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1. Mexican Radio

[written by Wall of Voodoo, from their album Call of the West]
[correlated with the cover by Celtic Frost from the album Into the Pandemonium]

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder
And the touch of a world that's older
Turn the switch and check the number
Leave it on, in bed I slumber

Hear the rhythm of the music
Buy the product, never use it
Hear the talking of the DJ
Can't understand, what's he say?

I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio

Dial it in, tune the station
They talk about U.S. inflation
I understand just a little
No comprende - it's a riddle

I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio

Wish I was in Tijuana -
Eating barbecued iguana
I'd take requests on the telephone
I'm on a wavelength far from home

I feel the hot wind on my shoulder
I dial in, south of the border
Hear the talking of the DJ -
Can't understand, what's he say?

I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio

What does he say?

I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio
I'm on the Mexican radio ...

2. Mesmerized

You, who like the moon at night
Haunted my mortal heart ...

You who made this ancient walls
Shine like divine marble

The unwanted breath - through creedence
A derelict shell in the desert

- Mesmerised -
As love inflamed the night
Burning tongues brought the rain
The sand remained - purified

Murmur at the meager's spear
Battered Carthagian pride
The beloved cry - wasted dismay
Invasion of baseness and shade

You, loved by your father
Innocent as a vestal - dove

Buried in a deep blue sea
As we all lose - ever

3. Inner Sanctum

Sleep brings no joy to me
Remembrance never dies
My soul is given to misery
And lives in sighs ...
The shadows of the dead,
My waken eyes may never see,
Surround my bed
That from which they sprung - eternity

Beneath the turf
The silent dead

Sleep brings no wish to knit
My harrassed heart beneath
My only wish is to forget
In the sleep of death
Death is my joy
I long to be at rest
I wish the damp earth covered
This desolate brest

Beneath the mould
The silent dead

But the glad eyes around us
Must weep as we have done
And we must see the same gloom
Eclipse their morning sun

Oh not for them - Should we despair
The grave is drear - But they're not there
Their dust is mingled - With the sod
Their pale souls - Are gone, to god

Well, may they live in ecstasy
Their long eternity of joy
At least I wouldn't bring them down
With me to weep, to groan
And what's the future
A sea beneath the cloudless sun
A mighty, glorious, dazzling sea
Stretching into infinity

My inner sanctum

4. Tristesses De La Lune

Ce soir la Lune reve avec plus de paresse
Ainsi qu�une beaute sur de nombreux coussins
Qui d�une main discrete et legere caresse
Avant de s�endormir le contour de ses seins
Sur le dos satine, des molles avalanches
Mourante elle se livre aux longues pamoisons
Et promene ses yeux sur les visions blanches
Qui montent dans l�azur comme des floraisons
Quand parfois sur ce globe en sa longueur oisive
Elle laisse filer une larme furtive
Un poete pieu ennemi du sommeil
Dans le creux de sa main prend cette larme pale
Aux reflets urizes comme un fragment d�opale
Et l�amener de son corps loin des yeux du Soleil

5. Babylon Fell (Jade Serpent)

Lights have faded - Euphoria is dead
Past and present - Exalt of the weird
Chimerias petrified - Eclipse and suspicion
Deafened stream - Babylon fell

Distraction and envy, Babylon fell
Festal perishing, Babylon fell

Dreams drift in the frozen wind
And mysteries are reborn
We rose from sand and stone
To follow the light's allure

Tears drift in the shadows sleep
Turn innocence into excess
Fragments of a dying world
And destiny lies beneath

Sceptres of bombast - Tracks into myth
Fetish and feud - Dance of recesses
Fierce laughter - Banned into stone
Eyes of guilt - Covered by sand

6. Caress Into Oblivion

is it addiction to prevail
or mute marble words
my heart. coarse and fallen
into the sand
oblivion into grief
millenniums perish
pillars of desire
therefore I have seen
meurt et seduction
des comptes morbides
tasting rhetoric hate
an attraction verified
fall of luster
and fake caresses
mundane beggars
costume of death
a purified doctrine
and communal repentance
my mortalized quest
the enigma still unborn
oceans of grime and stone
shores of wasted might
soaring remains forfeit
my visionary dream
wings of lust
temptation and fame
temples of prowess
left a man among ruins
caress into oblivion

7. One In Their Pride


8. I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient)

I did taste their only dream
As denial was still unborn
Secrets beyond those dethroned walls
And echoes of a martyr's scream
Deterrent vibrates the allurements face
As my barque drowns toward conquest

Don't quieten the elder's tears
For they've forseen our past
Covered lies our remembrance
As symbols turn to dust

I won't dance
I won't dance
I won't dance within despair
I won't dance
The elder's orient

Journey lnto a wicked world
My body beneath the skies
Erotic wishes, my heart has failed
Incalculable is the surface's breath
Paralyzed form - the ring of death
Steps on the stairs to my silent ecstasy

Caress of the mental space
Thrones of fake life
Eternal addiction towards those eyes
(Gods) didn't you believe my earthbound call?
Slipping into the hidden sun
Intoxicated by an endless fall

9. Sorrows Of The Moon

This evening the moon dreams more lazily
As some fair woman, lost in cushions deep
With gentle hand caresses listlessly
The contour of her breasts before she sleeps
On velvet backs of avalanches soft
She often lies enraptured as she dies
And gazes on white visions aloft
Which like a blossoming to heaven rise
When sometimes on this globe, in indolence
She lets a secret tear drop down, by chance
A poet, set against oblivion
Takes in his hand this pale and furtive tear
This opal drop where rainbow hues appear
And hides it in his breast far from the sun

10. Rex Irae (Requiem: Overture - Fourth Version)

[INTRODUCTION: Rex Irae ...]
[DREAM ENCOUNTER:(King Wrath)(Dream Voice)]

You ...... have joined your father's feast
Those who saw: Essence or fall
Floods of dramatic silence
And words, from whom we don't know


Let me dream ...
Flee from false ...
I have tasted the weight of lust
My hands on the skein of height
... A pallid death
Mirage into dark
The horizons echo your glance
Following a detractive sleep
I am the wrath beneath the heavens
The downfall's monologue
Fallen into the vision of effect
Quiet as gods can be
(Joining the king's words)Orgies of fear
lnbreeding and death
I have walked Carthagia's sands
l've touched those buried walls
I am the ...
All mortal is love?
Remembrance has won
Breathing glorified innonce
Quiescence has died therefore
I am the ...


We stood before the portals of Babylon
And saw it's petrified fall
... Have seen your decline's symbols
But carried another life
We tasted the wine of Persepolis,
As mute as our era's breath
Death was never a fragment of
Exalting fantasy ...


This last region - Last of fire
Orgasmic cries - Tears and words
Wrath and strenght - Oh, gods! For you!
Before the throne ... - Death


Fright and praise
A faded light
Intimate rests my book
Unwritten what seems true
I am the ...
Art of might!
You remaining king
Take your predesessor's hand
You son of my Jade gift ...
I am the ...

11. Oriental Masquerade


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