Dark Lyrics


1. Hate Trade

Outrage accelerating with your rhetoric
Racial crimes on the rise
You're in the limelight
Judas, traitor to yourself
Hypocrite, greedy shit
Die by your own
Why don't you realize
Hate's grave serenity
Desist all your treacherous lies
Awaken normalcy
Drawn to animosity
Soldiers of the hate trade
Disciples of disparity
Soldiers of the hate trade
Condoning all asperity
Soldiers of the hate trade
Enticing irrationality
Soldiers of the hate trade
The time has coming when you'll finally see
Spewing forth acrimony
Loyal plans they proceed
Spreading the fire of mans end
Now as you stand amidst the ashes
Solely response for the butchery
Pockets overflowing with the blood of your ancestry
Fueling their rage
The death of morality
Time is coming you have to see
Lost is your sanity
Men seek their life's revenge
Arresting the fire of man's end

2. Balancing The Furies

Science keeps growing ahead of society
Revolutions and breakthroughs answer some of the mysteries of life
Searching for a better understanding of how the clock ticks
Creates an age ominous salvation
Decode the gene, conduct a recipe for life
Traits to select, prescribed birth
Endeavor of a cruel past accepted as a road to knowledge
Yet history's attempts condemned as sadistic
The present's work awarded as heroic
I see no difference, it is still breeding the perfect seed
It's still trying to play god, tampering with destiny
Defying the path that we call life
Prolonging an existence, time ceases in a frozen cell
Cryogenic slumber, to rise again upon a cure
Man is not deserving immortality
You live and then you die
Stop trying to rewrite the book
Days have arrived for balancing the furies
Be grateful for the span given to grace the earth
Embrace mortality
Reject the thirst for infinity
Fate becomes obsolete
Technology devours sense
Child is born with no preoccupation
Yet another way to feed human greed
There lies a price for every breath taken past the bell's toll
Gifts of the earth raped of purity
Genetic alteration to the kin of a natural seed
Convictions irrationally adamant
A race with no future, awarded with obscurity
Lands afar feel they have the need
To employ natural selection
The matriarch shall only conceive
Another tool to heave the gears
Contribute to productivity
Days have arriving for balancing the furies
Accept the times given to grace this existence
Embrace the fact, life's not meant to be eternally
The mysteries are crystal clear
You live and then you die
Stop trying to rewrite the book

3. Enemy

Dreams, no more guaranties
Wake up and considered lucky
?????????? conditions are prevailed everywhere, while you're the object of some inner hate
Somewhere your views, your ideologies, the color of your skin
The way you decide to compose your life does not concur with opinion
Political correctness, it shadows everything
Inflicting each and everyone, nothing unscathed
They will decide what rights will be bestowed
What happen to equality, it's under consideration
Passive and obedient, their Utopian society
Now has lost it's niche, just satisfy the uppers
They decide what rights will be employed
A pseudo totalitarian hierarchy
Individual thought, that's much to dangerous
They will do the thinking: we're just the commons
There's no way, we are able to conceive
Who is a threat to our freedom, it's not the enemy
Wearing the mask, to hold the spotlight what fueling your ego
Feeding the fishes, your image just so fake you truly could not give a damn
Throw us a line, then watch us take the bait-hook, line and sinker
Play with our devotions and aspirations and never complete the deed
The lies, the greed
The empathy, we're just the commons
Enslaved to their supremacy
Ask yourself, who threatens our freedom and see it's not the enemy
The hate, the unrest
It's not the enemy, raping our rights
It's not the enemy, the enemy

4. Lab Rats

Exposure, the prototype planet
Using the fruits from the land which we inhabit
Living, in a race of the amiss
Drink amongst the tainted ones
Mother earth's fatal kiss
Viral catastrophe contagious air we breath
Water filled with tritium or laced with cyanide
Scentifiec operativies experimenting on their own kind
Introduce into our systems
These toxic elements
Control humanities regeneration
Monitor the effects and kill off the masses
Contamination of the staples and all that us needed to survive
Release their endemic agents upon our lives and profit of the search for a cure they already have
Lab rats
Saving the stricken not fiscally plausible
The hordes need to suffer for them to thrive
Utopia is realistically impossible
Morality thrown aside to protect the bottom line
Infested the populace demographically, the fools need balancing throughout their lives
Utopia is realistically impossible
Humanity met with disregard to protext the bottom line
We are not your guinea pigs
We will not sit silent as you steal the lives beneath our feet
Ignorance will crumble
How could you let all we hold sacred perish?
How could you ignore the painfully desperate cries?
The thought that you let them all die to save merit
Boggles the mind
For this we'll take your life in penance
Final seed is sown as anarchy arrives
Chaotic insertion is what's needed to survive
Animosity and rage filling all eyes
Still searching for the answers
Please, tell me why?
Viral catastrophe, contagious air we breath
Water trapped with tritium or laced with cyanide
Scentifiec operativies experimenting on their own kind
Lab rats

5. Messiah Pacified

On the eve of a crucifixion, one man spoke to his peers
His words were proud, his words were true
Models for the evolution of his plight
Adamant his quest, his resolve attested
Immolate his cherished life to desist the trickery
Intended to echo for centuries
Disobedience responsible for his destiny
His words are heard to put an end to the treachery found in the faith
Man must be told he is the exploited
Too much a threat to their necessity
Messiah pacified
Silence the man, silence his words
The future remains ignorant
Stoic to man made sins, fearful of reprisal
Centuries of lies, sleep buried in the sand
Present days curiosity, the sleeping prize
Ascends the ground to mesmerize
The ultimate deception, victims of inveracity
Minds amass, the translation
The aftermath, death of the hierarchy
Confess the guilt, acknowledge years of perjury
Never exalt in their supremacy
Too much to lose, nothing to gain
Messiah pacified

6. The Cleansing

Besieged... as peace is overthrown
Decades of hatred culminate
Stripped... of all rights to coexist
Their presence never welcomed in the first place
The dawn of the cleansing
The harbinger of prejudice and solidarity
The cleansing
Antagonized by the banter of a tyrant
Encouraged to lose restraint
A state sanctioned slaughter... eradication of the weak
The past again shows it's ugly face
The pawns of all disparity
The cause and the remedy of their suffering
Cancers to society
Lesser forms of life
Subordinate to their ethnicity
Dirty hateful pagans... dirty hateful pagan race
Their identities... erased
Nameless pigs... disgraced
Marauding the towns, dragged into the streets
The innocent victims of insanity
The men are round up for mass execution
Women used to satisfy torrid needs...

7. Pain Factor

All these walls standing in my way
Confusing me, what the hell to do
I just can't seem to get it right
I just don't comprehend
I guess I never will
Oblivious to this etiquette
No rites of passage or criteria is never met
I really could live without your cynical righteous advice
Just leave me on my way
I am totally content
A wayward soul
An onlooker
In your world of needs
Don't need your help
Don't need a guide
I am the catalyst of my demise
I don't remember requesting your presence
I don't recall asking for your criticism
I have heard this shit a thousand times before
I am going nowhere fast
Falling out the door
Life's tragedies strengthen
The pain factor
Ordained to suffer before I rise
My endless trinity
The pain factor
Follow my path wherever it leads
I live and learn and die and burn
I make mistakes like everyone
I'll pay the price to right the wrongs
I never told you that you had to like it
Confusing me, what the hell to do
To get respect in turn you have to give it
It's part of the process when you fall flat on your face
I'll never fall victim to conformity
Never will I stand in cadence
At times I don't concur with your philosophies
Just go our separate ways
Left to our anatomy
A wayward soul
An onlooker
In your world of needs
Don't need any help
Don't need a guide
I am the catalyst of my demise

8. Jesters Of The Millennium

Upon the threshold thousand years have passed
All hearts are filled with trepidation
The probability of an impending turning point
Have masses all bracing for the final cataclysm
They arrive, sent to save the human race
Choose your messiah, all worries that erased
Eternal solace, accompanies immortality
Surrender you will for bliss and divinity
They feast upon the weak
They promise false security
Their arrival has been preordained
Disciples of your deity
The prophecy it speaks
Ending all humanity
Jesters of the millennium
Charlatans deceive
Jesters of the millennium
Deified in their places
Jesters of the millennium
Treachery reigns supreme
Jesters of the millennium
Yet the destitute believe
Look to the book
All doubts will disappear
Scenario breeds the rise of chaos
The elders foretold
A sky bleeding fire

9. The Veil

The veil
Compounded by silence
Strengthened by force
Keeps us at bay
Ignorance the vital tool to feast upon naivete
Built to protect
Built to preserve, the American way
Participation involuntary
Like test mice we scatter in the maze
Black opts employed
Sorties commence
All shrouded by secrecy
Who knows to what lengths?
Or who's to be sacrificed to guarantee victory?
The veil
Threatens us all
In our own homes
There as we sleep
Controlled subjects for cause and effect
Before it's unleashed on the enemy
Existence denied
Buried in lies
Faceless veracity
Blinded by diversionary tactics
Hidden by conspiracy
Feasting upon out thirst
Our need for controversy
Acting with no detection
Proceeding unmolested
Our lives are in their hands
Science is not God
We hold the key to death
They have the absolute power
Never-ending lust for supremacy
Exhausting all final means disregarding amnesty
Black opts they are employed
Sorties they now commence
Who knows to just what length
Victory for sacrifice
Stoic test subjects escorted into the flames
With no knowledge of the serenity of what's to come
With no knowing when we will all be dead
Our sovereignty must never be threatened
Total victory
The veil
Creating a giant
A lethal force
A deity
Blood of their own standing the weapons to uphold democracy
All trust is dissolved
Unrest is impending
The price of your treachery
When will it end?
When missiles decide
Man's final irony

10. Blood Maidens

Heathens, with their luscious offerings
Invited into the dreams of the men who call
Blissfully possessed, immersed by the taste of the orgasmic feast
Insatiable the sex, total fulfillment of forbidden dreams
Filled with rage to fell the lust
Skin so sweet, feast of flesh
Hypnotized by the obsession
Satisfy their demented needs
Deep into the bowels of the forest a presence looms detected by all
The chill of lore and legends for centuries
Too torrid to be fact, witched they are called
Succubus, essence too heavenly to defy
Slowly they process to imprison their mates
Piece by piece disintegration, finally raped of all sanity
Complete entrapment of soul possession
Compensation for the ecstasy

11. You Must Bleed

Eminent slaughter, etched in your mind
The cry of the victim, so peacefully sublime
You enter the killing fields, skills so refrained
You watch for the fear that they try to hide
Who will be first, your wrath will entwine?
There's a lesson to be learned
Euphoric chills, masochistic bliss surging down your spine
Waltz of the deranged
Threshold for pain soon to be tested
Fellow man is the game
Eg??? collide, to coronate the strong
Once in the killing fields you reach your apex
One by one falling with pleas of penance
Who will be next your wrath will entwine
Philosophy of the pit, you must bleed
Like a grunt in a hole, awaiting command
Adrenalized onslaught the fight is now at hand
Your first lash is met with little opposition
This brutal feet of rage proves no competition
You... I don't dislike you; simply put, you must bleed
You... no qualms against you, simply put, you must bleed
You... simply put, you must bleed
Lost in their curtains of black
These curtains of black, which now befall your eyes
Merciless debauchery, twisted game, the ultimate therapy
Your feats are enshrined
Broken bones, souvenirs of your crimes
Feats are now enshrined, your brutal fit of rage proves no competition
Aroused by the brutality
Obedient to the pleasure of your macabre ecstasy

12. Terraform

As the sun scorches the planet
Oceans growing warm
Rain keeps falling beyond capacity
Man fears nature's storm
Is it part, is it all part of some plan?
Is it a systematic terra-formation for the inheritors of this land?
Submerged faults, swallow the seas
As we stand upon the threshold of tragedy
Polar masses melt away
Rising the deep, devouring humanity
Ozone layer dissipates
Greenhouse gasses suffocate
While they wait patiently
Existence is suicide
Catastrophic, destiny
Winter brews vicious storms...terraform
Summer's lasting way too long...terraform
Surep cells twisters are born...terraform
With lifting waves into walls... terraform
The perfect silent assassin
Leaving us with no contingency
Crushed to pieces in the grip of the earth
Climatic execution
A war that cannot be won
As the arid deserts saturate
Frozen poles incinerate
As the tropics reverse
Tidal paths are torn
Pushing earth's majority violently ashore
Civilization drowns
The ones not yet in the path frantically flee from the beast that races on
With no escape knowing you are going to die
Mother has finally killed her children

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