tainted is our curse
As legions come - Bringing forth the hearse
Crossing the seas of blood
Our faith in hope is gone
Trampled under foot
Could this be undone
Crossing the cesspool of filth
Rotting flesh, scorched earth
Soon we all be gone
Given the new ones, birth

5. Sworn

[Lyrics: Jansson, Lead: Kjellgren / Ahlberg]

Nocturnal winds awakes the seeds of vengeance
While nuclear storms are swallowing the world of shit
The crystal kings deplores behind the bloodred sun
The declaration of war in the astral kingdom has begun
The blackguards controls the void
All the blind fools will pay with flesh
The ancient gods of retaliation
Transcending the weepers to bleed
Sworn - To the boiling seeds of vengeance
Sworn - To the battles of rebellions
Sworn - To worship the crystal kings
Sworn - Explore the world declension
The mourning star glows like an evil bloodred eye
Breeding grace when the sinners bleed in the skies
The embers spawn is falling from the velvet moons
The vapours breeze is sweeping on the filthy soil
Genocide in the astral kingdom
Holocaust in a timeless void
Sacrifice to the crystal kings
Blasphemy in the world of shit

6. Synthetic Sin Zero

[Lyrics: Schulman, Lead: Kjellgren]

Revel with lust in fragments of fire
Vengeance revealed like a red roaming choir
Swallow the fluid from speechless black
Inhale and destroy, there is no turning back
Terminal terrestrial punchline - A gateway to the altered might
Synthetic sin zero - Taste the obedient whip
Synthetic sin zero - Caress the hollow flesh
Synthetic sin zero - Bow in the circle of bones
Synthetic sin zero - Step into a world of its own
Slay and tear as dreams leads astray
Declension absurd where nothingness lay
Recollect then forget the entwined shiny tears
Mechanical memories as they enter inner fears
Chaos descending in a spiral neverending
Delirium divine in the hours everlasting
Enter a path to a skinmade star
A star that so sinfully heal that scar

7. Flesh Is Fragile

[Lyrics: Kenny, Lead: Kjellgren]

In the garden where virtue stands tall
Pluck the flowers made of flesh and stone
All statues are risen and damned to fall
It is a world of skin, made of bones
All the flesh is fragile
We're all signed with scars
All the flesh is fragile
Forever shining stars
When golden blood is flooding cold
Liquid bodies are forcing us to sin
Deep down the burning soul
The raining nails are carving in the skin
Carriers of scars - The world is our sin
Beholders of flesh - Hollow within
When red is black and ablaze is horns
Diseases are marked on every page
Hollow bodies dejected with scorn
The last breath of the final age
In the absence of abstract reality
See the sun of the white iris blind
Burning blood in crucifixion ecstasy
It is a world of skin, the noose of life

8. Wretched Cut

[Lyrics: TB / Schulman, Lead: Ahlberg]

Listen to this story of my dark frustrations
Light up the candles in silent recollection
I am free - I can see - I will lead - Blood I need
Wretched cut - Show me your lust
Wretched cut - Turn you to dust
Revealed black demons standing on their knees
Now I soon escape through a cosmic breeze
My plan is now constructed, blueprints for war
Sinners follow me, not alone anymore
I start a new journey of pain and hatred
I smell my own soul, the bitter taste of death
Violence and horror is what you all feel
Come to me sinners, come forward and kneel
Now we take the path to far away beyond
The world is on fire, brighter and higher
Let us all be gathered like sinners in a wind
Rape and ruin this earth, we will forever win

9. Deconstruction Macabre

[Lyrics: Schulman, Lead: Ahlberg]

Terror arise from the vaults of hate and lies
Up from the pitch black deep
Awaken from an abyssmal sleep
Under the blade of greed
A collector of souls rise free
Lurking around in misery
Too late to beg for forgivness
The flesh has turned to dirt
Glorious, inferior - always a lie
The evil vicious kind
Hollow thoughts - hollow mind
Hollow is your body the day you die
Deconstruction - Deconstruction macabre
Just a step from dying
Seven seconds from the end
Innocense is laying
Forever nowhere to be send
Blazing fast forward
Forward with the speed of light
Too late to stop nor regret
The russian roulette has been set
Turn the page in the book of destiny
The same old tune goes on and on
Back and forth today turns to yesterday
All life ends in a relentless way

Johan Jansson - Vocals
Jonas Kjellgren - Guitars, backing vocals
Johan Ahlberg - Guitars
Martin Schulman - Bass, backing vocals
Ronnie Bergerstahl - Drums

Thanks to amrmetallica for sending these lyrics.

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