Dark Lyrics


1. Carnal Lust

[Music: Schulman]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Under the sky of blackened clouds
A moonfog shall arise Seven winds of hate
I raise my sword to the sky
to the sphere where the ravens fly
Seal the sign of the twilight horde

Life, eternal life
You're devoured as one
Dominion of centuries behind

Across the horizon in North
The forces are moving further
Through mountains of snow and ice
They ride...
A century of blood
In the name of dark
Total wrath and pure destruction

Upon the throne of infernal blood
I'm the ruler
of a burning kingdom
Blazing skies and winter nights
My princess of fear is born

The seven keys to the seven gates
Makes my land open wide
The wolves are gathered in the woods
A new era has been born

2. Seven Prophecies

[Music: Schulman]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Embalmed in a frozen tomb
Beneath the moon
I face the naked dawn
I stand still and stear
through out the river
A distant chant
returns me to the past

You, my Goddess,
My queen of dark temptation
You feed my hunger
with black sinful love

Freezing lust to my
infernal mistress
Seven prophecies forsooth eternally
Summon your blood,
my wine, dark erotica
Seven prophecies forsooth eternally

Searching for a griefull pleasure
A shadow or a sign
from my coldest bride
Caressed by a guiding wind
Leads me away
to the horizon of tears

A burning vision,
they are my wings
Into the flames, I fly
I kissed the sunset,
I adored the night
A silent dance infront of me

Like a portal with velvet lights
I am now one with moonlight
Like dragon shadows, like elves and stars
I sealed the grief in a dreamscape

Like illusions can fall apart
Like stones can turn to dust
The everblazing moon
can be darkened
Immortal is my passion
Despair and memories
Forever I will fill your existence

Into the deep horizon I fly
Searching for the new born dawn
You my Goddess,
My queen of dark temptation
One day we will forever sleep

3. Before The Dawn

[Music: Wiklund]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

And when the moon
has turned to black
Darkened clouds beneath
the astral stars
As the winds fly through
with wings so dark
A deep storming sea
with griefull past

I touch the grief, feel the pain
Taste the sorrow, before the dawn

The seagull fly in circles
over an open sea
A morning again has risen
with silver tears
At the shore of a dreadful baltic
I touch the stones as the water
echoes your name

Here I stand all alone
Themendous pain freeze inside
The sun sets slowly,
cold and silent
One day we will be united as one

I cry until dawn
My mind disappears into the dark
In a void where candles burn
Sleep forever, dream those dreams

4. The Dimension Beyond

[Music: Wiklund]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Riding through storms
And blowing winds
The winter night
Like a Northern breeze

Onward to the grace
Burn me in the dimension

The sun turns to black
And moonshine prevails
The power of shadows
In grief and in pain

Forever the serpent sign shall rise
Eternal is the hate
of the pagan call
And bleed for me, seal my fate
among the cries
A dimension beyond
the blackest times

Follow the past
And the arctic star
It leads you to
Chaos and lust

Forever - The serpent sign
Eternal - Is the hate
And bleed for me - Seal my fate
The dimension beyond
the blackest times

5. My Demon Within

[Music: Wiklund]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

A misty ground
Seals my soul of pagan fire
Ripped apart
Dark emotions and inner thoughts
We will all
Take part in the endless journey
As we weep
To the hymns of an arctic star

My demon within
conquer my mind
Echoes of frost
(in a damnated soul)
Damnation reigns
A sorcery of fear and sorrow
Eternal thorns
Flew high like glory shadows
In the past
A silent age of divine destruction
Led me through
To a world
of subconscious demons

Illusions fall
In the halls of slumber centuries
Passed away
In temples of obscurity
I watch the land of mortality
Dwell among the seven prophecies

Beholding the winds
of crimson calls
the grounds of vengeance
My demon,
my princess of wisdom
I sharpen my swords
And into the kingdom I ride

I have seen the spiritual aeons
A shadowdance
Like a mistress of hidden thunder
In time and space
I am dying, I am searching
For a fire
Which can raise my inner demon

6. In Pain

[Music: Schulman]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Lost love beyond fallen sorrow
See the black dawn rise
We fell in ecstasy
Turning the mist into shadows
In pain I see the falling raindrops
As they sweap my naked flesh

In pain -
I dwell
My love -
Dream those endless dreams
Beyond the withering beauty
The moon will shine
red and bright
Carried by the golden wings
In pain I see the love fade

I can turn the sky to ever black
Roses fade in silent halls
As the snow covers the trees
Freeze the fear and promises

At the gates of the ancient light
Unblessed darkness burning still
In hell I will touch my soul
Thy my kingdom
has risen with pride

Cold scars and blackened rivers
The red sea echoes your name
You have sealed your wounds
The flowers slowly decay
In pain I see the falling rain drops
As they cover my naked flesh

At the gates of teh ancient light
Unblessed darkness burning still
Frozen tears in frozen eyes
Here I stand at the dawn of lies
Lead me into the Autumn years
Then the shades
shall dance before me

7. Undivined

[Music: Wiklund]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Seven enshrined souls
Stranded on a journey far
On a shore of sorrow
All the tears are gleam

I'm your undivined God

The rain is slipping
through your hands
Feared by the golden thorns
A graveyard of wasted memories

I'm your undivined God
Now descending
on black withering wings

As the sun burns red
I wrap my arms around you
A wasteland of burn marks,
a temple of shadows
Reflections eternal,
I touched the deeper dawn
I enchanted your heart,
the shades showed us the mark

Your life is written in blood
In love, in time, in fear
A dark faced stranger
from yesterday

A void like a speachless silence
Or a sleeping empty lie
LIke a burning endless rainbow
From a dimension far away

Time to set the flaming sails
Off to the unknown we leave
Far away from the earthly
We are gone for now and ever

8. Darkside

[Music: Schulman]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Darkside recalls my name
Abyssal gates are open wide
My darkened soul
is baptized in blood
Ancient lord,
demon of blasphemies

Darkness prevails,
Lucifer's wrath unleashed

Destroy, burn the book of lies
Sacrifice the bastard son,
Jesus Christ
Feast on the Christian flesh
Crucify the servant of God

Darkness prevails
Lucifer's wrath unleashed
Demonic moon arise
I obey my seven signs

I skuggan av crucifixet
Ska blodet stromma fritt
Ondskans vind andas
Hamndens skonhet bestar
I dalen av dom fordomda
Jag mitt sate har
Med tusen kristnas blod
Min makt besitter kvar

Master - Open the gates to hell
Messiah - Gather your black hordes
Satan - Show me your victims
I shall - Surround them with flames

Infernal spawn of evil
(We are) one to kill the lord

Feel the nails of pain
Carving through the flesh
Brutalized upon the altar
With a crown of thorns
Damnation awaits the sinners
Laceration of the holy has began

Behold the summoning signs
Darkside recalls, chaos filled with blood
Rise from hell and show me the dawn
Day of death, the master has arrived

9. Into The Funeral Domain

[Music: Schulman & Wiklund]
[Lyrics: Schulman]

Blinded by the fear
I'm trapped inside
The twilight
and the dark illusions drain
It will guide me
through the Northern storm
The wasteland of eternity
will reign

I... enter the funeral domain
On a neverending chaos we lay
And I enter the funeral... domain

You feed me with the flames
of burning hate
Memories of loss and cold desire
With silent steps I face my destiny
A land for the forsaken
shadow to be

A sorrowscape of my wonderland
Astral gleams where we weep
Beyond the grief infinity awaits
I carve me through
the shades of maze

I memorize the dreaming ones
I gather dark coldness
As the light evolves
I hide far away

The golden dawn is blazing bright
And I enter the mountain side
I grab my visions of eternity
And caress the strength of time

Hear the lake and waves
of a bleeding sleep
Enthroned spirits
of an evil damnation
Whispers seals the wonds
of my creation
Funeral of shredded souls domain

Mattias Lamppu - Vocals
Martin Schulman - Bass
Andreas Evaldsson - Rhythm guitar and keyboards
Kenneth Wiklund - Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Kalimaa - Drums

Recorded in October 1996 at Abyss Studios
Engineered by Mikael Hedlund
Produced and mixed by Mikael Hedlund & Centinex
Mastered at Audiomix Studios, Ornskoldsvik, Sweden
All arrangements & drum programming by Centinex
Cover art/layout by AA/Terkel Christensen
Logo by Timo Ketola
Band photos by Mats Svensson
Drawing on CD by Chris "Thorncross" Moyen

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