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1. No Return / In Ruin

Take no prisoners, feel no pain
Overseeing Endless reign
Unknown body staking claim
Changing seasons all the same

Standing in the moonlight
Numbing grip pulling tight
Sinking in to take flight
Ending to eternal strife

Shackled in disgrace
Lost without a trace
Certainty in ruin with no return
Suffocated mound
Empty and confound

Eternity in ruin with no return

Calming lesions forming trade
Falling legions excavate
Losing reason, roots are frayed
Forbidden fruits all taste the same

Growing presence ignite
Suffocating delight
Full exposure, can't hide
Forever gone and out of sight

2. Empress

Beneath the crust she thrives
A long cold wrath survives
Suppressed by ancient dream
Comfort her deceit

Cold winds, the darkest night
Grace and warmth out of sight
Alone under the trees
The numbing of embrace relieves

Empress make a call
Your plains will never fall
Endure eternal pleas
Endless conception at ease

Deep in the vale they cry
Await what she decides
Accepting dismal change

Embracing all constraints

Swarmed by the misty night
So thick, you cannot fight
Engulf the land and the moon
As victims lay at her commune

She's gonna spread the wrath and push until she's in
You're gonna sink until submerged too deep within
Why contemplate as if to change, all was consumed
Into the shadows to recluse always too soon

Vast in bloom
Calm and strewn
Endlessly spread your unease

3. Burning At Both Ends

Lost in the battlefield
A soul that can not yield
Head first into the frey
With no plan for steps to take
Taken under the spell
Continue to compel
Too many moves to make
Never stop or you will break

Don't know the road that leads
Accelerate with speed
Knowing no guarantee
Pleasure of the greatest tease
Fear of not keeping pace
Someone will take your place
Burn fast, fall behind
Never one with fleeting time

Burning both ends
Constant redeeming
No time to mend
Losing all feeling
Burning both ends
No longer dreaming
The future descends

Losing all meaning

Under the hill we go
Too fast, no time to slow
The signs of long ago
Ignore the pattern far below
Final appeal is lost
Reveal the final cost
Knowing no expertise
Never stop or you will cease

Your time was spent, there's no repent
Ignoring the signs in the end

Lost in the battlefield
This soul that can not yield
Still down and out of place
Never know your own disgrace
Steady under the spell
Continue to compel
Too late to turn away
Forever lost and led astray

4. Hold Your Fire

Apathetic with the weight
Much too heavy to let it sink
Hardened feelings that linger on
How can you bear to hold on for so long
The deed it happened and broke apart
Sanctions hampered right from the start
Never mending the broken trust
Moving on as you prefer to left

Pulling tightly, reveal the strain
You're much too weak, you can't refrain
Hold it close and feel the sting
It's only weakness mistaken for strength
Ammunition of yesterday

To use against the one to blame
Endless sorrow, no other way
Forever locked within your sight

Hold your fire
Stand accused as we expire
Another trial, till the end of time
It's come undone
And can never be turned around
Show me how, hold your fire

5. Come Not Here

The chosen few they have travelled to
Engage in games of depraved desire
The twisted playground of the first elite
Beyond the knowledge of society
Deep in the woods hide the skull and bones
Gather round with your crimson robe
Sink your teeth into the darkest treat
The best offering of the finest fleet

High in the hills waiting in the dark
Ceremony is about to spark
Cremate your care in the fiery pit
Human torso and Cranium split
See the details in the children's bones
The body burns as the owl looks on

Retain this night of ethology
Growing stronger for eternity

Spit upon the fire, an oracle of desire
Time to cast your feelings away
Wisdom of the sire, emotional transpire
Let the wind come and carry thy doubt away

Beyond the web are the restless breed
The chosen elite abound
And all are free on this deadly night
Burning it to the ground

6. Santa Mira

Gripping the mask with fear
A secret you must to share
Fear that the end is near
Restless as you dare
Follow the darkened path
A lesser travelled way
Towards eternal wrath
Desire which they praise

Smothering behind the mask
Choking as you breath
Turning to a pile of ash
Certain you can't leave
Suffocating mask around
A smothered twisted face
No escape, forever bound
To never leave this place

Santa Mira drowning nearer
The sign in the mirror
The face getting clearer
On Hallows Eve, gather round

Glowing screen which you're bound
Santa Mira your children are here

Locked in the tracing screen
The children gather 'round
Semiconscious structured state
Which they're forever bound
Mechanized suits in sight
Won't let you far tonight
Someone's got you running
They won't let this empire fall

An ancient coven dynasty
The season of the witch is free
Try to make a run but not too far
Who would ever want to try
Or understand the reason why
They will never let this empire fall

7. Corridors Of Dust

No one's been here for so long
Everything has come and gone
Drifting the empty halls
Nothing left within these walls
Deep in the cracks they lie
Subtle hints you can't deny
But you must stay in stride
Or be condemned from the inside

She left here so long ago
Deceiving, you couldn't go
So far from the help beyond
The temptress will lead you on

Now that it's been so long
I see your face but can't hold on
Through corridors we go
Veiled in mist to never know
Roaming the endless fall
Nothing left within yourself
Vacated yet concealed
Naked, stripped, raped and reviled

Inhaling the dusty breeze
Choking down, it burns with ease
Unceasing and living on
Elapsing, never withdrawn

Lost inside, the corridors of dust deprive
Trapped in time, the corridors of dust confine
Cast aside, forever locked on the inside
Look behind, the corridors of dust survives

They never let you go, they never let you know
The corridors of dust deprive
They bind you in disguise, proclaiming your demise
The corridors of dust confine
They never let you go. They never let you know
Forever on the inside
They bind you in disguise, proclaiming your demise
The corridors of dust survive you

8. Delusive Serenade


9. Outrance

Can't seem to shake the notion
Entranced under devotion
Enrolling from the past
Today will be the very last

Into a never ending light
You'll find the dawn of sunrise

No fear of growing older
Uncounted and much colder
Withdrawn from distant wrath
Now gone beyond and snuffed out fast

Without the worry of delight
Content there will be no surprise

Outrance, the final fare
The last extremity to spare
Outrance, the end is here
The fear you feel, now no one's there
Into the light you go
But what you see is just for show
Finish yourself and see
Rid of your care and know you're free

She'll rise and fall
I can't recall just what was left behind
I couldn't stall or here her call
And now I'll pay the price

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