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1. Half-Hearted (Intro)


2. The Absent

Absent through a hollow weight
An ever-hurting pain in vein
Intersection of parallels farthers moreover
The great abductor, the great abductor
Thrusts my soul apart
Fake deceivers, shallow shammers...

...tell that I am half
I would show you my twin heart

Distance as dogmatic scheme
Dissolving measure of the frail and weak
but in submission theories invert, turn over
So great dictators, and regulators
It's time to bow down
Fake deceivers, shallow shamers...


Absent but beating hard

Life-blood that rose too far away

Your so-called "truth" is hate
Covering your wounds like a silken veil
Burden of proof that pulls you down under
If you were on my way
Denial would cut your apathic veins
But I am stronger, two times stronger

Beating hard
Absent but beating


Absent but beating hard

So great dictators, and regulators
It's time to bow down
Fake deceivers, shallow shamers...
It's time to bow down

3. The Great Abductor

I have to bear my Monday morning cross like a yoke towers its burden
As I'd trail an engine and the machinist with the sulphur-breath laughter
He's whipping me into the opposite direction
He's whipping me but I would tend to you
But I want tend to...you

They nail my mistakes on me and I make them part of the system
I wear them as my crown of thorns, attach them, archive them
Repeating my mistakes like a stuck turntable
Following the leader this is the task
It seems to me the tyrant-masks are more transparent
It seems to me they're not disturbing in the mass

Honor and morality
For them do not mean anything,
Are easy to annihilate as a tag

I hope these railways will erode,
I feel the machine clogging
it grinds the grain harder more and more

Behind me on wagons
More thousand Monday morning Jesuses follow in screaming
They want to lead, they want to crawl
Till their nails splinter in blood, till the coal chews their bone...
Till the coal chews their bone

They're whipping me into the opposite direction
They're whipping me and I will tend to you

Always slower I drag the gear,
Sinking under the weight I trail
...But I crawl to you
Till the coal chews my bone

4. Sulphur Breath Laughter

With every day the whip hits down
Beat by beat you deepen my harm
Tear my wings out, chop down
You can't deny my everlasting fly

My everlasting fly
Till my last breath I'm holding on

You are rotten to the bone
You stink like a rat in the hole
Yet you made me serve, pushed me down
I am more abject than you are


Even if I try
Till my last breath I'M holding on
Hear my sulphur breath laughter

(If you really don't know what hell means...) Come and taste its smell

So I scratch down on the ground
Wound by wound I'm approaching my shell
Unwinged, fallen down
Smell my breath I'm just leaving hell


5. Unwinged

Soaring with wings of innocence I saw the Earth's resignation
This 3rd spit of the Sun from above seemed like a teardrop in a black ocean...
...a teardrop of pure emotion

You made me unwinged
Separated from my spine and grinded
Yoke instead feathers
but this falling made me sober

From closer world's beauty became disgust as I watched the man's slow swarming
Indifference, jealousy, despise, greed, extortion made the human virus unfolding


My wings -Your trophy
You're bursting with pride
My pain - Your proof
That you're always right

But to tell the truth I really don't care
You are something I'm not
My soul flies without these wings
As I crawl on the ground till my fingers bleed

Facing the human coldness I resolved to find the missing part of mine
who stands the smell filled the lungs of mine

[Chorus x2]

6. Something I'm Not

The path to the reign of reptiles is paved with negation
The coldest blooded , the strongest nation
They call me weaker, I stand tall
I say I'm closer, they tell I'm far

They vaunt their believed power with oppositions
It's thought-foeticide- mind abortion
They call me brainless, but I've heart
Yet incomplete without love

There's no meaning to count my failures, you are something I'm not
Don't compare me to yourself, you're something I'm not

These unspined built a machine for the great abduction
To rip out the last manlike: emotion
They call it sickness, I think it is soul
They call me lesser, but I'm more

[Chorus ]

They want to make me a gear of their machinery
Their will made me resistant, they never will rule on me

My weakness they laughed at it keeps me in motion
To be the plague of this parasite nation
They call me broken, but I soar
They made me unwinged, but I crawl

They call me brainless, but I've heart
Yet incomplete without love


There's no meaning to stand in my way
'cause I will never give in
Never give in

7. The Incomplete


8. Intersection Of Parallels

Two fathers I had: "survive" and "stay manlike"
While a war of their bloods was raging
I've almost forgotten how is life

No senses I felt Until my fathers' fall
The one killed by the other
Survived as numb and shot like a dog

No mother I had I'm hollow I'm just spawned
She denied me to raise and teaching
That without a within where's pain inside

Fire up all senseless
Platoons of my pain march through my vein
Intersection of parallels
Marks the battles we've lost
The place wherever we lay

So I scrounged around for my senses that crawl was so infinite far
It will end beyond horizon where these parallels meet for all

The place I laid is the goal of someone who's looking for the pain

(My fathers are dead - No mother I had
No senses I felt - My half heart was undead)

Where the parallels met I found the part of mine and unchained the burden
Distance made us strong, crawling made us one, we'll cleanse this Sodom
They are the ones who lie living what's lifeless just to stay immortal
But we release our senses and pain to fight in military order


After us fire floods...

9. After Us Fire Floods

World seemed endless but it fades away
I switched my track from not to dissolve but stay
Slithering to infinity
The crossing I crave it cannot be...

...the point in the distance for railways rasp the unknown
The wish and the dream are different but the sleeper - is the corporate thorn

After Us Fire Floods
All is burning
No more dams to hide

All fake roads lead to eternity
My half I missed it was always there for me
Abreast running all the way
Don't look back , let the burning sulphur rain...

...on men of blindness
Transform them to pillars of salt
All of them, to pillars of salt


As crystal clear eternal crysalis
they died as they lived half-hearted and alone and soulless
Sodium and chloride are lifeless
their pillars of salt are nameless

Let the burning sulphur rain

Fallen leaf I was without a tree
But I found my branch it's always in bloom for me
All the bridges burn on our way
Don't look back - that moment will congeal...In cold structured pain


After Us Fire Floods
There's no mountain
High enough to build an ark

All the dams are on fire

10. The Corporate Thorn

Ashes and smouldering
Screaming shades in molten salt
All we didn't find appropiate
We destroy them all, perish them all

Finding a principle
Evil or good to redefine
as we cut all ties to decay
is harder than all - it's the real crawl

Dreaming and yearning is bursting our chests Like thorns under rib they bruise until we're dead

Our thirst and all our dreams
Seem to become reality
But all that compassed us fell down
We destroy them all, perish them all

We build the embodiment
Of all evil we feared before
the real tyrants we became
stronger than all we feared before

[Chorus ]

I reclaimed all I had lost
But the doubt in my own self stabs

(I'm maladjusted to myself
I'm not the same man I was
Since I know you I feel that I'm whole
But all that hurts hurts twice)

Hurts twice

Dreaming and yearning is bursting our chests Like thorns under rib our heart they scratch
Our skin's bloodshot gory red They bruise until we're dead

The doubt in my own self stabs
Another mourning comes

The corporate thorn
Hurts twice

11. Another Mourning Comes

After all floods has risen
and all anchors are dropped to the deep
We live out of soul abduction
protected by the dams we built
new walls - new martyrs

Brave new world, new world order but all the martyrs are the same: dead

Another mourning comes
Another bloodred dawn
Another grave surrounded by my own fiends

Every face looks down on me
Teardrops fall down splattering
Why are those faces so close?
Only six feet from this perspective
Black crowd - same fake tears

All mask's blank featureless like mine It seems like my own funeral - I'm dead


'Bereavement' is in my dictionary quite close to the 'brave'...to the 'brave new world'


They wear my mask, face of a regretful martyr Who died for an exception that proves their rule

István Cseh ‒ Vocals
Péter Musitz ‒ Guitars
Toth Balázs ‒ Guitars
Gábor Õri ‒ Bass
Attila Cseh ‒ Drums

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