Dark Lyrics


1. The First Handful Of Soil

...the last one you want to forget will pour the very first handful of soil on your grave...

2. Open The Casket

When you say deaf to me that I'm doin' the wrong
I give a shit on it- cause this is what I like and this's what makes me strong
Red light! red light! dead end station!
Speed on you can't stop my soul-radiation!
...this burning urge in me

Jaws through my spine-open my casket to see my face smile
Hammer my coffin nail as deep as you can
I am an anvil- hit me thousand times but I will never bend
Burn me, forge me - devastation
But think it through what you've left behind for this bastard nation

What's your left behind?
Dried blood, pulverized bones, shattered beauty of a shattered man...
But my soul lives on...in these plastic buckets of blood!

Unearth my body and fear my slaughter smile
Realize my beauty and I will be the jaw in your fucking spine
Bury me dig me - soul exhumation

But feel all my fears' and pain's revelation

[Chorus x2]

3. Spirit Unseen, Body Unknown

Hallucinations of knowledge
The thought you were something existing
Remains from yourself own usurper of your throne
But the mask falls down: spirit unknown

No one knew your mind No one felt your sigh
No one wanted to break your heart

Joyous thinking Footsteps to leave here
But when heart stops bleeding
Then will be...your spirit unseen, body unknown

Hollow pictures with the razor's edge
Only blood-red paint used on canvas-skin
Remains from yourself at least a brainwashed left behind
a nameless grave-your mirror of life


...a nameless grave-the body unknown...


...just let it never unknown

4. Why The Vultures Cry?

I lay here in this sand of time
Grain crackles among my teeth
Face down-sucked by the ground
But this soil owns nothing that I have to stand up for
I could lift up my head but what is to see above
Dried grass-stealing through light
Carrion eaters growl
...nothing to stand up for

Tear me-gnaw me-feed me
Why don't you smell the plague
Digest me shit me-utilize me

Why the vultures cry? round and round they fly
Why the vultures cry?
My dried bones are useless now
...now and forever more

The north wind had to spread my smell
On this battlefield all around
Face down-deep to the ground
This soil feeds nothing but only a lonely corpse
Time to realize that bones are nothing for
No food-crying vultures
Starvation is that growl
...nothing to stand up for


I'm weak to be flesh that's all
Underneath everything
Their flight is so wonderful
Face down- I'm bones on the ground
My only dream is that growl
My only dream is that growl


5. One More Lie

Feelings within deleted with a blink of an eye
Promise of love terminated just one more lie

My life fades away and the blood my heavens weep Will penetrate my soul
This thirstiness of grief the lost chance to believe My body lost control
...Sadness To Behold

Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dirt

Heart is burden relentless with this stone inside
My struggle to believe tormented by branding iron of lie


Ashes to ashes dust to dust
The new beginning is lie
From embers to fire from fire to ash
To believe is dirt and must die

Ashes to ashes dust to dirt...and the old doctrines will never be heard
Feelings within deleted, buried deep in the ground
Belief in love terminated.

Just one more lie...
...will penetrate my soul
This thirstiness of grief
My body lost control
Sadness to behold


6. A Grief History

Check this anger...
Our hate crawls flesh to the bone
Enough to look different and one shade of other will open a cause for a war
No wonder it's our fuel fire and food
A warfare instinct spiral

If evidence failing
Look into the review-mirror
3 minutes roughing
Is not enough but 2 words are:

A brief history
Blood, strength and lies
A brief history
Only grief will rise

...so this means...war...

March - Kill
Rebuild the rain
Our Grave new world needs souls to renew again

But this anger...

[Repeat 1st verse]

...only grief will rise
So let's start our war...now!!!

7. Poisonvein 1010011010

Living with this barcode deep inside
Looking through the black cage burnt behind my eyes
Night affection, terminal infection
Binary abscess on this festering nation

Black I feel-bleeding still
To mute encoding I close my eyes
I'm rather blind than this barcode inside
Like a tumor ones and zeros burn my bones
I'm without within like mechanical stone
Devaluation, degradation
I'm good at reduced price for this goddamn nation


Oh sweet night I'm falling down
I'm poison-veined, generated, enslaved
Hold my arms Embrace me now
Coded and insane I'm poison-veined right now

...my poison is life

Like clet against machinery seems my war
But all the atoms was believed so undividable
Night affection, terminal infection
I want to be an abscess on this binary festering godforsaken nation


Poisonvein 666

8. To Relive My Carnage

When your life WENT sick I was retreat, I was the wing
Eyesight, sun in the dawn But you find denied feathers
Coexistence went sick I don't know that you forgot all or is it just your final trick
To verminate the last tie
Your new world is nothing but lie

Yet I feel desire Just to see your face an old wound- (but it's) a phrase
Still I feel power Hear and heal your sore
You spit me in the face but I stand up for more

Chained on a glass cage Rats are locked in, want to escape
A new life ripping my heart To forget me is to reborn
Traitor deceive - I will payback that you cut my veins and show my old sorrow weed
Confront your future trace:
Your mirror will show a blank face


Why I stand up for more
Why I stand up fore more
If hurts for so long
To relive my carnage

Understand this urge Loose your faith, think never returns
I give back then push your head Between the rail and the train wheel
Perform love, perform hate - Play your life more faster pay a ticket to the train of fate
Cut your last tie Your new world is nothing your new world is nothing but lie

[Chorus x2]

9. Alone As God

Lie me 3 times: love, love, love
Before the rooster wakes they will simply turn into not not not
Who was the apostate, who denied his Lord on this way?
Hey, sorry I don't know I live against these worth

Your belief, your life Will fade away in my eyes
Maybe you should do the same Weep out those frozen strength-tears

Have you ever tasted to bid farewell to someone you love love love?
Realized that the kisses were fake not a smile was real not not not
Why I remember your face, the contour of betrayal ways?
Hey sorry I don't know but I can't deny my within (as you)


Painless within You left me here
Deprivation of my soul to thank
Alone as God I stand

Soulless as god
Scorn my creation
Shut 'em shut your fearful lying eyes
I deny the love
It's my damnation
Fed up with fear I have to dismiss to possess


...but you lied me 3 times!!!
Maybe I should do the same, weep out those frozen strength tears
Hey, I just wanted to proof: sometimes hurts what's livable

Soulless as god
Scorn my creation
Shut 'em shut your fearful lying eyes
I deny the love
It's my damnation
Fed up with your blood-red weeping lies


10. Enter The Garden

How long you want live this daydream?
While you are sleeping there's nightmare all around

God's hands are full - please take mine...

...and enter the garden
I will show you the way...

So, pray for me now
Eat-that's my corpus
Drink-that's my blood
And this barrel in the mouth- that's my light

How long will last this utopia?
While you are praying this world comes falling down
This ark is crashing down, but there are other dams to hide
Believe me something, there are new floods on the way


Enter my garden please take my hand
Feel my cold black steel flowers within
See all this beauty-coins on your eyes
(You won't get in, I whisper)
Cause I'm your mind then it's suicide

Release the earthly purgatory
Nothing to unleash you are living here for a while
The bandage of belief important cure for brainwashed minds
Fed your fire, made you forever blind


So, pray for me now
Eat-that's my corpus
Drink-that's my blood
And this barrel in the mouth-that's my light

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