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1. Crossbearer

Tear it from its cross,
Shake it to pieces,
Scream demon wind into its ears.
I'm not getting an answer.
How can you be so fucking real?
Now I turn my back upon this
Crossbearer, the lesser me of a figment.
Never am I guided by its wisdom,
Gentleness or kindness.
Crossbearer, Crossbearer

Holy wars, killing in the name of God,
The right to be minimalized
Under the rule of the unseen greatness.
I cannot bow my head or kneel
My figure to a fake symbol.
And yet I dream and walk this earth
In free thought for myself,
Proving my existence without this form of worship.
So now let me spit upon the cross of your worship,
Or kill me in the name of God.
I only understand its hate,
The skin beneath a mask of shallow actions
With a book of superstitions to live by,
All living blind.

2. Chameleon

Have you strayed from the movement?
You're lost in a lie.
Contradiction is my worst fear,
I cannot see how you can block
The truth from your fucking ears.
Has it turned from a lifestyle
To a fucking trend?

You're too busy feeding your face
To realized what you've caused:
Pain and suffering
To a being as helpless as a baby.
You'll never see it my way
Until you stop giving in to your greed.

Deaf to the truth, blind to reality.
For once, can you take the attention away
From your hunger,
Look outside yourself
And see just what you created?
Pain, and suffering to a being
As helpless as a baby.

3. Capsize

Tradition is calling it business.
Feeling only real when employed,
Dense from sucking on wallets.
It's their pockets you're arresting.
Money is made the maximum
...quality, only minimum.
An open chest shows a heart
With a branded dollar $ign.
Shut off, shut off.

Wastes my breath opposing,
For authority is all
That makes this right.
But you're weak in my eyes,
And this is no price we'll fucking pay.
Your compromise has again
Capsized in time.
Shutting off income of yours.
There are no masks for your greed.
There is no heart in your conned
Cash flow, to which we take no part.
We won't take part.

4. Stoic

Reality sets into a heart that wishes
To read you lies that sit like an open book.
This must stay open, this must stay clear,
This must be said for all to hear.
These are living, breathing beings like us.
Going, gone unaddressed, undeniable
These are living, breathing beings like us.
They don't look the same on a plate.
Are we still fixable?
Drop the dish that could fill
The mouth with meat.
To the floor and I've watched it break.
One thousand pieces of that glass equals
One thousand days gone past.
And how has technology brought us any further,
When this society is still stuck
In its primitive dietary ways?
Only a death trap for both worlds,
Tomorrow can't be faced.
When today's crisis is aborted,
Stop looking ahead!
Are we still fixable?

5. Programmed Behind

I think with my eyes cemented
to a flickering screen.
A thirty second segment, fragmented.
Programmed behind the masks...
And what do I absorb?
A question never asked.
And I will never be in control
of this constant intake
of visual attacks.
I cannot take time to process
while these images still bombard me.
Say goodbye to the floor beneath me,
there's no way your rope
could reach me.

Bite the hand that needs you,
smash the screen that feeds you.
Biting the hand, smashing the screen.
And finally I slipped out
Of the sattelite's reach,
To come a long way from
A corrupt program leech.
I think with my eyes opened and closed
At the same time.

6. Flypaper

To forgive and forget, I live and regret.
Grief speaks its own language;
It forces me to act strong,
But every time I stand up
I'm afraid I'll bump my head.
Eyesight in time.
Things seemed easy,
Only I was building a fence.
And you see in me what I once
Took action against.
Sever my eyes away from
This twenty inch screen.
I've finally got what is tangible.
The more I learn about myself,
The more I see in me to hate.
Your misconception of perception
detains all reasoning.
You're this image of my fears,
Armed with words that shatter my ears.
I am only I but that won't do.
Not for you, you're only you.
Can you see what I've got?
The world is not a tube,
And a brain playing games
With television knobs
Is a steady leak for attention span.
Restore it sooner: unplug the unit.

7. Mitigate

And how will denial mitigate importance
to successful health?
These eyes call it pain,
watching millions of people playing dead
to a crook infested industry.
Body spender, legal tender.
And it's a choice to a certain degree,
to the point where I can still breathe.
No mutually exclusive relations for me.
And if you gave attention to
the one and only body that you'll ever have,
how would denial mitigate?

8. Pivotal

Forbearing truth, we wear denial
Your compassion will be put on trial.
And when stripped of all innocence,
Will your actions still commence?
You won't be losing your awareness
Anytime soon.
Is common sense left in the closet?
A caring mind taking action right away.
Saying "What will influence you is where you stand".

The truth that I have possessed says
"How we stand is what I test,"
Though you feel entitled to
Your ignorant opinions.
Evaluate your concerns:
Stale assumptions that fill an otherwise vacant mind.

And only lies shall open your eyes.
But when will the world awaken,
Before it's taken?
Too late for too much.

9. Ritual Famine

Kill the needing urge that hangs inside.
Wilted life, a wound in need of nursing.
Self induced hunger.
Forced it down to suppress the gnaw.
Cursed to outlive words
With all their rusting rooted fallacies.
Locked in, powerless in resisting
I pray to outlive.
Hollow I swallow.
Bloodless, lifeless, selfless again.
Never fucking again.

10. Crambone

Down in the depths,
I am your Hell.

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