Dark Lyrics


1. Testicular Manslaughter

Perpetual multiplier
Procreating bastard
Ever had your gonads smashed by a ball-peen hammer?
Ever been forced into a vasectomy by and axe-wielding homovore?
Do you know the word pain?
You will when the mallet falls
Again and again and again and again:
I've a shotgun aimed at your testicles
To shred your testes and sever adjacent vesicles
Cold vengeance on a rapist
Immediate testicular shape-shift
Your manhood disintegrates and the stream starts to flood
A shimmering mix of spermatozoa and blood

Another human off the face of the earth!
A new vagina to replace it's absence of girth
It rubs the feces on it's skin
Or else it gets the hammer again:

Through blunt castration
Repeated testicular emaciation

For your gross misconduct
The tables are rightfully turned
The urethra now a bile duct
The frayed ends of karma are burned
A gaping gash of reproduction
Seminal waste of testosterone that ceases to function
Asexual freak . No longer of the male persuasion
Your miserable heap of disfigurementation
Brings thousands of victims vengeance and elation

Sulfur and buckshot , decimating your crotch

2. I Eat Your Skin

Upon these walls
Draping outlines of once living parasites
The human as a rotten spectacle
I eat your skin

Sheath of epidermis
Fillet of flesh
Stripped, washed and tanned
Source of vitamin D and protein

Oils drained for future feminine products
Perfect hollow shell--I now am someone else
I eat your skin

Step inside the human jumpsuit
See what they saw, feel what they felt
As you now kill yourself
Only to be gorged--I eat you skin
Dead meal--no meat
Only dry, cooked skin cells
All surface blemishes discarded
Parts is parts
I eat your skin

Sheath of epidermis
Fillet of flesh
Stripped, washed and tanned
I eat your skin
Squamous and transverse
Masticating the coetaneous
Acne, boils and pus
I eat your skin; I suck the very life out
Sheath of epidermis
Fillet of flesh
Stripped, washed-rawhide!
I eat your skin
Squamous and transverse
Copulating the coetaneous
Blackheads, scabs and pus
I eat your skin; I suck the very life out of your rotted corpse--leaving you dehydrated

3. Writhe In Putressence

This is the way your life ends:
On a slab in my basement
Perplexed by your loss of limbs
And wondering where your face went
Inside my den
Random pieces of corpses hanging
Traces of bloodshed and musculomanglings osseous tissue, carpals and phalanges
A reek so dense
The steam that emanates from your breath is evident of condensed pheromones excreted by death
Post-mortal flatulations
Tissue gas from fermentation
Writhing in putrescence

Oh, the agony!
Your lover, caged atop my stove
Helplessly observing your dismemberment
Inhaling the fumes of human methane
With heat on high
Simmering and cooked alive

Life is hard as an anthropophagi in such conditions as this:

After infection sets in
Intact homeostasis by saline and plasma
Spastically writhing in putridity

Carefully placed slabs of concrete become a vice
Organs and fluid exit your mouth and eyes
A complete peristalsis of the systems
Mucosal throbbing of every pleura

Venous, serous, menstrual-basted in pus
In blood and pus, we writhe

4. Land Of The Severed Meatus

Enter the count
In all his grimoire testimony
Generations of genocide
Severed sex glands to his delight
Meatuses litter the ground
Every step--hundreds of genitals
Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy
Fanfare of depraved in despair
Blinding stench of carnage
Dismembered, discarded
Kill. Hate. Decreate.

In the perineum and out the mouth
Quartered by wooden spikes
Absence of genitalia
Hidden by disgorged abdomen
Entrails spill upon the land and then
swept aside to my delight

Enter the tyrant with all his carnal necrophilia
Generations of genocide
Severed sex glands to his delight
Meatuses under your feet
Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy

A cornucopia of throbbing gutshed
The sand is blood red and stained with disease
Every appendage is pinned and held high
A testament to humanity
Cannot you just die?

Everything you know.
Everything you love.
Must be destroyed.
You die annihilated...

Islets and divided sectors for every body part
Standing in fields of disease
Praying on bended knees
That you might survive
As you've lost your arms as they've tossed your legs
The hounds now eat the carnage
A fleshy turf now thrives
You've died of your wounds
Earthen visceral womb
Geography--a tomb

Enter the Christian
So blind in your demise
Impossible to run with spikes through your thighs
Meatuses litter the street
Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy

5. The Regurgitation Of Corpses

One day, the earth must vomit as sewers and cemeteries intertwine into one
The spitting up of the dead--regurgitated!
The fumes of the rot--exhumated!
The unsettling nature of decomposition
Flesh is flesh
The ground is wet with death
A plague of undead disease

Jellified organic mannequin
Cold and green muscle striations
What once was life--rebirth through death
The ground opens up at your feet
The fetid smell of sinew-vomiting the rot
Carriers of violent disease
Acids in your stomach expelled-dissolving the dead
Tracheal, purulent release
Upchuck on the maggot-lined trunk
The beautiful act of blowing the chunk

From the earth, they'll arise
Regurgitation of corpses
The regurgitation of corpses

6. Everyone Deserves To Die

Life has stabbed you in the back
In violent ecstasy
Swift, vengeful hate
Their blood shall stain your pores
Microscopic ingestion of disease, which you've harbored since birth
Unwittingly the suffering
Everyday life--a virus
Condemn the molesters of fraudulent morality
Everyone deserves to die

Deny them life
Dead shall be their families
Beheaded shall be their loved ones
Impotent lies shells of men
In our failed attempt at humanity
Animal parts still sold to vanity
We were destined-it had to be
Flash bomb the general public

As if road kill, we crisp and peel and flake away
No longer perishable
Adoration for man's expiration

Extinction of man
And peace on earth

Revenge for our nature of decadence
Decimation and pestilence

Extreme holocaust of the peoples
The unbiased hand of death
Resetting an evolution
Reversed big-bang conclusion
You are the disease
Your existence is cancer
Ecological tumor
A disgrace to the earth

Deserving of pain
Deserving of euthanasia
100 billion can't be wrong or so says the golden calf

Visualize nonexistence

7. To Serve Man

We have arrived to infest and thrive
Upon billions of lives with forks and spoons and knives

Repugnant, yet we'll live on your sustenance
Preserve the living-dispose of the dead and diseased

Mortals wined and dined-led to the firing line
As throats are slit-troughs overflow as they bleed

To return what was
Before Eve and Adam
Babylon and Sodom
The trampling foot of man
Men, women and children shall be strung
Sliced from hands to feet
Innards save for a tasty treat and beaten profusely to tenderize the meat

AAAAAHHHHH! The stench of the populace!
Millions of humans hung upon hooks
Suspended in deep freeze
Subzero, sterile environment keeps meat tender and lean
Choice cuts from the slaughter-
Husband, mother, daughter
Dead families kept together
Their hides made into leather
Surprisingly, multiple uses for something so useless

We come in peace--you go in pieces
AAAAAHHHHHH! The stench of the populace!

Your gluttonous repugnancy--a delightful delicacy
Crepitus and malignancy now part of the recipe
Harshness and voracity
Ingredients of my delivery
To serve the public
The helpless frozen subjects

Dinner is prepared.
To serve man.

8. Colonic Villus Biopsy Performed On The Gastro - Intestinally Incapable

Obese pathetic creature
Exaggerated, consuming anatomical features
Years of sloth and unfit diet have created this gastrointestinal nightmare
Biopsy performed
1,000 strains of cancer
Goiters, tumors, rectal decay
Anally emaciate

Dire need for colonics
Advanced restructure now gives way
Pressurized antibacterial spray
Excess remains for a dish to saute
Inept of happiness and incapable of a normal existence
Ever ingesting abscess
Malignant offal-cavern of human cess
Biopsy performed
1,000 brains no answer
Superceding our knowledge of anatomy with the ferocious virulence of pathology

All attempts have failed
We're losing him
Last ditch effort for preservation
The remains are felched or munged and spat out into a jar of formaldehyde

Ever ingesting abscess
7 years of fecal decay--eaten from inside and withered away--cauterized rectum of colonic waste
You are the victim and embarrassingly, you die
Exposed blackened innards of digestion
Closed casket funeral time

Biopsy hypothesis: subject neglected by life
Superceding our knowledge of anatomy with the ferocious virulence of pathology
Ever ingesting abscess
Malignant offal-cavern of human cess
Goiters, tumors, rectal decay
Anally emaciate

On feces, I feed

Dire need for colonics
Advanced restructure now gives way and emptied into the hands of a physician
A gastrointestinal plague survives

9. Pedeadstrians

Humanity is a nuisance
Some people choose to die
When I come around the corner
There is where you forever lie

Walking with your kids
Their faces now marked with my skids
Accidentally taking your life
No accident...this was no accident.

What was another sunny day
Suddenly, a deathly shade of dark
You and your children now on my grill
Silhouettes on my door--shows who I kill
Killing pedestrians
Up ahead another one is dead

Untimely deaths
This is my specialty
I let God keep the score
The pedal hits the floor
...and I still want more...

Pieces of glass from my headlight
Stick in your eyes, impairing your sight
My auto a human blender
Chunks of viscera splatter my fender

Helplessly awaiting assistance
Rearview shows carnage much further in distance
In reverse I finish the job
Pull forward to reduce your family to globs
Transmission grinds face into pavement
Vertebrial folding and organ displacement
Witnesses distraught and disturbed
Your teeth beyond shattered, your mandible curbed
Gas tank now fills with your blood
Your mother's sweet baby now part of my hood
Should've watched where you were going
Now you're the chunks I'm blowing...

What was another sunny day
Suddenly, a deathly shade of dark
You and your family now on my grill
Silhouettes on my door show who I kill
Up ahead...
A million more are dead

10. Long-Pig Chef And The Hairless Goat

Cornered long-pig at the edge of the corral
Ascending heart rate makes for succulent portions
Capillary beds fill to the point of explosion
In an orgasmic decapitation of human cattle

DE-boned and skinned
Preparation shall now begin
On the menu a hairless goat
In green mucus pesto your pieces float
Garnishing the platter
Cerebral pieces of gray matter
Soup bowl--an unspent bladder
A choice dish within the splatter
Human adipose to make you fatter
Breaded tendons dipped in batter
Cessation of your life?

Your destiny--a quiche of human giblets
Naive you die
Meat to cleaver--manveal breeder
Gratuitous overflow from the jugular
Buckets of blood
Sanguine bleeder--compost eater
Into blood meal--you're left to putrefy
Whet appetite
The realization that you are simply flesh is now fatally apparent...

Your funeral was a buffet.
A delightful blend of your decay
A menu made of your obituary
My complements to the chef...

11. Hypogastric Combustion By C-4 Plastique

We have our ways to make you die
Your request for a pleasant death has been denied

1,000 degrees
Disintegration above the knees

C-4 plastique, strapped to your chest
Detonation is imminent
A loud, unsightly death

Jammed in your rectum
Duct-taped to your genitals
Detonation is imminent
Flesh is flammable

Within the blackened soil of a human heart, awaits the bastard to be blown apart

Unstable explosives lodged between your teeth
A pharyngeal depth charge - dissolve what lies beneath
Level zero trauma - deceased on impact
Volatile incendiary turns crimson insides black

Obliterate all plexus
Packed hypogastria with plastique and dynamite
Appendages take flight
Detonate. Volatile. Discharge.
Epicenter. Relocate. Renovate.
All systems destroyed. Annihilate.
Phrenic, hepatic, renal, spermatic.

A bursting collage of human anatomy
The structure dissolves in goreified calamity

Jammed in your rectum
Duct-taped to your genitals
Detonation is imminent
All flesh is flammable

Hypogastric combustion
Airborne pieces spread
Umbilical prolapse
Fragments - a crimson shade of red

12. Deadmeal

So, now, you're begging for life:
All hopes and dreams are kicked aside
Your reflection in my knife, reflects humanimal demise

Every man
Every child
Punishment for being alive
White meat
Dark meat
Red meat
Dead meat

So ravenously consumed
Your disassemblage--my bloodlust anxiety
In heat for human meat
Every piece--digest complete
Crack open the epithelia
A meal in yourself

Frozen alive and placed in scalding broth to separate skeletal trash
Fine portions of meat slough off
It's in this industry we find deeper meanings for the human being
Force-fed murder

You have long been a killer
You have long been dead
This has all been a holocaust
You have long been force-fed

Dead meal for the masses
Condiments of fluid and bile
Efficient waste and disposal
Hors d'ourves arriving in piles

Frozen alive and placed in scalding broth
Preparation of shit breeders
Fine portions of meat slough off

13. Chunk Blower

In this world of concrete and machines
There are still many things to remind us we're human beings

A gigantic grinder
Fused of steel and turbine
Blades flay muscle from bone
Nobody dies alone
As hundreds wait for death
The sound of engines grinding
Every tissue, organ and lining, explode in a mulch of compost
Churning corkscrews of pain
Razor-sharp gears and cogs
For the creation of human sausage logs
The splattering of meat on flesh
Enzymes, acids and fats, trickle down into vats
Nightmarish humanoid mower
Behold, the chunk blower

Your grinded mash of arms and legs
Torsos and heads
Now hamburger meat

I've an extreme fetish for blood and meat
All over me
The body as a canvas
The art of murder upon blank skin
Fed into the grater
Exiting in chunks
Spattering the funk

Human chunks
All over me

Sliced and diced
All over me

Blood and thighs
Brains and eyes
Everything inside
All over me

Allow me to reiterate your worthlessness--now, reduced to ground beef

Travis Ryan - All Vocals
David Astor - Drums
Josh Elmore - Guitar
Troy Oftedal - Bass

Thanks to biro2147 for sending these lyrics.

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