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1. Abiding Our Time

Reaching for our knives
Waiting feeble minds cry
We shall fight for the race
Our race shall survive
Cleansing all the waste
Waste becomes their pride
Pride they see as a crime
Infected the race shall die

Come inside venture the way
Plotting our deeds natures way
Taking away their animal play
Teaching their being
They all shall bleed

Christianity burdens our whole life
Even though we see their own old lies
Blackness reaps our earth as
Darkness forms a line
We shall reap their sins
All the rats shall die

In now on me life decays
The trouble we see is in our own brains
Conquering seas and lands away
Were coming for thee
Don't ride away
'til you have pain

The reaping of pain will be simpler for me
Cause we have seen your race not clean
If I was god I'd see your needs
But the trouble you'd be
I'll kill you before
You were ever born

2. To See Your Name

Weakeners of our time sinners of our mind
We will segregate our own source of time
Satan's on the way weak man's only pride
We suffer today to save our own mind

Reverence - waiting for the vein
Sanctity - waiting for vein

Reaping across the plains
Burning the book of lies
Deep behind the lines
A black book of disguise

Come down to me appear by the light
We cannot fear
Bow down for me, I will grant powers
To set you free

We stand here in own place
Waiting for the night to seal our fate
The reaping of the stage is in our game
Hunting you down we will see our name

Why we breed, why we see
To see your name

The secret to life is in our brains
Just to find the keys to the maze
Hunting for the being we all so hate
Sinning our sins we will see our name

3. The Telling

The race is in need as judgement unfolds
Our time has come near
The war shall be born
Walking in chaos allegiance come forth
Territories we see are seeming to fall

Celebrate the new way of thought
Killing machines to the court
Faith lies in sins as sinners we're born
Taking our crown our secrets service moulds

The coming - of futures unfortold
The telling - that Christian life's no more
The waiting - for Christ to grow horns
Intelligent beings reach for your swords

For what you can believe Christianity takes away
Save your energy, save your energy
For a better day
They will see our gods, god shall they see
Reaping at their being feeding the seas
With their minds

We shall be aligned, the book known to me
Will fade away, reverence to those who care
Who care for their mind

Children we see are taken
By the hand, also from behind
Given the gift, the gift of life
To sin our minds

4. What Of This Place

What of this place - so unique
What of this being - wants to sense of pride
So shall we breed - across the lands
Where are our gods we so simply perceive

What of this place - so blackened through
Fear it not me, even not me
We're of a time we see that we breathe
We perceive

We terminate by the sun
In our own cold way
We celebrate with our fate
Where we burn

Chaos we see in our realm
Coming for the light we see in our fear
We will be

We sentence our lives to be free
Strangulation of life we see
We sentence our lives to be free
(All we want is to go out in the dark)
Strangulation of life we see
(But who cares we can't see it anyway)

5. Hope Is Near

Burning across the plains
Always before, riding for the sea
Abzu we call
Satan there's a way a way for us all
We fight today, natures call - revive

Revive the sea for not we are born
We shall be free, our service moulds
We betrayed our ways
The ways for us all
Seeing across the seas - we shall have all
Waiting for the day - the day they fall
We will be free - Satan have all

The sun in our skies
Pegazuz rise
The dark of our mind

We - we ride our name in fear
For we have our own domain
We lead our lives astray
Until we have been obeyed

6. Sense Of Face

We will, we will not be found
Sacred, sacred is our holy ground
Rebirth, we fight for the right
The right for our fate is bringing war
The order of strength we light the fire
The fire in our brains
Our order is sweet and so we have the thrown
Building our means forever

In our self we have to fight
The fight for our face
Our face in the sky
Prophets are born and people shall die
Gripping with fear at the face in the sky

Truth now behold, behold for a war
Of a war in our fear, our fear to conform

7. Conscious Hide!

We betrayed the people we fight
No more fear, fear of a conscious hide
Remember the sea which kept us alive
The beggars we see, we see far behind

We will not betray the ways

Come an existence we revive
Revive we see our own life
With the face of conscious hide
Bring us forth the game
We have your fear, your fear in our hands
Ripping your minds away
To intimidate your fear for us is a plan
We have foreseen the end of your life

In our lives we are lost for our ways
For we see for light seers away
The people we see will fade away

Trouble me and you'll see
We have great on our side
For we see for the light fades away
We will be

We are the ones who take away
We are the sight beyond the day
See all your prayers fade away
A change in fate will come your way
Seeing the truth behind the maze
Daring to see

8. Nothingness

We see the light we see
We see the light that's taken away
Darkness we feel - we feel the dark
That paves our way
Nothingness we feel
Nothing that you feel
Will be for you
Reverence away
Away for ourselves to be in pain

The serpent on brains is the other side
What we hope to be, the others only lie
Stalking our own brains to see what we find
Is there any room behind our minds?

Believe in what we see, can only come in time
Waiting for the ones to see if we can hide
Sorting through the truths around our eyes
We can only see our minds

Thanks to hamedasar for sending these lyrics.

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