Dark Lyrics


1. Dormant Slumber

(This fading somber light
Restoring memories

This soft coffin of soul
Vessel to the land of dreams
Render this radiance
A blessing of the conscious

To the night's hallows
A lucid charm)

Tempting hands of Morpheus entangle
To submerge in sleep
Vestments of endless night
Confine pensiveness
The fading eyes
In corridors of psyche
Imprisoned in
A carnal sanctum
A blooming lily resides inside
Against the cursive flow of time
Dwindling in vital signs (Inside)
Sauntering in dreamful paths (Floating above)
In distraught figures
Deformed reality
Needful silence weighs
Precious sunrise fades far
Where life seems another dream
Distressed shadows on walls
Extending desperate hands
Pale figures beckoning from away
Fragments of life in persistent hue

Pulsating chords adjusting time
A presence dominant and still

Crowned in disharmony of paths (substantial)
Retrieving misdeeds

Afflicted shades of the damned
Extending hands to touch
Thousands branched roots of an eternal trunk
Fragments of life in forthcoming death
Laying, to rest at last
Persistent, inside
Safe now, from deadly touch
Floating in time

A promise blooms on lips
A silent oath (Oh, precious melody)
Irrefutably spoken
Of return (of chaos, guide this soul)

2. Starpath Splendour

In night's splendour
Stellar sparkles flickering
Nocturnal glimpsing eyes
In starlights' heaven
I whisper
My longing faulty words

As the moon can't stand without light from the sun
The jewel of love, invaluable, adorns my dreams
...the hope to hold your hand...
...on the moonlight-shaped silver path...

Clear and bright
Like celestial light
That's grown dim and pale

Cold and tight
When within there's a fight
Leading in frail

Pale moonlight illuminates the night
En-chanting airs
And silvering waters

By starlight, this ethereal sight
Silent tears
And unanswered prayers

"Deluded sinful life
Is it a tainted obsession
Have I really bound my being
With your golden sobriquet?"

In the night, this ethereal moonlight
Enchanting airs
And silvering waters

By starlight, this silver painted sight
Silent tears
And unanswered prayers

Clear and bright
Like celestial light
For you to adore

Cold and tight
When within there's a fight
That shall be no more

In night's splendour
Stellar sparkles flickering
Nocturnal glimpsing eyes
In starlights's heaven
I whisper
My truthful words

As the sun needs to offer his light to the moon
The jewel of love, I offer to you
To hold your hand
On this moonlight shaped silver path...

3. Somnum Macabre

Endorsed by deprival life code
Consciousness faltering and naive
In formidable nights, lurking beyond reality
But truthful aside

In grim insight of allegories
Enshrouded suffocating
What's left of the precise emotions
Before the rageful storm

Horrid candlelight
Upon a demented sleep
Imprisoned within
A heavy breath

"The light was shaded from the locust
In shape of un-utilized time"

Framed willingly and absurdly,
The essence grew inside
By time passing by, combined
And enflamed the heart

Sanity and derangement
Flickering inside
Indifference and delusions
Crave a benighted path

Indignities in sore eyes
Degrading reasoning
In saturated sheerness
This crucial frailty

Inscribed on heart
And former benevolent mind
A burden that cumbers the soul
Shining on nights of un-fulfilled dreams
Demention threatens ahead

Reunified to present
Accept the gift of awareness
Out of oblivious chambers
In distant spectral worlds

Derelict in promised lands
Of fantasies un-achieved
Desolate wandered
In| pallid, sallow dreams - of

Remission - equity
Revoked - sleep
Senses - discreet

The sickening sopor is pushing aside
Deviant to the timeless state

[Piano and violin verse]

In flagrant shadows
This ebony cold bed
The languishing bouquet
Craving for salvation

4. Moon Glade

I walk alone, on murky paths, away from light
Mysteries haunt my entity, this whole silent world
An eerie essence, above all existence, is present within
Befriend the night, when the pale moonlight
Will lead you over the silver painted waters
The snowy mountains beyond, the shady valleys ahead
The sounds of nature, my company - my burden unknown
A tranquil glade, a sparkling fountain
Crystal clear consciousness - necessity of rest

Meadows, shadowy and untrodden
Prairies, spreading ahead
Far beyond, sighted away
A senile plane tree
Rain now may fall from the ruthful skies
Invigorating the land
A shelter - the mighty branches
A safe lee to rest

Grizzly - horizon
The lighting - of mild storm
Dazzles the sight
The rain
Drips cognition

To reach insight
To solve the riddle
Follow the stars
To hear
The voices' calling
To unfold your

Serenity of calmness, scent of vivificated land
Is my company - my burden unknown

5. City of Roads (We'll Always Have)

We'll wander on the sea, of our lives
Fighting waves, tearing us apart

We'll roam upon the time
While desires will be sought by our hearts

Thirteen years I still await
Keeping your memory inside
In an endless game of values
To face you equally
Delicately closed eyebrows
In exchange for meeting here
Just to feel this presence now defy
These barriers of sanity
Far, in sparkling blue horizon
Flickering stars mark a lost path
Leading out of dreams in pious wishes
Fragile fulfillment
Wandering on time, dimensions bizarre
Roaming on seas, twisted and bleak

For your star, I travelled far
In unfamiliar lands
Rupture dividend, in memorable sites
I held your delicate hand
Fading lights in horror's sight
Stay here, safe to rest
In your eyes I see demise
Let me take it away
I did never say it's over
Long now waiting for your signs
In your prospect's flying colors never
Ceased to believe
May the dreams be purified
And the wistfulness asleep
From illusions of the past and cravings
Stay always safely away

Time flew, I needed you
I was always here
Absurd hate, chaotic fate
You see...
I consent
I told you never to leave my own life
It's true
All these reminiscence will fade and wither

You're still a precious, unique and timeless part of me
Then why do you secede?
All this ethereal feeling cannot be true after all
Wouldn't you live here with me?

The light that used to bathe you, has grown dim and cold
The forfeit for this loss, this glorious place will perish
A monument in time, we'll always have the city of roads

Doubtful and unresolved
This valediction - farewell
We'll always have the city of roads

6. Awakening After Hibernation

It's been countless fearful years
I've been festering in your bleak walls
The rain of chaos - decay
With moldering dreams I endure

Dim rays of sun
Light through the barriers of isolation
Abhorrence of sanity
Futile meanings of life

Nothing can be hurt down here

Sheltered beyond this sequestered lone path
Discreet silence emanating from within
Delegate to relief
And slink beyond the drape

Infused and diversified through restless time
Versed and graced by the everlasting pain
Delegate to relief
And slink beyond the drape

Undenied, emerging below
Memories attempt to shine
Rifting through the barriers of cruelty
There, in lucid light

Dimensional impenetrable grey cage
Guarded by deadly cravings
Escape had always been an untouched fear
Futile meanings of life

The barriers fall
This sole perception so enhanced

The drapery lifts
Fearful desire of lifeline touch

Sheltered beyond this sequestered lone path
Discreet silence emanating from within
Delegate to relief
And slink beyond the drape

Infused and diversified through restless time
Versed and graced by the everlasting pain
Delegate to relief
And slink beyond the drape

7. Departure

Silver moonlight
Shapes in the dark
A path that I will walk alone

Those yours two words
That gave and took me everything
My dreams in silence drowned

The facts and secrets that I chose to keep in me
And this cold solitude I cannot stand within

Lay to sleep and let your music flow
As time stands still, slowly passing
I'll sail away from you

Sere November leaves
Scattered around
In this lone life field of sorrow

And this cold wind
Serenely blows
Leading me to my cold tomorrow

As night falls I still need your arms around me tight
But I can't stand like then you telling me goodnight

Lay to sleep and let your music flow
As time stands still, slowly passing
I'll sail away from you

Now fade away
But I'll be always there around
To watch and observe upon you

I know I 'll never have you
I know I'm on my own
But my wings will always
Cover you....

8. Sere November Leaves

"Through this cold crystal I gaze
The glowing starful light maze"

Past the harvest month and empty dull days
Haze obfuscates the glass
Lone, pure reasoning
As the fall's fading far

"The stars... shimmering on sky's chasm
Eternal candles we'll never touch"
Day grows shorter
Last rays of sunlight fade away
Into this sorrowful dimension laid to rest
As ruminations shimmering inside
Silence, like maledict, collapsing under strife
Cold getting under skin, exhausts
And may the desired, forgetful sleep
In peaceful dreams, comes upon

Forsake the pale reflection away in pain
Shed rivers will keep flowing to the ocean

The sowing's grace, in hazy glory
A timeless story of rebirth, through redemption of death

The autumn wind blows straight and cold
Sounding like it grieves
As slowly pass before my eyes
Sear November leaves

9. The Earthbound Pillow

All it had to be discordant
Lifelike dreams redound in abhorrence
Impetuous immersion
In cold waves of your distancing
I don't need another body
To reside upon - deficiency
Reluctant to compromise
I've ended up in here

Ambiguous adversity
Abide gradually

Unaltered morals
In valediction
Estrangement season

Disclose these last essential words
This broken paradise's epitaph
In this collapsing counterfeit world
A bleeding last goodbye

In dreams I wandered all around
(In dreams of distant touch)
In futile paths I walked
(In shadows you reside)
By time's relentless rationale
(By timeless dimensions)
Proceeding in disquiet

Discarding a whole world
Built alongside in throe
Persistent obsession
Causation to move on
A solemn promise had been done
Imposing declaration

For all that is significant
A moral preservation

Be done the will of destiny
(Illisible scripts of faith)
Be done the will of me
(With perseverance)
With thoroughgoing conscience
(Acquired in strain)
Will conclude (the)/my quest

The spiral wheel of time
Will move forever on
Harmonics of past
Will resonate and sing

On shore sand, closed eyes
Laid on sea bed, pale and wearied

In deep waters submerged
By lack of light, disappearing

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