Dark Lyrics


1. Scatology Domine (Intro)


2. Humanure

The human body, in its systematic nature,
has 3 primary objectives:

1) Procreate
2) Food Intake
3) The elimination of waste

This is the human equation
One half is feces, the other mammal
The human as shit.

This is what you've become
The end result of human stupidity
Another mesh of flesh with no dignity
A solid waste with dull neuronal activity

2000 years from now
they'll discover our copralite
learn of disease and parasite
enough to know what made us tick
enough to make them sick

the study of man

Micturate - here's to your health
Defecate - upon the self
Felch - the goddamn sphinct and
Gurgle - it's disgusting contents

Playing king of the hill
On a mountain of manure
On a planet called earth
Mirroring what we're worth

We are nothing but a failure
Evolution took a shit
In my heart, through these eyes
Humankind in its own shit resides.

2000 years from now
they'll examine our copralite
gain perspective and insight
enough to know what made us tick and
that we're made of shit

3. Reduced To Paste

One billion and one ways to dispose of a corpse
I've become a professional misantrophage
In the annals of the promotion of pestilence
Nothing compares to the sights I could show you

My art, the body, gutted and stripped of its vertebrae
Like clay in my hands - now ready for re-sculpture
Like a cannibal, like a vulture
Waiting to pick clean your species, its cultures
Hastily recycling waste
Reducing you to paste


Reduced to paste



Manipulating human composition
Affix your picture to your gravestone with the glue we made out of you

Into a mash
With skeletal ash
Turning into putty

The human
So many uses
Once drained of its juices
Perfect for home, boat or office...
Kill the Sarx
Decimate what you are

Salvaged osseous fragments
Future kevlar, plastics

A human gum fastened to an envelope
That I smelted from the skin of scrotums and labias
Its brainy texture provides excellent elasticity
This I'm no pervert.

Only humans
Simple cells

Fats, skin, intestine
Blood, bone, nails
Reduced to paste

Distillates, polymers, benzene
Aliphatic, silica chrystalline
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

My art - the body, mangled and raped of persona
Now clay in my hands, ready for re-sculpture
Like a cannibal, like a vulture
Waiting to pick clean your species, its cultures
Hastily recycling waste, reducing you to paste

4. Bukkake Tsunami


Imagine the earth as a corpse
That commited adultery
Sustenance for its lifeforms
But turned its back on humanity

A giant flood of homo sapiens
Of every race and creed
Upon the surface - billions of ovum
By the gallons - germinate the seed

Germinate. Cultivate. Ejaculate.
Populate. Much too late. Suffocate.

Testosteronal tidal wave disperses the estrogen
As billions of sperm cells come alive on your skin
Uprooting bacteria still alive in the pores
Embedded memories
Humans masturbating

...to no end!
Cover the world
Continue to duplicate
Multiplay and integrate
And eventually dominate
Whilst everything disintegrates
Gradually decimated
We only pretend to play dead

We come alive
We see what we want
We take it and leave
Bio-pirates on a sea of disease

Beat them, spay them, kill them
They have no right to go on
-punishment in ejaculate, humiliation immaculate
bleed them, heat them, eat them
excrete them, delete them
whatever you please, destroy it and leave

To no end [x3]
Procreation infinitus
Hope and future diminishes

To no end [x3]
Bastards and brainstems and reproduction
A butter knife away from becoming a twat

A giant flood of homo sapiens
Of every race and creed
Upon the surface... billions of ovum
A practiced art of breeding feces

Ejaculate to suffocate


Passive ecological terrorists
And finally usurping

A slow global suicide just by being alive
We are all rapists and molesters in the end.

5. Cloacula: The Anthropophabic Copromantik

I need to die.
All sensation has dulled in this life
Low standards, sick delights
Stale feces on my knife

Now accustomed to scat
Rich in taste and low in fat
Daily regiment of fiber
The longer the strands as anus clenches tighter

I've gone insane
I cannot be reasoned with
Human feces i season with
Morning eye crust and navel lint
Bleeding submucosa
Serosa breaks free from intestinal wall
To arrive on my plate
Or to lubricate when i anally mate

Ingestion = taking of food in the mouth
Masticate = mixing and churning aids in digestion
Absorption = passage of nitrients into the blood and lymph
Defecation = finally something I'll eat

Salivate, intake - digest, dilate - defecate, ingest again

In all my studies of physiological psychology
One thing is apparent - no thought is unnatural
Such as eating feces, or killing yourself or someone else
Love will always hurt, fortunately, mine comes in squirts

Anus to anus - I've affixed a pipe between us
A t-joint complete with hose to a mask covering mouth and nose
To master the monroe transfer
No amateur - I've covered all parameters
Of goddamned anthropophagic copromania

A taste for bacteria
And undigested epithelia
Hepatitis delight
Coprophelic demise

Copromantik. Anthropophagic. Coprpheliac. Pathomaniac.

6. Chummified

The sport of killing.
Hanging by hook and 1,000lb test
Predator vs. predator
To turn these waters red
The sharks go berserk
They circle the boat
We hide with machetes and knives
Ambush and cut their throats

Chopped up. Chunks. Cuts.
Frozen in buckets of blood

With my trusty machete
I carve the parts to summon the sharks
Lurking around the jetty
In a frenzy they're circling, their incisors ready
To masticate and to munch
These things you call humans but we call it lunch
They smell it from miles away
I stand at the dock now a butchering block
Smashing. Hacking. Laughing.

We carry a payload
Chopped torsos, heads and limbs
Ground into a mulch
Frozen and chummified

Fresh organs
Left on the dock, reeking, cokked by the sun
So pungent
Vomiting induced an mixed with the chyme.
This is blood.
Not ashes.
No mourning.
No love.

Sharks go berserk when the blood starts to spurt from
the stern to the bow human chum is thrown out

They never thought this would be the way they'd
eventually die.
Shredded into bite-sized pieces - a human goresicle.

Knee-deep in intestines, gray soupy mixture resembling chyme.
Sloshing heaps mobilized by waves distributing the piles.

7. Applied Human Defragmentation

Within my quarters where I study the similarities
between human and animal
These hands have damned this flesh to obscurity and sufferance
I'm going to get the Nobel prize for this
I will always be recognized by this
All of humanity shall know my work

These arms - now her legs, sprout from where his head used to be
mid-sagittal torso now displaying face grafts I've been making
unlimited combinations equal infinite enjoyment
new civilzation of retarded bastardized creations

To work the flesh
The hand of god.

Implementing new torture
Applied human defragmentation
taken apart and re-pieced
Defragment complete.

In the name of science
Disturbing life's natural balance
To work the flesh
To rething death

Biped defragmentation
The next obvious step in human life preservation
Human death - a thing of the past
A defragmented completion - reanimated deletion

Implementing new methods
Revitalize the deathbed
God is insane
New life with shit for brains

Eternal life is at hand
Applied human defragmentation
Taken apart and re-pieced back together again
Defragment complete.

8. The Earthling

Between the cracks
Of time and space infinite black
A species, a disease
The planet earth has fleas
A tapeworm
A parasite
Microscopic organisms that crawl on your face at night
Resident flora - human host to mites burrowing in the sores of
Oil ducts, glands; epidermal crabs take a stab at the dermis
And underlying flab
And the staunch of bouch writhing in the raunch
Of panties stretched taut hot on the crotch

Upon a look inside
One can observe its functions
Quite beautiful, actually
Unfortunately, it's human - the earthling

Prey that mankind comes to a stop
Bottom feeder worked it's way to the top
The primaordial waste which we're from
Look at it and what we have done

Bag of organs - sputtering mucous generator -
saliva on skin - sniff your own aroma

structure of cells
best to have not metastasized
into this barbaric creature
that you know as yourself

...and these things,
these goddamn ugly earthlings
they tried to put a face on creation
they invented a morality crutch
to hide us from our own nature
one of virulence and futility
through abstinence and humility
how dare they hide the truth

Our job is to destroy
Let no man go unemployed
Do what you do best - kill everything.

Why stop at innocent beings?
Kill everything.
Self destruct - an instinct for extinction
Kill everything.
Armageddon wasn't only a dream
Kill everything.
The most disgusting thing this world's ever seen
The earthling.

You're all ingrates
Waste of time and space
Begin with the self
And destroy all.

9. Polyps

An onset of polyps
Spurt from the rectum
Like a bouquet of red fingers
Painful, yet gorgeous

So, this is what you get for this life that you've led
Your blooming' tulips turning red

Sessile villous adenoma

Deep inside we can see with colonoscopy
Stalactitical growths from hardened adipose
Formations of bags contain polypular tissue
Bursting open, causing anemia

Hystilogical tests reveal the presence of cancer
Could have been avoided, somebody made a big mistake
Substandard diet, consumption of meat led to this disease
Atypial polyps bringing you to your knees

On total obstructing colorectal cancer
Merging tapeworms
Make their homes in the polyps

Blood, clots, hot enema, dead crotch, worms line the colon

Disgusting pig-worms in the polyps
Nutrients sucked - broken by solids
A flexible sigmoidoscopy
Revealing upper G.I. disease

Blood, clots, hot enema, dead crotch, worms in the polyps

Your colon shuts down
Rectus cavernosa
Finger-like polyps
Stalactyte deposits

Caved in, bleeding
Time for colostomy
Poopshoot re-route
To the side

Now a bag of excement
Is always stripped to your hip
Everyone knows it
And when you die, you'll be screaming -
Why me, Why me, Why me.

This could have been stopped
This could have been avoided
This is what you get for being alive

An onset of polyps
Spurt from the colostomy hole
This time with maggots
And hungry anal mites

So, this is what you get for this life that you've led
Better off dead.

Death by polyps.

10. Lips And Assholes

There are corners of this world that should not be explored
There are needles hidden in the candy
It all starts with a life
Transformed by a knife
Into food not fit for dogs

Ignorance is death
And in this life you've been victimized
Your American mind

We get what we want when we want it.

Consumer's head becomes trash receptable
Cycle of human spawned hell defecating back into its face

You're as unclean as the meat in your bowels
Picked up off the floor and brushed off to find a home
in your intestinal tract

All your life you never knew what went into the meat
As good as any roadkill you'll find in the street
They made that shit from discarded bits of snouts and lips
Rat feces swept from the rafters now food in the hereafter

Ah your ignorance astounds me
No rhyme. No reason. No boundary to how insane we have become

The juice off the floor becomes an additive
A waste bin of gore thown in for shits and giggles
Helpless heap at the mercy of some freak
Some fuck in charge of decontaminating the meat
Who wipes his ass without washing his hands, your must
understand that everyday you ingest some sort of disease

You did not kill it.
You did not clean it.
You'd probably fuck it if you couldn't eat it
Sick, Depraved everyday human.
Stupid consumer with faith in humanity
Led without a fight straight to the grave.

Birth. Agony. Death.
Defiled. Processed. Packaged.
Sccanned. Purchased. Prepared.
Eaten. Digested. Feces.

11. Men Before Swine (Outro)

[no lyrics]

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