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1. Singing To Our Land (Intro)

We, born from Celts and Iberians
(nos celtis genitos et ex hiberis)

The rough names of our land
(nostræ nomina duriora terræ)

Not ashamed to refer to them in graceful verses
(grato non pudeat referre versu)

We, the descendants of Celts and Iberians
We, singing to our land

2. Keltorevolution

[In ancient times, as at present, the Celtiberian dwellers oppressed by their tyrannical rulers who were trying to deprive them of their freedom, harassing them and forcing them to live under the yoke. Now it is time to join together, to become strong and to destroy them. Now, it is time for revolution.]

Here we are, one more time
All together still alive

The blaze on swords, the taste of blood
To win this war, we were waiting for

Our people are brave, and fight face to face
Showing our bare chest, no time to rest

We have the power, now start to pray
The sound of our name will make you feel pain!

We the people, ready to fight
We were born free and free is our life

Under the yoke never again
You could kill us but it's not the end

We'll rise up to chase you again
And fighting hard, we'll break the chains

Blessed by our gods, hidden in woods
When the Carnyx calls, there's nothing to lose!

Fighting in brotherhood
When freedom is the highest good
Shackles will turn to dust
Hold the line and strike with us

We never believed in a lying speech
You better go out and run away from here

Since our outbreak we fight with pride
This is our land, there's no place to hide

Seeing your face, the fuel for our rage,
We will nor rest 'til we see you in the grave

Won't tear us apart, your stupid game
When this old take, it's always the same!

We just wanted to live in peace,
But they came to enforce their will.
We refuse their deals, keltorevolution is here
They're craving our land but now it's time to draw the line...

3. Unbury The Horn

[The Roman Republic first arrived to Hispania to fight in the Punic Wars against the Carthaginians, leaving the peoples who dwelt in the peninsula in peace. Only after those wars did the Republic think about the strategic advantage of controlling the peninsula, and started its invasion in which the Celtiberian Wars are framed...]

This is my land,
I was born a free man
And here is where i stand

You're now waging war,
And you'll get what you sow
From seeds of greed and gore

We could have lived in peace,
But you've chosen siege,
And for that you shall bleed

Our lives you might take,
But we'll answer with rage,
With the fury of the Celts

Carved on bronze plaques
Our names will prevail
Gods from days of yore,
Prepare us for war!

Tonight I'll take the fight
To defend my land with pride
By taking this side, by right
You make me unbury the horn
To defend my home

We'll strike like a gale
On plain or on dale
Forging an epic tale

Bronze and iron we wield,
Sword, pike and shield,
To meet you on the battlefield

4. The Booze Song

[Because, just like our forefathers, we love to get drunk...]

Always willing 'til the morning
Keeping drinking, don't need money
Right here friend you must stand
And close this bar drinking 'til the end!

Don't give up, forever think
Every place is good to drink
If you wanna have some fun
Drink with your gang...

For my mouth is not enough
When I get back into booze
Drinking hard to cheer me up
But I don't care 'cause it's what I am!

I see you twice, my tongue is out
Singing songs out loud
Giving all and lots of laughs
Although I get drunk!

When the night falls we drink with our folks
And we sing, we fight, we lose control
Down on the floor, we don't wanna go home
When you've drunk it all, we always need some more!

One more beer is what I need
Maybe two can quench my thirst
Drinking wine, gin, run or mead
All drinks are fine...

Your cheeks are red just like wine
Don't be careful, all is right
Take a good drink and feel its might
Rest your mind and enjoy this night!

5. Fields Of Celtiberia

[Ode to Celtiberia, our land. Sometimes threatened, sometimes great, forever strong. We don't care where we go, Celtiberia will be always in our hearts.]

There's a land
Where we are from
Where I grew up
And I'm never alone

Cold winter sun
Brightening our land
Fresh summer nights
With stars shining high

Fields of Celtiberia
My home, a place to shelter
The fields of Celtiberia
Where my heart grows

Fields of Celtiberia
Your might will live forever
The fields of Celtiberia
Take me back home

Rivers and hills
Shaping the fields
Where our folk live
Strong through the years

Wolves running free,
Howl-carrying breeze,
And among trees
Hidden is the lynx

6. Under Lug's Sight


[Nothing is overlooked by Lug... Everything happens under the mighty gaze of Lug.]

7. Win Another Battle

[The Celtiberians had an ancient tradition of drinking Caelia (their beloved beverage), in order to be prepared and recharged before fighting in every battle.]

Brewed deep in hell, the wise men said
Caelia is the warrior's health
It's so easy to prepare
Drinking it gives you a beard

So take a pot, and fill with wheat
And wait 'til the water boils
Open your throat and drink a toast
It's more that a ritual

Approaching the wall, they call us to war
Ready to raze our land
They are looking for a fight,
And we are ready to strike

So take your jar and drink it all
To feed and heal your angry blood
You are strong, your mind explodes,
Together we go to war

Learnt and given by our ancient gods
Since the past, Caelia stayed with us

Now we drink like our ancestors
So we are strong!

Come with us to win another battle
Before fight we drink as brothers
Come with us to win another battle
Raise your swords and get ready to strike

Come with us to win another battle
See the vultures flying around you
If you win, if you lose, they'll eat, that's for sure
So take care and win to fight against

Bloodstained corpses, the clash of swords
Beating with no remorse
Caelia's running through your veins
If you're hurt, you feel no pain

Rip his head off and show your wrath
Defeating them one by one
Someone falls, you'd better run
Another one bites the dust

8. Kladimoi (Swords)

[The mighty "falcatas" were the swords that the Iberians and Celtiberians wielded when the Roman Republic came to conquer the land. The Romans found that this young steel had an amazing cutting power and had to learn different crafting techniques for them. The Celtiberians defended their homes with rage and harshness, doing battle when the Empire was on their doorstep.]

I will tall you about our steel
Crafted i our fields
Chopping wooden shields

Falling hard from above the arm
Tasting blood of man
Sparkling with the sun

One sight
One strike
Our rage won't die
Or Carnyx cry

With falcatas in hand
'tis the duty of a man
To defend his own land
Against the threat
Of the empire

Broad swords blessed by the gods
When the battle calls
Feeling no remorse

Breaking through the enemy's line
Defending our home
Fighting for our pride

Ansro adilos
Ansrom teirom
Adunei kom
Ansra toutas,
Katomes riti
Orum reigdoum
[Our duty is
To protect
Our land by
The sword
Our people,
Let's fight against
The foreigners
From the eagles' realm]

9. Uer Keltum Brigubis (Over The Mountains Of The Celts)


[A journey through the mountains of the Celts...]

10. Blood Of A Guiltless Town

[During a meeting at which the Lusitanian people were to give up their weapons to Rome and thereby to sign a peace treaty, they were betrayed, killed and sold as slaves. This vile act against these people would not go unpunished, and there was an uprising against Rome, headed by a courageous Lusitanian shepherd called Viriathus.]

Bloody dawn of that day
We don't know the price we pay
Now peace turns into rage
When their deal is so unfair

A dirty game is all they play
All they said now is worthless
Disarm the weak, chase the faint
Break our pride and kill the rest

Why came you here? Shake my hand and betray me
With void and worthless words. You swine and deceiver
Why did I trust you? You sell peace after killing
It's a double-cross trick to avenge and take our goodwill

Their steel against bare hands
Fighting hard with tooth and nail
Dead brothers lying in our arms
Choosing death before being slaves

Nevermore hear the children's cry
Never again see the fathers die
Nevertheless a few can't be chase
And beating hard, let's the riot start

And now the blood of a guiltless town on the ground,
We are alone,
Elders, mothers, brothers and sons, all forsaken by the gods,
Blood of a guiltless town
Stained lands with the heroes' marks who tried to endure and stand up,
Mourning and in pain
Like slaves, chased and sold, we'll survive to take revenge,
Blood of a guiltless town

11. This Simple Life

[feat. Jonne Järvelä & Tuomas Rounakari (Korpiklaani)]

[About our love for this way of live, a simple life that involves working hard, making music, enjoying the food, and drinking to the last drop with folks.]


Sitting in an olive-tree's shadow
Getting up with the morning breeze
All I see is that green meadow
Work all day among cows and sheep

Working hard 'til the sun goes down
In this land where I learnt this craft
With my bare hands I work on my own
It's only me with my dog and beer

This simple life is what I want to live
Working all day and drinking all night
We don't need more! Just to feel so fine
Keeping this line, you will do it right!

Coming back from a hard day out
I need a drink much more that a rest
With my friends I head to a tavern
To drink it all when the wenches call

Gus: Hey! What's going on? Jonne.
Jonne: I'm fine brother.
Gus: You wanna have some fun?
Jonne: Fuck yeah!
Gus: So, let's go and get drunk!
Jonne: Sounds like a good plan, let's do it, alright!

Keeping this line, you will do it right!


12. Eimos To Katum (We're Marching To War)

[Rome has Numantia under siege. Our brothers asked for help but our elders are too afraid of Scipio and Roman retaliation, but we, Lutians, decided to march to war to save our brothers, to die for freedom, and so, we sing while we go away.]

Kainika matir du
Kainiko magos teue
Briges sklitoi abounu kue
Kanumi teus teirus!

Kom lamabis to nemom
Touta ibrei-eni keltum,
Touta meno ateros
Guedimi boudiam deium!

Auo, aou eimi
Samai noktei deiuoi,
Uisrom garuom doe moi
Liteis karnukas kanunei!

Nertokoi uta boudiakoi
Oskas einti to dunom,
Nertokom anman ansrom
To katum eimos lutiakoi!

[Beautiful motherland
Beautiful your plain
And mountains cut by the river
I sing to your lands

With hands to the sky
Celtic people in Iberia,
Folk of my father,
I ask the gods for victory

Away, away I go
Tonight, gods,
Give me your strength
Let the Carnyx sound!

Strong and victorious
Those who march to the fort,
Strong is our name
Lutians, we're marching to war!]

13. Lutiakoi (Lutians)

[During the Celtiberian Wars, four hundred Lutian warriors went out to help their Numantians brothers. These warriors were betrayed by their own elders who tipped off the Roman army. As a result, each young Lutian lost the hand that wields the sword.]

Late at night, when our brothers arrived
Asking help, coming from Numantia
Runaways, escaped from the Roman's gaze
Let them go inside to talk with elders

No, we're not gonna take part here
Nevermore, was the elders' reply
Afraid of the wrath of the enemy
Know that if we lose, they'll raze all of us

Don't care! We will do as our heart says
Cowards! You refuse to give them help
We, the young, we'll stick with them
This is no time for words but facts!

They walk straight into the ambush
Betrayed by their own
The heroes gone

Now, to katum eimos lutiakoi,
To relieve our brothers
Now, to katum eimos lutiakoi,
Duty of our blood tie

Now, to katum eimos lutiakoi,
Go against the elders
Now, to katum eimos lutiakoi,
To fight 'till we die

Four hundred marching men of Lutia
Go to war, across snow and ice
Dark fog as their only shield
Caught in the act by the Roman squad

A trap, surrounded and captured
They cut off our right hands
Like rats, they afraid of us
So we can't come back to lift a sword

Brothers! We are the town of Lutia,
And we carry the torch of brotherhood
Against what the elders said,
We will help to our brothers of Numantia
We may be only a few warriors, but with our
Courage we will defeat the Roman invaders

14. Eternal Knot (Outro)

Memories of ancient knowledge,
Ancient empires, visions of new ages
The past, the present, the future.
We all wander through time.
Our ancestors, our descendants...

We are all the same in the beginning,
We are all the same at the end

And, alas, we have battled and killed our kind
Yet are the true wars fought with the flesh?

Old rituals surviving in the new
New rituals pretending to be old

History is an eternal knot,
Never started and never ended
Essence of this world,
In our nature, in us all...

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