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1. Heart of the Scarecrow

Of straw and fear is my existence, destination hollow
Never thought that in my lifeless life I'd change the path I followed
Out on the corn fields in the midnight, that lustful witch came
Her bloody kisses gave me heart and life, but now the world I blame

Men carve their hatred in stony faces, and glancing cold eyes
Gaze fulfilled with abhorrence and hearts enclosed by ice
Wandering in this bareless prison I had to comprehend
My entity's abomination should meet its lucid end

In the ruthless fate of world
Through the horizons of hope
Your given heart was destined to be loved

From the ashes of tomorrow
To the river of your sorrow
The occult scripts of unknown fate

Out of the shadows I locate the light but now it's lost again
My drift all in a quest for feelings, now all I feel is pain
Everything is so sick and twisted I must be purged by fire
To the gift of life I'm irrelevant, I'll now feed her desire

2. Hoar Society

Into the dark of the night
The raging storm
Drifting alone

Into the winter's cold heart
And freezing snow
Drifting alone

The blowing wind on tree tops howls
The ancient ode of north
Mist covered hostile land
Under a glacial sky

Eyesight is slightly getting dim
Fatigue is getting over

Lights far away are now shown
A distant town
Sighted ahead

Dwellers sly peasants they are
Slinky to their
Stories of hollow

Their gaze is cold and their touch wicked
To shadows they kowtow
Insisting to their gray fate
Ignoring the legends of past

To life the once shew no respect
By acts of ruthlessness and vice
This old odious secret abomination
Causing nocturnal screams and cries

There, nearby the ruins
Voices of the past still sing
As the wind still blows along with
This mournful song

(In debris and remains
Stories buried by the time
Embers deep in the woods
And untold truths)

Haunting presence
Auras enchanted
Nostalgic presage
Of bereavement

Blackened is their conscience from ghosts of old
Defiling the sanctuary with fire
Enraged still burning the last
To bury forever the past

3. Intuition/Arrival

Into the rain I sang
The tranquil ode of a summoning
A lighting torn the sky
Whose tears kept on falling

The shadows rose
An intuition upon the drenched land
Raindrops on my face and hands
I feel your presence around

Throw away
(I feel the power fading inside me)
Those cold days
(The stories of the past still haunt me)
Purge your pain
(My wounds, ill shades in moments of gray)
Live again
(To face the truth the price I must pay)

Into the rain I chanted
Into the storm I danced ritually
The blackened clouds above
Dropping life mercifully

Bells sound far
The strength of whispers in blowing wind
Misty mountain peaks fade dimmed
To your advent they lead

Throw away
(I feel the power fading inside me)
Those cold days
(The stories of the past still haunt me)
Purge your pain
(My wounds, ill shades in moments of gray)
Live again
(To face the truth the price I must pay)

Strange prowler
Travelling far
From your lands
What is it you seek
To hold
On your cold hands

Tremble and fear drove me off from my quest for life
Snugness of your words extorted my fate
From the winter's cold scythe

Sing along with me
This tranquil melody
Under the starful sky

Now alone no more
Engulfed in heat
Embraced now lift us to fly

4. Unravelling the Shadows

In this realm of blind destruction
Through the endless edge of life
Lonesome wandering I ask for meaning
Yearning to look around

Sunset painting a rose sky
Cogitating my denies
On an attic shelf that dusty vellum
Waiting long just to be found

All this forgotten knowledge this generations' sin
That stealthy and unfairly had always been concealed
In filthy paths and lone hours all I had waited for
Was turned to ashes owing to hatred of human soul

Your own woe, for me to know, this grief, your lost dream
Wrecked in sinisterness of wicked irrevelants

The haunting presence of these lands the shades of discomfort
The wrongfulness of judging an existing life form
The spitting venom out of tongues, the fiery stony gaze
Exiled me into unlife this ghastly spectral maze

Forced decrees and blindfold words declined so obscene
Descend to tarnished acts, plainly I perceive

In withering fields, lucid dimensions nondescript
A never ending path, a malediction
A marred reality, upon descendants of the iniquitous ones
A gift to sign my doom

Dare you dismantle the past
Though you have earned my trust
For blind revenge this lust
What I ever had abruptly taken from me

Though this unusual rite
I faced your snuffing light
Now I conform what's right
Now you can see

Let the night's starlight lead you far from this disgrace
Keep your spirit safe away from this unholy place
Follow closely the pale signs try to deter the bane
By your descent innocence relieve my eternal pain!

5. To Follow the Stars

Rimes of dust and whirling wind
Of snowy mountains and fiery lust
Of singing birds and starful nights
Of dead flowers fallen on soil

Distance is decay
Lust enflamed
Hope not dead
Desolate pain

There, to cross the gates
Unworthy and disdained
Malevolent contempt
With a sense of gray

Leading in the shadows
Like a night shade
To follow the stars

Touched a fire red rose with quivering hands
Thorns penetrate this grayish skin
To hold the truth once, I long
In vanity extinguished the worst fears

6. Elopement

My words like carrier doves arise
To speak the words of troth
The elder shades above these lands
I feel stifling to throttle

The felony of our forbears
Their irreverence to life

Sin and corruption sovereignty
My consciousness remains shady
In dark veils of reflections

Like fertile rain on dried lands
Your virtuous words do sound
In ghastly dreams and hollow fields
My shady life goes round

Disharmony of our precursors' storyline

Behind the mask of the untruth
Lurks a sacrilegious old oath
On the soothe wings of time

Head to the pine trees
Follow my runaway
This path of snow will
Lead us too faraway
A frozen landscape
Sounds of a distant bell
And soughing leaves
Bidding us farewell

The longing shadows indicate sunlight can't hold
Before I step onto these lands again the mystery will unfold

The dusk is near
Embrace my fear

On this dim and murky grove
Now disoriented we rove
Closer come and hold me tight
Shivering to falling night

Fading rays of distant sun
Make this pale land look more wan
Keep your step, we're not alone
Heading into the unknown

On the wings of weaving time
In the misty freezing rime
Where unspoken dangers lurk
Silhouettes fading in the dark

7. The Rrelinquished Celebration

Rise above, you humane selfish love
Recruiting renaissance, so bold and so intense, in grief
Rise and shine, your bleak light so divine
Pitiful masquerade, shady words harshly made, in doom

Infused absurdity in gestures of grin
Disguised in liberal colours of sin
Emerging from black seas of sick fantasies
Tarnished, discordant, expanding disease

"Hassle the wounds of thorns and merely heavy breath"

Under opaque apses, perpetual relapses, how many more tears to spill
Misled and so denied, the view of rightful-eyed, no more perception of real

Discord and perfidy, horrid malingering, forthcoming viciousness in dusk's supremacy

Red upon the eye, horror in the sight
Movements convulsive and aggressive tense
Torches in the night, fading far from sight
As dark's getting even viscous and immense

Evensong's sound, far somewhere out
Dismal ravines and imposing hills
Anxious strife, no signs of life,
But one stone chapel imbued with thrills

Dreams mere fallen apart, this barely beating heart, mariband won't see another dawn
These walls of fondness and love, will soon in wrongness, unjust and ruthlessly torn down

Agony keeps awake
Behold, they overtake

There goes by and above the perception of the shady rules of being
Which slips away in stifling moments in this dark nocturnal sea
Then departed we will be but this judgmental plea
The torture of this martyrdom over their heads shall be

House of faith, worship shrine, place of purity from goods derive
Now enclosed by voracious flames, bloodstained altar bier of insolent shame

"And they rushed in the twilight, set the fire to the walls,
And the night enlightened in a hellish glow
The moon reddened and spilled its grief on the winter sky"

8. Descending Disorder

Toot you horned ones
Begone the will of the son of man
Under the shadows of the primordial ones
Under the aegis of inner chaos

Mortals, undress of this woeful sarkis for the skin of hate
Forearm with arrogance, alter the fundamentals
Shapeless, willless beings with imprisoned souls
Which are struggling to the supernal

Descending disorder!

Insidious devises and envious words
Engrave a path of dinginess in blight
The legacy of serpent passes through generations
Sapping mankind

Crawling in the vapid existence
How formidable
Doomed to insignificance
Wondering of an awakening

(Agonizing life, striving spirit)

Beneath the surface, seethes
Timeless being breathes

Spite's disease
Kingdoms of malice and ill will

Smoldering ashes' heat
Underlying wit

Violet chrysanthemums turned gray
Timeless skies haze in fear and dismay

The blood of swans – salvation
Ransom is the martyrdom
Of those who chose sacrifice for the sublime

9. Atoning Starlight

Footsteps on snow
Long way to roam
Heavy the armature on hands

Festive bells sound
Soothe and profound
By sanative time's sands

Into the falling snow, standing with reverence
With sparks of warmth inside, and eyes open wide
Into their hearts they know the truth undefiled
Unlimited of love made malice resign

Lights in clear night sky are now shown far away
Dark clouds no more shade the land
Shady trees around no more seem to scare
Life is flowing again

Just as before the nightmare began
Stars are shining on clear skies
Storms and winds ceased to behold the moment
Of the atonement

Sleeping in the shades and hidden from corrosion
Pure still persists, immaculate remains
When in paths of life a disarray is at hand
Saintly will emerge to relieve the pain

And if your skies are gray and inner storms do fluster
And you're walking on your darkest night alone
Swiftly – if you just truly believe for a moment
Fondness comes along and troubles are long gone

When your winter's cold, and when your heart feels empty
When the weight of world seems heavier than you bear
Strongly keep your faith, don't let your fears take over
And the gift of love will shine everywhere!

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