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1. Onset

2. Nightmare

Without sleep and full of fear,
Beads of sweat running down my face.
I hear the ticking of the clock.
This night will never end.

The dawn is only thing i'm waiting for,
waiting for the years.

The walls of mud and pain around me.
I find myself in place of my fears,
Where i was over and over again every night,
My fear revived before my eyes.

You take me by the throat,
I can not breathe.
You kill me and take off your mask,
But I can not see your face.

Here and now i draw a nightmare,
That cursed me every night.
I give him life,
Now i'm your nightmare.
This is my world.

My visions don't deceive me,
The light comes after darkness,
with the flare of light everything will die.

Last chance to leave this place.
I should have time,
I run away.
I need to open my eyes.

3. Nothing Lasts Forever (Single 2012)

It makes no sense to be afraid.
You will not feel the fear,
I promise you'll be free.

I can't stay here.
You see a light up stars,
They fall shining for the last time.

Sensation of flying,
Higher and higher,
Spotlights make me blind.
To be the center of the world.

Listen, what i say to you,
I don't care, what you think about me,
Maybe my dreams unreal, but i'm free.
Your envy is absurd,
Don't try to stop me.

Forget about everything you wanted.
No place to stay, no love.

These moments, nothing else,
Got everything i wanted,
Sensation of flying, higher and higher,
But i was wrong. (but i was wrong)

Nothing lasts forever,
I am falling down,
See the stars still shining, but not for me.
I'm falling down.

4. Waiting For The Sunrise

Wander in the dark,
To lose last hope.
We still believe,
That we'll find way out.
There is nothing to remain.

The sky above us,
There someone who will never leave you.
Wherever you are in the darkness, there is a ray of light,
I see it in your heart.
It will point your way and give a hope to you.

But you remember,
Never surrender.
We fall and don't fall back,
Erase the past,
Revive the glory.

But there is nothing to say,
And there is no need in words.
We have a strenght,
But we can't save this world.

Forget what happened yesterday.
Doesn't look back.
The sun goes down.
The sky above us.

Do you know what is death?
Feel the creator.
You can't turn back the past,
Just wait for the sunrise.

5. To The Sky

6. No Heroes

We can't choose our fate,
Predict our lifes,
And try to make a choice,
That you'll never regret.

No heroes no ideals,
It does not matter for me.
I wasn't born as a hero.
Flame burned in me inside,
I believe in myself and nobody else.

Fire in my eyes
And in my heart.

Look around what do you see?
Empty eyes empty faces.
You decide yourself
And prepare for your destiny.
There is no wrong way.

Feel it for what you were born,
Your actions will pave the way,
The way to your grave.

All will be judged,
Your savior is dead,
You have no one to save.

Forget everything you know,
Too many rules to win,
You have own our game.

We went across the fire and death.
I know it will end.

Some heroes are real.
You knew that you won't survive.
Heroes must die.

I remember that day,
Nothing could to save you.
I'm late
And the hero has died.
Many years have passed,
I close my eyes.
Forgive me.

7. Reflection

The world fades,
But only not for you.
Your image is perfect,
Your face of an angel.

All the beautiful pales.
I have never been a god, but i tried,
And i believed in you.
You're forever young,
You're forever young,
You're forever young,
Don't fall apart.

There is to much deception.
Take everything,
Nothing to regret,
But you will die in your desires.

More sensations for you.
You will not survive,
Not survive.

Beauty can give you more,
But you're dead inside.
Try to feel.
The most beautifull thing,
But i can't save.
Your my mistake.

I create you,
You are monster.
There is no soul,
Only your reflection.
Your my mistake,
But don't give up.

Leave the darkness behind,
Bring the light in this world,
Don't fall back,
And only god can save you.

Still have a chance
To learn this world,
To correct mistakes.
You are forever young.

8. Black Heart

9. My Queen

She was perfect all over time,
I want give you more, but i never can.
I lost my voice,
Couldn't say anymore,
And those seconds I'll never forget.

But your cold eyes cuts my heart.
The most beautiful, that i have ever seen.
I froze, i was blind of your charms.
The world doesn't worried me.

Immortal queen,
Your proud sight i ask:
What did i do wrong?
My fate is indifferent for you.

My sorrow kills me inside.
To lose your love forever.
I am ready to give you my life,
With last dying breath

Feel insane.
I can't understand.
What's going on with me?
You belongs my destiny.
My sorrow kills me inside.

Queen of spades.
I'm doomed to die.

I'm losing the will,
Can't resist your anymoe.
I can't live any longer.
I have no strength to endure my suffering,
To endure my pain.

Ocean will share my life with your.
There will be no words.
You won't see me.

I wanted to tell you a lot,
And i would like to hear you all the time,
But now i'm nothing,
But now i'm ocean,
But now i'm silent forever.

10. Confession

It's hard to change this world,
Forget all the pain you have ever felt.
Ascension of the senses leads to the death, to the suffering.
Hypocrisy and contempt.
Above the rest.
Never lose your face.

Gather you will,
Never give up,
Day of redemption will come,
But no one repents.
Escape for your soul,
Leave your past.

But we are obsessed,
We are obsessed with delusions of grandeur.

Leave all that precious for you,
Look what surrounds you around.
This your resurgence.
Never lose your way and don't fall back.

Feel the lights of the sun on your face,
To find your new dream.

Gather you will
Until th end,
Trust your heart
And you will never lose.
This way is hard.
Overcome the pain,
To correct the past.

Savior had been betrayed,
And the darkest days comes in the world.
No one repents,
No one will save.
Confession exchanged for thirty pieces of silver.
You will remain alone.

Your heart turn to ice.

Bleeding to death,
Fight to the finish.
You must survive,
Survive at any cost.

You will search this source,
That will stoke the ice.
I'll give you a sign:
Look at the sky.
Look at the sky.

11. Revival

Search, overcame the pain,
Break everything, that prevents on my way.
I left my life behind.

The surge of my emotions,
How much seductions.
Surrender return,
In order to survive.

The stars shine stronger,
High overhead.
They want my fall,
But i won't give up.

Blinding light comes down.
I think i found, what i was looking for.
The way to upward waits for me.
You leave this world every day,
Hidden behind the horizon.

When the darkness everywhere,
Until tha dawn,
The death walks beside.

I swallow the air.
I am on the way to the sun.
I want reborn,
Stoke the ice in my heart,

Darkness goes away,
Above the sky.
I feel the warmth in my heart.

The hardest behind.
One step to catch,
And i won't fall.

One step to forget
All that happens to me,
But i won't fall.
I know the place, where i'll be free.
This is the story end.

12. Aspiration

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