Dark Lyrics


1. Ever Hunter

Ever hunter in the fray
Always gaining on its prey
Running wild in the night
Close behind and out of sight

Cross hairs levelled for the death
Grip the trigger hold your breath
Right between the eyes it hits
Kill it all if it fits

Skin grows cold the night wind blows
Turn your face into the pouring rain
No one knows friend or foe
Until the moment that it's too late
A deadly blow the hammers throw
Descend to darkness and the burning lake
When death comes to the here and now
Secrets of the grave lie in wait

Ever hunter on the path
Bringing all unto its wrath
High upon the cliffs of black
Planning its surprise attack

2. Corpse Candles

Corpse candles light my way
Haunted people you will pay
Slaughtered where the bodies lay
Crushing all into mass graves

Deathly white a life like fright
Frozen masks a pained delight
A thousand eyes shine dead light
And drip like wax into the night


Corpse candles are revealing
What death has been concealing
When life gives up its secrets
This death will lose its meaning

3. Storm Below The Mountain

Twisted fingers splay in death
Crawling across the land
Like witches spells decending
Into a perfect storm
This sweet touch of death
Lay rest your uneasy soul
The waters getting dark around you
Death twisting into form

Ride! You prince of hell
Capture all your cities well
Ride! Into the storm below
The mountain our righteous home

Rising shadows grip of death
A fog of ancient form
Like electric shocks of lightning
Crashing around your soul
This blackened soul of fire
A force that you can't see
The hills alive with evil
Death circling from above

Ride! Like ghosts of hell
Hold you forever in this spell
Ride! Into the storm below
The Mountain our forgotten home

4. Blacklands

Bloodlust and evil rising higher
Like a pagan god of fire
All through the ceremonies rotting
See the prophets veil is failing

Pray and believe
The Wicked eyes
Dragged to the altar
Of shameless lies

On the altar
Be sacrificed
Through the fire
To arise

Faces of a vast and somber dream
Haunt the past with perfect grief
Listen to the hiss of time outside
Enslave the paradox with lies

Crumble to dust
This holy light
A blackened void
Of endless night

Evil rising

5. Curses Of The Priests

Voices like a clang
The deafening clash of blades
The crackling roar of flames
The screams of frightened maids

Over the beaten earth
A ring of iron hoofs
Dying groans upon the field
Curses of the priests

Council of the cave
The nights of forty days
Under a wash of blood
To kill the christian ways

Curses of the priests

From hollow tombs of sin
Dead men walk again
The great bell tolls of fear
The witching hour is drawing near

Winter of the years
Shall fall before this rage
Long to cast the chains away
That hold the soul a slave
Arise beyond the earth
Break the dungeon walls away
Life lies in embryo
Right until the grave

6. Venus Pentagram

Mistress of the universe
Beware her curse
Lucifer's morning star
Bringer of dawns war

Selfish warrior your discontent grows slow
Apocalyptic soul soon grows old

Cuts like a knife

Fire wave of morning light
Cast off the shadowed night
Visions a soul has seen
But eyes can't believe

Selfish warrior you're better off to wait
Can't you see there's a square axe in you mind?

Sleighted hand seeks revenge
Queen of the night avenged
Invocation at hand
The venus pentagram

Endless voyager you wasted life in wander
Can't you see your journey's coming to an end?

7. Alcatraz

In the dead of night
A stranger omen still
The witches footprint
On your window sill
When hell lets loose
And draws ever near
A soul like ghost
Will transmit fear

There's always doom for the wicked
Take hold of the pain

With witch like rays
To deliver your doom
The owl tranced prey
Destined for ruin

8. Dying Breed

Burning village on the run
Feel the knife peace torn
Frozen horse on the ground
End of dreams coming round

Black riders mount
Ready to die
Sun goes out
Beholden their might

Bad trouble on the iron road
Strike deep and run free
Dying breed stand your ground
Thunder beings coming round

Behold elders speak
Dark shadows men lost
Another world calls to me
Dying breed stand your ground

Al McCartney ‒ Drums
Mat Davis ‒ Guitar, Vocals
Elizabeth Blackwell ‒ Vocals, Bass

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