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1. Now Is The Time (Intro)

Now is the Time...
It's CoC o'clock.

2. To Fear One's Self

Prepare the end.

It's like a force of nature that destroys my every right to judge what lies before me now.
This can't be, to know this pain is only fiction is like a sharp stab in my side.
This can't be real, no this just cannot be real.

We're sinking under this ocean of your tears.

You're gonna fall under your own weight, darling.
Don't you wait for me when you reach the bottom.
No one will sing your song, now that you are long gone.
No one will sing for you.

No you can't erase this past you've left behind.

No one will sing for you.

I've come to see that this hostility is meaningless.
If you were so righteous, it would be you preaching to them, not your men.

3. Mizar's Palace

She said there is no way out, and I replied,
"I'll find a way out of this nightmare, just stay behind."

Follow me until the end.
This is not where we pretend.

Though the others are dead, we will still carry onward.
Fears will rise, fears will rise from inside.

I cannot breathe, oh dear god,
Look what has happened to me,
I don't think that I can feel anything,
Oh dear god, what has become of me?

No! You can't take this soul.

My mind is my guidance.
Their lives are in my hands.
There is only one door out, but I hold the key.

Unlock the door.
I'll see you on the other side.

There is no way out of this cage.
Now you'll decide what order you'll die.

4. The Case Of Sarah Scott

And all she saw was the stars strung above, laid in azure skies.
Her torment satifies his thirst as he raised his arm to hit her once more,.
Screaming and sighing in her anguish, all that she could do was wait for an end.
She is in pain, with his cold and bloody hands,
Down came the rain.

Soon the voices ceased, with her one last dying shriek.
Down came the rain.

It washed her blood away,
But there he left her corpse to rot and decay.

From that night on, all he could feel was her last breath.
And behind every step, he left traces of her death.
He thought the blood that stained his hands had washed away with the rain.
Little did he know that this was the beginning of his pain.

My dearest love, I should have known you'd be taken from me!
The scars he carved upon her face was all that he left there to see.
Her bludgeoned bones, his markings shown! Soon enough he would be caught.
His fate is sealed and we shall close the bloody case of Sarah Scott.

Barred down his front door,
(In they came)
But he was no more,
(Such a shame)
He knew his deed was done and he would soon be found alive.
So in his masochistic pride, he chose to end his life.
Hung by the hands he used to kill his only love!

And this where the story ends.

5. Molotov Cocktail Party

This is nothing - it's only a scratch, I can endure on my own.
Can I get some room to breathe?
I'm feeling myself coming down one slow step at a time.

Breathe in! breathe out! Breathe into me!
Just tell me you're still breathing!
Just tell me you're not bleeding!
I can see the light at the end.

Only you can make me feel alive.
Only you can take me away from here.
Just take my hand and don't you let go of me.
This is my time to live again.

No! I can't take another moment!
I will close my eyes and I will let the pain take over.
Just take me away.

So here you are.

Close your eyes, hold your hands up high.

How can you be so fucking beautiful and ugly at the same time?

6. Of Demonic Obsession

Many eyes watch close at your peril.
You toy with what is beyond your control.
To love that which is still trapped in its prison of flesh.
Hungry for a soul.

Aching to kill all in its path.
She falls to its hands.

Each step marking its haunted trail.
These hapless victims end their tale.
Left dead at the hands of his bride.
Her soul possessed demonically inside.

Whore! Liar! Hear it cry in your name!
Lay in fear of what surrounds you as you sleep your last.
Though whom you love will fight to protect you,
His foolish blood is now on your filthy hands.

This is the result of demonic obsession,
For now the living shall walk with the dead.
Your futility in ingnoring all the signs and voices
Just can't help you when you are being dragged away,
Screaming from bed.

The eyes still watch.

Night after night the beast creeps closer.
And even light won't be enough to stop it.

No one around to pull you free, as you cringe in shock around you.
All the doors and windows locked,
(All the proof you need is there)
All the walls are caving in,
(But all it wants is you)

Crying tears of grief to drown you, and it's all because of you.
Nameless beast sent from the depths of hell,
Take this girl as your vessel.
Let this place fucking burn to the ground.

It stands in wait, hungry for a soul.

You can't escape your fate.
This is your final dying moment on this fucking earth.

Hungry for a soul...

Now stop and rewind, let's watch again.

7. Interlude


8. Chili Con Carnage

Fuck you.

This is the last you'll get away with all your bullshit lies.
I'll kill the only thing you've tried so hard to keep alive.
Destroy what you've built inside.
Destroy what you fucking had: What I built for you inside.

I am the destroyed.

I followed your steps and I haven't gone anywhere.
I've never felt so cold; I've never felt so fucking alone.

You had everything and gave it all away.
Now you're falling alone into your own despair.

Show off your fake-ass smile, stuck by me for a while.
Your fucked up motives paved the way into this warm embrace.

These scars, this skin and bones are undertones to what you left behind.
These walls that hold this place; A passing phase is this state of mind.

You're fucking dead to me.

Your presence is mine.
Your actions redefine who you are and what you've become.
We are not the same.
Now we know who has changed as you strayed away.

Does the blood deter you away from the war you chose to fight?
And does love demand that you turn away from what you know is right?

Tried to become my friend, but we all knew in the end that
Stabbing backs and slitting throats was all you could afford to do for me.

Crossing these paths only leads to fear.
This is far from over you fucking whore.

And you will fall to your knees,
Beg mercy, "Please! Don't you kill me!"

9. Self Resurrection

Leave me to rot in silence.
Leave me to rot in peace.

I'll fucking watch you burn.

You fell for my deceit.
I have your soul.

You gave away your heart for empty promises.
Cast aside was your conscience and your broken self respect.
You failed to realize the consequences for your actions,
And now you stand before us, waiting just to fall apart.

Now go into the light.
Into the darkness.
And soon you'll believe.

No, you'll never see the forest through these trees.
You'll never live to see the end of this disease,
For your time to die is now.

Everyone who stands will one day fall.
This is my reward for everything I've done.
I have failed myself; I have failed us all,
And I am prepared to die for this day.

This is my last goodnight, you are the sacrifice.

Die for all your lies,
For each you'll suffer.
And soon you'll believe.

You opened my eyes with your lies.
You do this every fucking time.

You opened my eyes with your lies,
And I live now because of you.
And I thank you for everything you put me through.

10. Murder The Martyr

It's tearing me apart from the inside out.
They sit and laugh as I die.
I have made a martyr of a long gone love.
Hearing the voices keeps me alive.
All the while, preparing for this to end.
A slow painful murder, (kill me now)
I’m sinking and I cant reach the surface.
He enjoys my pain.

Laughing as I suffer at his unforgiving hand,
My insides tear from his horrific grin.

Oh, I know what you are,
You are the end of me.

This won't happen again, No not again.
(Last request: say goodbye)

Running away from the fucking pain.

11. Breathless

You came to me with severed ties, discarded hope and the darkest lies.
And no one else around you could see who you really are.
You took away all hope to find the traces of your stolen mind,
And now you're all but lost.

Blaming that which lies before you for all the pain you've endured.
Constantly you've been berating the one simple pleasure of a cure to your life.

Give in to all of your anguish.
Find an escape while you can.
Tie the rope around your neck and take a leap to your end.

I've seen your motives and your closets full of skeletons.
I've seen the truth and I'm so goddamn sick of all of this.
I will not guide you, it will not come to this.

Begin your demise.
A blessing in disguise.

For the truth is just too much for you to bear.
As I watch you fall apart before my eyes,
I push your face into the wall - it's fucking lights out.

Just fucking end yourself.

I can't go on this way.
You've changed everything I've made into this shame.
So here I lie to fade away.

It's not too late for me.

12. Embracing The Void

I've become the virus destroying the doorway to hearts I've long forgotten.
I've conformed to hating the ones that loved me when I was to die alone here.
And this is so to say I gave away my only solace.
But if you take my hand and pull me out of this dead space,
I can breathe in peace again, never mind the way this all will end.
We end.

Pain redefined.
The decision's mine.

For all the things I've done.
For all the things you've done to me.
If only you could see.
Oh the irony.

Our journey has come to its end, so let's not waste time.
Trying to pretend this world was always mine.
Let's all become the animal, let's all become the criminal in this story.
Let's see how it all ends.

Falling from the ledge of conciousness, here I am.
Falling from the edge of hopelessness, here I am.

Spilling into the background, we fall into the color of our world's eyes.
Significantly and overwhelmingly, it starts to take your breath away.

I could paint the world and no one would care.
But you stayed here for me, and thank god you were there.
This love, it still binds me against my will,
As your darling eyes made the world stand still.

Watching the skies turn blue to gray,
And darkness wraps us in its arms.
I want this all to unfold.

And it's everything that you could ever hope it all to be.
Fade into the noise of everything that they all want to see.

Wishing only that the destination's better than the dream.
Still descending, mending all our hearts to spread these broken wings.

I won't let you slow me down.

Holding your life in the palm of your hand,
Tighten your grasp and breathe in once more.

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