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1. Intro


2. Unintelligent Design

Goddamn humans and their stupid ideas
Moronic morality for the weak and full of hope
We're supposed to think we're created to serve - when domination is in our nature?
What kind of god is this?

A design full of faults or lab rats in "god's" maze?
This is the joke we're supposed to believe: Adam and

A complex, but fallible "design"
Waste of energy
Non-beneficial waste of intelligence
Waste of time.

Your "good book" castrates instinct
A fairy tale glorified
Deprivation of nature
A blindfold to the true heart of man
Unintelligently designed


Ever destroying

A brilliant, but defective "design"
waste of intelligence,
waste of energy,
waste of time.

A design full of faults; an invention - damned by god!
This is the joke we're supposed to believe: Adam and Eve.

3. Success Is... (Hanging By The Neck)

What do you think makes a man take his own life with his own hands
When tomorrow ends today, what a glorious day it'll be...
Man has succeeded in mass destruction
Man has exceeded its capacity here on earth

Goddamn this world and everything ravaging it

Ah, yes... success. It's hanging by the neck.
This tyranny has gone on far too long.
Reparations are now demands.

Humankind rides a pale horse - the taker of lives.
The gears of a giant monopolized mind - a self-propelled death machine

An internal wasteland. Every human being that now stands.
No remorse and no recourse. There's no turning back, this is a holocaust now.

A mortal sin.
Total control of the end.
On top of the chain of life.
Exhibiting total control.

Had we stayed lichens, had intellect not have been... a paradise this would be...
This is what you made. This is what you helped create.

Craftsman of hell on earth. How can you live with yourself?

Begin voluntary human extinction. No better time than
... NOW
What do you think makes a man? And can it be destroyed?

4. One Thousand Times Decapitation

Line them all up
The smiling faces and the disheveled
The bleak and the brawn
The weak and the strong
The guillotine sits tall and blind

A head for every sin of man
A head for sympathy and revenge
Thousands times thousands and millions of wrongs
Justly and blindly executed
Persecution. Decapitation.

Curse the heads of men
Curse the heads of men

A thousand times decapitation
Hail the avengement.

5. The Carcass Derrick

I left a human all alone
Helpless. Wondering Why?
How could a human do all of this?
What have I become?
Love for revenge-consuming.

In my design of death a carcass derrick was born
(Assembled with death, fantasizing of the uses to come)

Rusty pulleys and hooks
For suspension of living carcasses
(Fashioned with actual human skin! That's just how we do it on the farm.)

Alive or dead - hung upside-down and bled.
Into troughs - slides indiscernible slop
I hesitate - catching every last drop
If alive - can't run as legs are chopped off
When deceased - cleanup is with such ease
Sterilize - man-made human killing machine

All your fears now realized.
There, dripping, dangling and hogtied

Your whole life now marginalized.
There, disemboweled as we let you die.

Since when have you ever been so merciful?
I cannot recall a time you cared
With your intestines clenched in your hands
Now you scream for forgiveness
There can be no mercy in the carcass derrick

Alive or dead - shan't leave here with your head
Into troughs - rivers of blood, juice and snot

I rejuvenate - savoring every last drop
Never to scream again - your ugly head is now lopped off

6. Total Gore

Time to raise a simple question.
Do you want to die?
But not before you've outlived the lives
Of everyone you know
And everything you've held close to that blackened heart
Or have your loved ones look on
As you succumb to total gore

Your muscle, your skin
Your innards nothing is wasted but the minutes, the hours, the days you could have suffered.

Straight to the harvest floor you go now
Straight to the killing ground you go to die
Straight to the brain thoughts of remorse surge
Straight to the gut, panic-struck, you are fucked.

Do you want total gore?
Do you want total gore?
Do you want total gore?
You got it.

Acupunctured face with the blades of a rake
Skinned alive, hung on the line to dry
Sinew and fatty tissue for soup stock
Bones collected for future fertilizer.

Oh you thought you were on top of the food chain but you're not
Humans make so many mistakes, defecate when we procreate
Shit-birthed onto innocent earth. Lived to conquer, now you serve
Revenge sparks regret in man, your blood on our hands.

In our revenge we reduce you to a bloody stump.
Maybe we'll mail all your parts back to your family.
With a note written in your blood "It was your fault".
This is terrorism. This is vengeance. This is humanity in its most basic form.
The vengeful conquer, the greedy now serve

Now you get what you want, what you desire:

7. Bereavement

I cannot wait any longer for the end: apocalypse!
I detest all life. As a destroyer. As a human.

We need to die.
We need to die.

Self-imposed extinction
Extermination inevitable
Stop wasting our time
Do us in now.

Depress the lever
Cast us into the never
Release this world
Destroy us.

We cannot wait any longer... Destroy us.

8. Suspended In Caprolite

Millions of years before the apocalyptic age soon coming
Intelligent life forms may evolve to destroy all over again
This inherent trait in the strands of our DNA
Transcending race, retaining order of man's sole purpose
Destroyer of the self and anything in its path

Human remains - fossilized - in feces
Human remains - extracted DNA - cloning the slaves

Like insects in amber. Suspended in time. Fecal blood-line.

Anthropological goldmine
Suspended in coprolite

Thousands of years of bipedal mammalian hierarchy!
Swept clean by the neolith - the war to end all whores of earth
...of all things. What it touches it turns to death
No more. Never again. The world now rid of humans

Human remains - fossilized - suspended in coprolite
Human remains - ancient DNA - intolerable vertebrate

We are the dregs
We are humans

Never again.
Never again.

Like insects in amber. Suspended in time. Fecal blood-line.

Ardipithecus Ramidus Apocalypticus
Suspended in coprolite

Embedded in the earth, never to destroy it again.
Never Again.

9. Alone In The Landfill

This world is a cemetery. Often I visit my plot.
And listen to the winds ripe with trichloroethylene.
This stagnant "air". Sometimes it speaks to me.
Tells me of damnation. Rightly just and on the horizon.

Knee-deep in a concentrated stockpile of manufactured scraps foretelling human downfall.
Grisly. Obscene. Toxic. Motherfucking desert.

Sifting through the ghosts of human consumerism
I find myself searching for body parts to add to my collection
A hand. A finger. A leg. A head.
The dead sometimes reside alone at the landfill.

This is forever. Time now an enemy.
Humans are forever failures...

The children wade in the leachate
diseases - man made and carried on through the DNA
of our future to which we're slaves.

The world as a trash heap where we bury the past.
We try not to ponder the fact that our detestable actions will forever last.
Ethylene dibromide, methane and carbon dioxide.
Slowly dissolving human body parts reside in the excess.

Knee-deep in a never ending stockpile of manufactured trash reminiscing human existence.

Among the fermenting stench is the fallout of humanity.
A virulent force of passive destruction.
Harbinger of perdition, herald to pandemonium
In our own contamination we are forced to drown.

Hideous. Shameless. Toxicant. Goddamned desolate.

10. Karma.Bloody.Karma

No foul deed shall go left unpunished
What goes around comes back again
Infinity fold.
Brutality in ouroboros.

Blood stained hands means
bloody karma
you'll live to regret
ever existing at all

Hand me the axe O god of destruction
Karma has a blade for all the appendages
Stabbed in the back, in the face, in the neck
In the head, in the ass
Self-fulfilled prophecy.

Cause and effect
You shall reap what you sow

This is my dharma. Unflinchingly killing.
Unbridled hate and revenge on humanity

For vengeance... Nirvana through ensanguined ecstasy...
You shall die like the pigs that you are.

Cause and effect
You shall reap what you sow

Karma bloody karma bloody karma bloody murder

Hand me the axe, O god of destruction
Karma has a blade for all of humanity

11. The New Dawn

Bring out your dead
Herald the waning hours
Extinction level event
Heaven sent or hell-bent
No act of god
Catastrophic force majeure

There will be flood!
There will be fire!
There will be death!

Exfoliation brings new life
Extermination and re-genesis
All hail the new dawn

All hail extinction!
All hail revenge!
All hail destruction!
All hail death!

Organisms by the trillions
Extinct in an instant
Flushing the scum returning to ruin...

Cataclysmic upheaval of every scar left by man
Payback is a bitch and we call her "mother earth"
She shivers we fall, she vomits - we drown
We are the cancer and in turn we are killers

All hail extinction!
All hail revenge!
All hail destruction!
All hail death!

A blip on the screen.
A grain of sand in the hourglass.
Never to see the new dawn.

12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence

They're all dying. Dying inside
Slowly. Drowning in pride.
Reeking of lies. Proud of their lives.
Proud of their dead. Proud of the blood that shed.
Dying. Dying inside, slowly. Drowning in Pride.

13. World Full Of Idiots

[Japanese track only]

We are united for the resistance
I shall kill the self, not before the work is done.
We salivate at the thought of your demise=extinction
We urge your death and entertain the idea of your funeral...

The blade is sharp their brains are dull - billions line up for the guillotine
Valleys now become basins, mountains turn into islands
Crimson floe - the dead bloat
Bodies float as the blood table rises

We hate you, that's obvious
Your expiration sounds glorious.

Waves of plasma, the dead adrift in the stream
The blood seems to go on forever...

We urge demise (fucking humanity)
We want revenge (destroy humanity)
We need resolution (dissolve humanity)
Retribution through aggressive human dissolution

Humans for human annihilation

Birthing the naught.

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