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1. Catharsis


2. Child Of The Flowers

She is child of another world
And people can't get her
Her face glows with happiness
Her eyes can't lie

Her smile is wonderful
Earth moving under my pins
And my life could be a tale
But doom is cruel

She has no flesh, she is a languid angel
Her soul is loveful
But not for me, for other people
And you must die

Window or gun
And you will want to die
She will not be your bride
Your life bites the dust

3. Inner Devotion

I loved you, innocence - my guide
But you have spurned my clear love
You've learned to know evil deeds
You've learned what's suffering, pain and blood
There's no sence to cry for help
You've yelled but no one heares you
You've frightened - so you've barely breathed
And horror fillsyour trembling flesh

Your shout aggravated your fate
Escaping violence crushed flesh
As firm as steel, it entered you
And bed have flooded with your blood
This hell for aeons could reign
And agony possesses you
Far away you've saw remote end
And God was sick to give you help

You've played with feeling - danger sneak
You realize you were not right
Human's love is beautiful, you know
But violence breaks its excellence

I have you near me obsessed by force
I've sought for happiness but failed
I didn't want to see you filled but failed
Your images have shattered in your flesh
I loved you, innocence - my guide
But you have spurned my clear love
You've known what waits for you
Those were only pain and blood

Crazy love gives rise to violence
Everyone should always remember that
Romance dies under pressure of force
And it'll never be back, it'll never be....

4. Without You

Evil never dies, love &death are close
Flowers withered quickly, I lost you
.... forever

I am diving in the dream
I am thinking this is death
Death, this is what I want now
In my death I'll get the quiet
I'll get quiet and happiness

Without you, I can't see this world
Without you, I can't hear sound of leaves
Without you, my soul is dreaming

I can flush in the sky
In the sky and strain the clouds
I can conceive price of self
Price of self-devotion
I can live in my world
In my world without you

Without your hands, my heard is a frozen rill
Without your eyes, I'm losing meaning of life
Without your, internal world in my
Without your, my world is emptiness
Without your, my life has died

5. Gates To Nowhere

Gate to paradise is open
Come on, my boy, come on
You can forget her
With the help of height

With a kick about asphalt
You'll ultimately die
You will get into the illusion world
And pain is out

Suicide is the key for freedom
Key for the Gate of the other world
Where evil and lie don't dwell
Where life will be happiness

Suicide - light in the end of tunnel
Suicide - beginning of the new life
Suicide - reality of the being
Suicide - death is bringing luck

6. Three Roads Of Doom

I stand on the top
Of the high mountain
Three roads of doom
Lies before me
And I must decide
Which road to choose
I'll change in one wink
Or I'll stay myself

The first way proclaims
Be strange to yourself
Your problems will die forever
And your future life
You'll see in bright lights
But you will be departed
On this mortal way

Your soul will starve
It is now, you change
Damage of brains
..... once for all
And so I stand
Of the high mountain
The horizon calls me
I stay on my way

The second way says
You must be oneself
Life is a Hell
But you will be a hero
Attack of the society
Will be corrupt
Your name is heretic
In this latter days

Yourself understood by
One or two friends
Heretic is enemy
For every man
And hero will be dead
In our time
Will die being young man
..... you'll die, you'll die

The third way proclaimed
Deceive and restrain
Pretend adopt
Things as they are
Put on your feeling
The Fantasy mask
Hide soul in lies
You live now calmly

But soul's not a bird
It can't live in cage
It pins for some time
..... and dies
You'll be it's companion
In leaving the world
Your life is too ruthless
For mercy to wait

I stand on the top
Of the high mountain
Three roads of doom
Lies before me
Hot beams of the sun
Hit my breast
Wind rocks my hair
And calls to the west

I've no decision
Which way to be lead by?
The destiny chosen
But is my choice right?
One road's untaken
Invisible one
To hell or to heaven
Your essence will come

The road is simple
From top of the mountain
You'll knock sea of clouds
And enter your dreams
You will find yourself
In dead sleeps of yours
And music will sound
In the world of daydreams

At the foot of the rock
Where three fates were met
Wind horribly blows
..... in darkness
In rock my remains
Remains of my love
Which was fairy tale
You helped to DESTROY IT!

У подножья скалы
Где сошлись три судьбы
Ветер дует зловеще
В объятия тьмы
Ветер носит останки
Останки любви
Всё как сказка была

7. Tears Of My Soul


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