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1. Dreams Of Winterland

Shadows of whisper rising...
Open the stormwings over the night when the dusk of the thorns, in the sky the clouds are
burning when the moonlit shines on the winter.

Grace...time in winter heaven's burn when the strangers are counting for winds...shadows
of whisper rises, on the darkened sky.

[Speak:] Hear the winds of the sky, I am the winter moonlight.

War time and terror...war time cause' I am winter the moonlight in enthroned sky,
whispering like heaven, burning as clouds, from the skies of mist is the winter.

[Speak:] Heaven's are burning over my sight when the northwind storms on the
winds...nightbird is calling, when Christ fire is burning.

Open the wings on the winterday, I am the wings of the night calling them.

[Speak:] Life is the time when the clouds upon of me burning high.
I am the winter, calling the daylight, I am the winter moonlight, heaven's storms suffer
and burning when the enthroned sky like a mist.

2. Into Infernal

Blaze of the night, flash of lightning
falls into shadows deep inside me
winds of winter, northern lights
summons the evil, dark as night.

Empyrean burns, angels fall
daylights gone, new ones born
bethel of heaven falls into decay
evil ones rise will be the way.

During the cold spells in winter
I emerge with fall of darkness
during the cold spells in winter
I endorse the endless life.

Damnation, blasphemy
defrost our destinies
extince of onesty
fades away like mortality.

He keeps the hands of god
making them lost
and praying for this one
'cause I...

I am immortal, mystical as isengard

I am the curse possessor of flaming torch

I am the throne observing and crucial...into infernal.

3. Freezing Winds Of North

4. Enchting Woods

5. Halls Of Frozen North

Growling in the night when the gromwell dies, hearing the whispering from the empty hall...diskies.

Coming from graves, from the night, when the shadows of the winter rises from the north...wind of sin.

Coming moonlit grimness when the dusk of child, nebulah winter rises from the sky...astral wind, astral winter, wind of lies, wind of sin.

6. Forest Enthroned

I am a night in to the darkness, only soul lost with me, I walk through the
night in to the forest and everything stays behind me, I'm waiting for another chance...it calls.

I capture my eyes, I wait for the end, I see the holograms of today, only soul with me I carry my shadow, and it calls my name...my name.

I see the light, my mind can't touch it, emperors name and the final thoughts, hearing whispering from my soul, I'm so cold inside but still it's a truth...whispering inside of me.

I touch my eyes, I'm dreaming for end, and enchanting woods is only a dream, I feel the sun my eyes will burn, for my soul I see anything.

7. Awake In Dark

In the night, in the flames
wind lifted the dust in clouds
in the desert, in the dry, sun sits so high.

In a clear shade of dark
of the trees in down below
the wind rising from north
and the storms awakes in dark.

Riding with mist of sky
calling the winter of darkness
alone with eternal dream
before the breaking of the rain.

8. Song Of The Nightbird

9. Icy Tears Of Eternity

10. Burning Aura

11. Child Of Sunset

I throw away my life
and try to touch the darkness
I watch the burning clouds
and the night falls inside me
I breath the storms of winter
and watch the light forever
burning sky calls the past winds
to wake me from insanity.

Light kiss the blindness
and saw child of sunset
shall the black winds
rise in darkness
where the red rivers burning fire...
fire make me burn.

And when the night goes down
then the child of sunset will coming...
And the shadows scream
when we will be together or alone...

I throw away my life
and try to touch the darkness
I watch the burning clouds
and the night falls inside me.

12. Land Of The Autumn Winds

Hear the whisper of north land
frozen, soulless spirit sleeps
heathen people in the winter
prays mark of gathering.

Autumn winds be gone
will-o-the wisp, blaze of the night.

Mystic land of the autumn winds
shall meet the fate
rivers no longer revive and the trees die away.

13. Pimeä Yö

Kylmä ja pimeä yö, linnut lentäneet ovat pois, unohduksien ilta peittää mieleni,
synkät varjot kasvoillani, yksinäisen ihmisen, näen nauravan...pimeä vaellukseni...johtaa kadotukseen.

Taivaan synkät pilvet, kadonneet ovat pois...

Jälleen katsoin silmiisi, mietin miksi unohdin sen.

Taivaan synkät pilvet, kadonneet ovat pois, miettimään jää en, miksi lähdin pois.

14. Outro

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