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1. Tirikantam

Tirikantam aiuizas! Kombalkores aleites iste ires ruzimuz!

[English translation:]

Tricans validated! The assembly assistants now will sign it!

2. The Path

The host town was just selected
by the council yesterday.
The party's gonna be started,
we only think about that day.

Grab some wine and a horn for ale,
we'll need them for our epic tale.
For those who lit the great fires
to satisfy our gods' desires.

Take the horse and saddle it,
after that get something to eat.
Don't forget to buy some mead,
'cause our elders sure will need.

We only wanna go to get drunk at your town
during a hard path across dust and vegetation.
We wanna go to get drunk at your town
that is the best way to make our celebration.

We're approaching the host town
just passing that hill down.
Here there is a huge crowd,
these feast will sound so loud.

Once we meet here all our brothers
we'll search for all the others.
We'll rejoice all together,
this feast is bigger than ever!

3. Praise To The Vineyards

At the heart of Celtiberia
you can taste our finest grapes.
The best wine of all the area
and not worse are our ales!

Hear us now, while we sing
and we fill our wineskins.
We are all just human beings
and sometimes we need to drink.

Now are coming summer times,
all fruits grow and grass is high.
The sun above the field shines,
we must thank Her for her light.

In the summer will work hard
on our fine and vast vineyards
the vintager under the sun
once the harvest has begun.

Gods of ages, keep our health,
one thing we want to beg:
give us your blessing with this praise
and let's drink to celebrate!

Creels of grapes from the harvest past
the vintagers will step on and smash
let the jouice of the fruits pass
through your feet while you step on fast.

Take a pint and taste this wine,
take some more and drive you wild.
Careful not to get too ill
or you'll fall to the green field!

4. Sacred Wine

When I drink some sacred wine
I feel in peace while it goes down,
when I drink some sacred wine
It feels like a peace vow.

Singing and drinking, praise for wealth to your home.
Sharing this wine is our way to avoid war.

5. The Great Feast

Hey! Hey! Hey!

The feast needs our biggest table,
all the drink that we are able,
lots of people, lads to hire,
and hunted meat by the bonfire.

Wanna drink beer?
Wanna eat meat?
What a great feast!
Wanna drink some wine?
That will sure be fine!
Let's keep on this line!

Strong men carry heavy wood,
and pretty women cook the food.
All children playing together,
the long war's gone forever!

Bellies full of hunted meat,
and rising pints all full of beer.
The table plenty of wine and ale,
let's drink till we feel like we sail!

Now everybody is getting drunk,
with shining eyes and smiling mouths.
People lie down under the trees,
they don't care, 'tis the great feast!

6. An Dro


7. Warrior's Sorrow


8. Full Moon

In a forest to the north
in a vast land without lord,
there's a group of warriors
that marches for others to war.

Night falls and they set camp
in a clear where they can stand.
They're here for lord's demand,
just for greed upon these lands.

There's a man that stands aside
beyond the camp and the fire light
The captain walks to his side
and asks him if he's feeling fine.

"No, my captain, all is wrong
as I'm thinking of my love:
the day I marched to war
was the day of our sacred bond"

Under this full moon you must to leave this war
and meet your wife.
Take your horse and saddle it to ride so far
and go to live your life.

In the forest, the moonlight
reminds my marrying day
and I cry for I can't stay this night
close to my wife.

But the war is something bad
and we can win with one less man.
Take your horse and saddle it
to ride so far and go to live your life.

9. Riding Home

Dawn is breaking,
I'm riding home.
My good captain released me from war.
Soon enough
I'll meet my wife,
but this old forest I need to pass by.

In this clearing
Behind the trees
There's a gathering of goblins with beers
“For seven years
Stay with us
Or you’ll die if you try to escape fast”

Deep inside this forest
all goblins gather
in a big party
dancing. But you can't
chase me, damn dwarves,
I know your desires:
you wanna cheat me,
I’m out of here.

Why me?
Stay still! [x4]
Why me?

My wife awaits
I must go home
Is a good girl, I can't leave her alone
If I drink all
You’ll set me free,
for I can drink more than you in seven years!

10. Gallæcia


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