Dark Lyrics


1. Distant Attack

Speed and violence sits alone
The ancient one
Circling vortex of the burning sun
Like the Devils smile

Vanish forever
Without a trace
Secrets remain
Never to be found again

Torn in half by the rampage
Of endless waves
Guard the secrets of this
Final resting place

Distant attack awaits you

Solar winds will burn
Into oblivion
Burried in a watery grave
Never to be found

2. Be My Ghost

A death like seasons sleep
The silent gnashing of teeth
And eyes as wide as terror
Time slithers at your feet

Doomed from the womb
To destruction

Seek the secret part of night
Through the maze a hidden land
Like Gods of their own betrayal
Who holding the losing hand

Follow me to Hell
With your painted mouths
Open for all to see

The fire never dies
This burning still alive
The fire never quenched
The burning relentless


There's a picture that you keep
Of wrath you always seek
For you there is some door
You are closing forevermore

What mirror could draw and hold
What night hides and day unfolds
And in these shadows still
In cryptus in this labyrinth?

3. A Killing Pace

A test of endurance
Ride to the end
Leaping over the edge
Nowhere to go but down

Craven are the souls
Who lost but never found
The one way to the end
Without breaking from the load

A killing pace
Racing towards the end of days

A killing pace
One already in the grave

Send me a voice
From a place beyond the sun
Voices are calling
I hear them one by one

Behold! the power
Beating like a drum
And what you desire
Is what you will become

Running hard / Heart explodes
The earth beneath turns to black
My eyes walk on / The skull beneath
Last breath of a dying breed

4. Pyramid Lake

Dejected cries I hear
Invisible child is near
The elders run and hide
A figure in black appears

Turn to stone
Lake of tears
Turn to stone

Now the serpents emerge
Ill-formed an premature
Devouring all they see
And taking their form

Unleash the slaughter

Raise Hell!
You serpent mother
The lives you stole

5. Powersigns

In this house of treachery
Things are never what they seem to be

Evil formless enters the night
As the moon is taking light
Swarming from below the sea
Where the darkness rules the deep

And fades away

In this house of misery
Creation bowing down in blasphemy

Signs of power from beyond
Immortal coil cursed by Gods
Lift the seal upon the gate
Where the dreaming dead will rise

Outside time and space
Through the void beyond the planes
Of evermore where chaos reigns

Sleep the dream of death awaits
Break the seal of life away

6. Labyrinth Of Death

In the days of ruin and fear
And gangways chocked with despair
Stone walls meander and hide
A monster within the lair

No resting here all along
The path is unmarked
A labyrinth of death where
The unguided are lost

One way in and
No way out
The door of no return

The passage to darkness
Is a thunder within
This pit of burning bones
Seals the burial rites in

Dream on the eve of battle
The scars they have won
An echo from the center paints
The soldiers shields with blood

So the hard way
in darkness
So hard the way

From tomb to temple the rise
Of the dead king God

Pestilence burns by day
And the death vapors by night
A world of corpses paralyzed
Within this dream of life

Satan's mills of endless wheels
Capture all in flight
And the secret path of thieves
Is plotting out the light

Creator of this vision
Interpreter of it all
Apocalyptic arrows aimed
At sword forged on anvils old

Terror struck and trembling
outstretched upon the path
Turn to see a voice that speaks
And behold falls bead now
At its feet

I rule in fear
All death is near

7. Temple Of The Lost

A caravan of evil
Strikes across the sand
A golden age of war upon us
Dawning on the land

It's upon us now

Quest for fire - Power from below
Reaching through forever
But never in control

Temple of the lost
Offer up this shelter
One more from the storm
May bring disaster

A caravan of evil
Aerial march of death
Attacking from a distant land
A blood harvest of greed
It's on your hands now

8. Evil Ways

Superstitions got the best of me
Can't control the world I see
Evil eyes, Evil ways

Evil ways

Paranoia's got a hold of me
Captured under lock and key
Wicked lies, wicked ways
Dancing on your grave

Premonition of the third degree
Night terrors in all my dreams
Straight away to hell and back
When the mirror runs black you'll know

Al McCartney – Drums
Mat Davis – Guitars
Elizabeth Blackwell – Vocals, Bass

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