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1. Temptress Luna

And she rides the never world of her own majestic mountain. And
remembering the snow and the demons, she flies... Across a
scarlet forever, with a shimmering more divine. The witches ride
the sabbat, just a breeze across her path. The breath of unborn
gods blows in her hair, and she runs to meet the night. Against
the shallow consecration of the spiders sigh, drinking the silver
through her veins, a starry sanguine alive. She can't ever come
down, ever come back, she's not here. A pitiful lust of the
common, clawing at her, screaming, but only you can see her. She
dances the pentagram ablaze, lit like the fire of hell.
Spontaneous and natural, the kundalini of the soul. Come into my
parlour, the temptress red, the blood of the moon washing to
cleanse of death.

An anthem requiem for the refuge of the souls, the chosen come.
The willowy silence of the grave, the sight of the new time, the
tombs damp and waiting like the serpents of the earth.

Quiet lucid sighing, a gateway like no other, deep and dark and
mystic in the lure of the ending. Monstrous halls of her mind, a
labyrinth dark, consuming nothing and creating the web. An abyss
of sorrow, weeping in the battles of ghouls and laughter, run to
penetrate the storm. She comes like the new death, the lost
transformation, the circle of the dimension invisible. And her
consciousness passes between rats, biting between traps, she
wants it no more. Forever knowing above the height of the wind,
the view of the nightshade differs, as the moon fires the path
silent. She rides her own majesty. Quiet lucid sighing, gateway
like no other, deep and dark and mystic in the lure of the ending
But as the sun dies with forever, her crown grows evermore.

2. Requiem Spell

watching a thread of silver mar my eyes. Losing an intensity
which once did not exist. Left alone a mirror of black, takes
away the truth of existence aeturnal, did you ever really know it
anyway? Who looks through to a realm labyrinth of nothingness
rain? Lost are those who know no death, for they shall prosper
none. For it was then and now and forever where I see ones

I watch a raging sky and hear the hymns of ancient walked.
I know a lust so deep, there is insufficient satisfaction.
I walk through a hall of emeralds, they glisten through my feats.
I hear the hymns of ancient walked, and let them reap an opus

Touch the stars of my soul, and reap harvest of galaxies immense
Watch us fall, and dance. Run through rivers of blood, cradled
pale flesh, lay in the chamber of ones mistress dark. Lovers
embrace in ocean spray. Locked in a silver fire immortal, but
stars die too. Run in an abyss divine, float through hazy
enlightenment. Ask and you shall wonder. Know and you shall lose,
desolate, vast, black desert suffocating me. A mirage of forever,
I reach and cease to breathe the diamond steals my breath to
beauty enhance, and she lives all over you. Watching, waiting,
knowing. The queen of the universe triumph. Beauty. Never
whispers none, a palechord of melancholy, where a throne is sown
black. Invoke them in the waters of desolation incarnate, walk
through the clawing spines. A bride of the moon, a canopy of
ashen dust.

I laugh no more

3. Velvet Claws

Forced to your death as the darkness holds the smile.
Calling no more to the liars in a land which once only cried.
Call forth to me your whimfull dominus and feel the breath of fire choke his mirage like a soft pirouette. And we'll triumph with time. Laugh at the cross, spit on the cloth, call the blasphemous demons forth and run with the storm.
Rising to the other side, the nightmares dancing on the horizon feed the sky and cleanse the soul. And your thoughts, see them gathering like dancers forever under the trees.
Cause you alone weren't the only one, you alone weren't the lord, you alone will burn in hell, with the lambs all screaming with you. The tyrant claws tearing the earth, thunder as the ancient ones rise. And all those who wasted their key to the gates will perish in
eternity longer than they thought. Rising and calling forever in darkness named, shimmering in the twilight of the begotten. The caressing scold of the doomsday letter inscripting the night on tomorrow's gate. Running to perfection, the screams of the wind just a wailing
Come along and dance at the chance to use these velvet claws.
Feed the order with a poison vial, and the deathcrush hence begun. Walking to the midnight, chanting a silent durge to terrify the light, and wake the eternal. And they all dance in chains like the fake ritualist, calling with no mind to no one.
And we'll suffer no more, and we'll fall once more, like always, gathered for never.

4. Drain The Labyrinth

A breath of darkness
an existence painted in thriving red
a crown of ivy
and she danced...
the branches trying to catch her
with desirous, clawing dead love
and she tranced...
morbid tales fill her sarcophagus

a timeless crown on the neverworld duchess
dancing she comes to the storm
slithering from the dark of her soul
to the night of the day
bleeding in games
for tomorrow they come to drown her
too long has she had this reign
and the dukes all present their gallant hands
for this, the last drain
a white bedroom lost in thought
of the serpents entwined in yesterdays labyrinth
a semen spell in the cauldron red
starts to bleed a new game
for tomorrow they come to bound her
but this they have always done
and she laughs at their gallant mucus hands
for their night never comes
a white bedroom lost in thought
of the serpents entwined in yesterdays labyrinth
a semen spell in cauldron red
starts to bleed a new game
starts to bleed...

5. Perpetual Dancer

perpetual dancer
lost in the streams
of innocent violation
and the time denotes only a chaos
of certainty.
perpetual dancer
let me wreathe this braided flesh
upon your head
and love you in the mirror
for time says that this can go on
perpetual dancer
exclude me from your last dance
for time knows nothing
the illusion of certainty.
perpetual dancer
beautiful as the dark winds
frustrating as sporn
divine as the night
...love me you might.

6. Sullen Becometh

look into the sullen need, and see the castle. Forboding as time and the night which draws it. The shadowy reek of sorcerers and witches, screaming at why they're just a reek.
Hearken to the window they beckon, come with us.
Like a cowardic caress, the day fumbles for the rain and the night triumphant, recites forth like wolfsbane. Pretentious look at what's far between, and the dog which should not be.
The stormy caress of doom hanging from the sky, bleeds over branches clawing to the secret....and the goddess full glares through. In the ecstasy of fire and blood, they ride, a red crown of horns their only dress. Whispers and wanting, higher and laughter raging through
the lunar breathe. And they all know....
The darkness and the portal clouds speaking of lands far away and not long ago. This sigh, this witches night, this iron fence creaking in delight, a reminder so longing. Run in archaic incantations, and let this dark kiss of the horned one, flow like a river into Hades.
Flowing in orgasmic fire...
The velvet cape and the hooded gaze, a tender invitation to the priestess ride. And they cackle in this warmth, cackle in this fire and you...
and you crying at the new-found beauty of the night.
Pretentious look at what's far between, and the dog which should not be.
The stormy caress of doom hanging from the sky, bleeds over branches clawing to the secret....

7. Blood Dance

And she watched and she waited. Loving a time eaten by demons and
cursing the day. A sombre seed of a mirrored point, just an idea.
Laughing in a kaleidoscope of blood and honey... it was all just
a dream. The scream, the nod, the boy, the idea. The five points
of frustration, inverted to decode, and now they're just upside
down. And the snakes who gave you life, mock them from their
faraway silent mystery. The temptress in green runs to her attic
temple, the sick secrets and the moon all hers to chant in a dark
wood falls into crush her of the house she cannot find. Requiem
and wandering, following shadows burnt in the dark. Fucking
herself in the dense where the cats all watch and guard, and her
offspring - a watery universe spark in the chaos of thoughts and
orgasm. Where the cats are gods and the forest is home and the
blood is the life... A hypodermic, the symbol of the temple. And
grim reaper, he won't come to her. And she puts a kiss in the
cauldron every night for his ghost, yet the birds always sing.
The necklace dangles on her breast and fires at the moons touch.
The chaos mingles with the dust of the grave, while the ashes
blow away. And the gate between illusion and breath creaks wider
with the fading of the sun. Now she wears a cape.

Thanks to m-alice for sending these lyrics.

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