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1. Garden Of Thorns

Do you recall the day
When life was full and you thought it'll last?
Do you recall the way
How it all ended way too fast? Way too fast...

Golden smile hides sinful gurn
Every day means just a brand new pain
That wait's unexpected turn
Every way crush you inside the vain

Now the future's just a cage in hell
It's meant to break your fragile shell
Night comes, shakes you awake
These shadows come again

Many years of travel, just to realize
That your Eden is a Garden of Thorns
The truth, inside, but can't get it out
That your Eden is a Garden of Thorns

You seek, you find - you bleed, you are blind
Shelter's only broken shell
Pain feeds, you lie -- dead seeds, your soul dies
Heaven is the gateway to hell

On roses the blood runs forever
and time gives us no hope

I looked, I found -- still bleeding, still blind
Shelter turns into chains
Lies turn, more pain -- your soul, burnt away
Hell is your only way!

2. Alive...Cold...Dead!


A life we called for was liberty to none
The vision we believed in was wasted, by gone
It's only a game mental awareness
It's surely a play someone to gain

A mechanical existence, devil's assistance
A mechanical existence, insignificant resistance
A venom needs, murdering breeds
We are the prime engines of great sadism
We! The slaves of material achievements
A venom needs, murdering breeds


The meaning of our life has changed
Your passage to hell is already arranged
It's only a game, mental awareness
It's surely a play, someone to gain

Go! Alive...cold...dead!

3. Tuhon Oma

Se valo, jonka näin oli himmeä, silti se minut sokaisi
On maailmani nyt sysimusta, en taivaan sineen yllä

On turhaa toivoa rukoilla, koska ihminen itsensä tuhoaa
Pian ei näe ihminen toista, ihmistä pystyssä kulkevaa

Näin ollen jaamme kohtalomme - tuhota saa puolestamme
Uudelleenrakentaa tän tunteettoman maan
Synnin portit taas avaamme - tuhota saa puolestamme
Uudelleenkansoittaa tän katkeruuden maan

Tulin sokeaksi totuudelle, kuuroksi valheille
Nyt puhun järkeä mutta ääneni ei kuulu


Täten julistan alkaneeksi, tuhon täydellisen ihmiskunnan
Kun ihmisen mieli on musta, se kaiken elämän myrkyttää

Perkele! Saatana! Perkele!

Olkoon siis tuhoon tuomittu, tämä julma maa
Tuhon oma, vangittu, jälkensä jättäköön

Saatana! Perkele! Vittu Saatana!

4. Dominion

How strong you have to be to pull the trigger?
If you're not strong enough, can I please help you
How stupid you have to be to obey dead orders?
If you are a stupid enough, please follow me

Dominion! Dominion!

Gathering an army for me, think you're strong enough?
I doubt that in my mind, but please prove me wrong
You just have to stand and follow me blindly
Where are you going and who the fuck to follow?

Dominion! Dominion! Say what? Say fuckin' what?

We are a curious race, we are out there
But do we really know it, for god's sake

It's all in deep in your head, messing around and make you feel dead
I wonder how you've been so far away...
But now when you are here, are you ready to suffer and bleed
I know that you'll be gone today...

My triumphant through the lands, will never end
Gather my men, I'll teach them ravage
My armies around the world, hails for victory
My name shall be, as the glorious one

Were you strong enough to pull the trigger?
I think you were , I can't feel the pulse
Were you stupid enough to obey dead orders?
I think you were, I can't hear your words

Dominion! Dominion! Say what? Say fuckin' what?

We are a curious race, we are out there
But do we really know it, for god's sake

5. The Time Unchained

Far from the sun, away from the light
I see my own life, it's ending so soon
I try to stay sane, all I feel's pain
No one to blame, I carry my cross

The clock's just ticking, mankind keeps walking
I am falling, my inner is calling
Now it's the day, it takes me away
Nothing to do, nothing to say

I can see the life's go by, falling into embrace of night
Take me darkness, take my pain, I know the time is unchained
There's nothing more I've to say, I've lost my trust, my faith
Release my soul and let it free, so I will see the time unchained

This is just for me, I'm sure it has to be
I'm too sick to feel, too tired to heal
Too blind to follow, my part is done
Now I am all alone, tomorrow I'll be gone

6. Embody And Behold

I try to seek, the path of lucidity
I'm like a drop of blood on a pale skin

My mind is dark so is my feelings for you
You better watch out, you cannot hide the truth

Embody and behold!

You'll teach me feel, but let me down
Turned to ice and let me wonder alone

I die alone in the place so dark and cold
There's nothing left to say, you'd better start to pray

Am I blind or am I dead?
Be my eyes and guide my soul
Is this true or is this dream?
Embody and behold!

I'm falling into the dreamspace
Drowning for eternal haze

This is the end, I know there's no return
I follow these steps of my shadow

7. Fallen

I am gone into sky of broken dreams
Never got myself to realize the pain I caused

Bleeding with the thought knowing that I am the one with the lost soul...

I've done things I'm not so proud of at all
Forgive me all I've ever done to anyone
It's all in my head, in my mind, processing
This is just my life, that I just have to carry on

Suffering with the thought knowing that I am the one with the damned soul...

Because I am the fallen one...no need to to take me down
I am the one with the curse and hate...would you ever take my hand
Though I'm the fallen one...see me, please do hear me
Please pull me out from this neverending pain...

I wish I would be a soulless, with no regrets
Day by day I follow the one road of emptiness
I do not know what the future brings aside
Sometimes I feel like fading away and gone

I am dying with the thought knowing that I am the one with the dead soul...

Bleeding, suffering, dying...
Bleeding for you...suffering for you...
I am dead to everyone!

8. Uhrimalja

Herään, mutta painajainen jatkuu
Nukahdan, siihen kaikki loppuu
Yö pois, nyt mut kantaa
Aika, mun tunteet tappaa

Eristetty, syytetty, tuomittu ja petetty!

Näen, maailmani murtuu
Tunnen, kuinka tuska saapuu
Vihan, veren valjastan
Sielun, mustan paljastan

Edessäni -- Uhrimalja! Takanani -- Uhrimalja!

Hyvästi jää, täytän uhrimaljan verellä
Hyvästi jää, viillän ihoni veitsen terällä
Hyvästi jää, portit Tuonelan avataan
Hyvästi jää, siellä sieluni uhrataan

Syvään uurtaa, minut tästä irroittaa
Näistä kahleista vapauttaa
Tuonen syliin valmistun
Ikiroutaan maan kalmiston

Edessäni, syytetty, takani, petetty

Vaikenee kellot, mukaani vien teidät
Sysimusta on polku viimeinen
Synkän mielen täyttää pahan siemen
Merkit jättää arvet ja tuskan

[English translation:]

Sacrificial Chalice

I wake up, but the nightmare continues
I fall asleep, that is when it all ends
Now night will carry me away
Time will kill my feelings

Isolated, accused, sentenced and betrayed!

I see my world crumble
I feel the pain arriving
I will harness hate and blood
Revealing my black soul

Before me -- sacrificial chalice!
Behind me -- sacrificial chalice!

Farewell, I'll fill the Sacrificial Chalice with blood
Farewell, I'll cut my skin with the blade of a knife
Farewell, the gates to the Underworld will be opened
Farewell, inside, my soul will be sacrificed

Cutting in deep, severing me from this
Releasing me from these chains
Preparing myself for Hades' embrace
Into the earths permafrost cemetary

Before me -- accused!
Behind me -- betrayed!

All clocks go silent, I'll take you down with me
The last path is pitch black
My dark mind filled with the seed of evil
Marking it with scars and pain

9. Road Of Bones

The centuries of madness, war and mayhem
One man's betrayal, the world caved in

Look the past of mankind, the kill of nothing
Two faced evil, you let it in.

So you all rule the world, with blood on your flag

Why I'd to be in man's forsaken dream
Terror rips my soul, the way we searched for road of bones
Why I had to see, all this misery
From the flesh and stones we built this road of bones

The dust you walk on is constructed by fathers
On their flesh and blood, we step with an honour

Madness comes where the truth lies
You ever wonder, where the road comes from

So you all rule the world, with blood on your flag

10. The Last Day Before...

When I am alone I hear a voice
It's calling for me to end this world
I try to hide from this dark task
It's a suffer for me, suffer you

Push it further, make me do it
Now I'm stronger, finally ready
Escape from reality
It's cemented, viciously rooted

Still so much unsaid,so much undone
Felt so cold and dead, under darkening sun
Tomorrow tears all apart

I'm kissing my invincible gun

This is the last day before...
The remorse, the extinction
The definitive, the end

No more control, no one to lean on
Silence is over, ultimate power
I'm taking over...

Your contempt, your mind of soul

Thanks to kabro.sorin for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to kolmedpd for sending track #8 English translation.

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