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1. Infant Brutality

Is a bed dream or is it real?
Something's changed I'm stratin'to feel!
Th'Innocence of children's dead!
Oh, what beast dwells in the head?
Crystal tears are falling down
Of despered mothers to the lawn.
What a blames we all have done?
Dark is a moon, darker's sun.

Mother, shaw me better place to live!!!
Dolly, I have done a bad think, sorry, I didn't know that it could happen.
Mother is not crying, anymore, why is she so silent now?

[Dolly:] Bastard!!!

Tell me, if she can stroke me, again, when I despered and lonely.
When need her beautiful smile and voice, whispering: "Sleep, sleep my darling..."

Now it's to late for compassion!
Now it's to late feeling grief!

Who could forgive, sins of children.
Punish or let live? That's the question for us!

Pay... for what have you done!
When sun goes down, souls of victims can not sleep well, wanting vandage...
And for little murders dark night is so dangerous, many things could happen to you...
...little foot could slip in bathroom,
When forgotten face in a mirror suddenly appears to you,
Memories will always find you if you want or if you not!!!
You could have been mother's princess, but you bad girl, lost your chance,
From The Land Of Shadows the wind brought message,
It's your mummy who wants you back...
And for little murders...

"Our thoughts and actions testify our staggering. Murder or caress -
What makes the difference? Is just about the intensity of touch..."
No! Shut your mounth you daring Dolly, or I'll do it, warn you now!
Thought you hear me, it was a mistake.
Your blue eyes will peck the crow, you daring Dolly!
...Fall asleep as did my mother...

2. Die For You...

All my doubts are so deep, if it dones true I'll go mad!
Every night, I fall asleap with the fear in my head.
I don't long for your money, I don't long for all your sex!
Something glitters in your hand it do must be father's axe.
How could I have loved this creature how could I have fucked this freak?
I greed is your only future, no thanks no kiss but strong kick!
I don't want to pay any longer for my sins I have done,
Death is not my destination, kill yourself and use my gun!!!
Die for you is not my happiness,
I don't care for life like this.
In yo' heart's nothing but emptiness...
No more war ' want back my peace!

3. Heroes

Everything is goin' wrong, if you want to be alive,
You have to be strong and you don't have to cry.
They are heroes, when bullet zoom around,
They are heroes and everywhere is blood.
People are screaming, that we all are forming the world.
Dead is everywhere, turned cross, magic circle is closed.
I'm very awfully, sorry that I say...
You don't know what's reality, intuation show you the way.
They are heroes, they hate smell of blood.
They are heroes, kill of than people is their job.
...you don't have to cry!
...you want to be alive!
People are screaming...
Don't lose your hope! Dead is commin' and cut our head.
Cross step over the fuckin' corpse and go for your dream.
They are heroes, they like smell of blood,
They are heroes, memory changed their life.

4. Judge Of Life

Don't believe in ressurrection, ressurrection of the soul,
Don't believe in fucking creation, we celebreated all"
We were so deep in lies, can't see in the eyes,
Mercy on his fall.
I hope only in his cryin', when he's falling,
Down of the sky...
Do you want to reach to heaven?
Do you think it's a better than hell?
We're told to believe in the only master,
But when I used to search him, I found only pure suffering"
We don't want to have thorny crowns on heads,
No more "spiritus sancti",
No more "in excelsis deo",
No more holy bullshits choir of a rats.
I hope only
When they promissed us light,
When had a darkness in their mind,
When they preached to drink a water, all of them were tasting wine.
After rise, came violent fall,
We opened the eyes and opened the door,
We let the fresh air in the mind,
We're no more def and no more blind"... So it be!
Follow the voice of your soul, when whispering: "Go"!
When you want to find the true, you mustn't crowl!
Say, don't to your enemy, say don't to your fear,
Refuse the religion, axcept what's clear,
Say to the people who can not see,
The God is dead new kingdom's near"
We found a new way, let's celebrate.
...unrotten soul"

5. Plague

Tousand's of people are dying in pain,
Asking for fast end in mercyful flame.
No one helps them untill they're gone
Untill thein flesh is burnt, milled is each bone.
Putrit stink can smell in the air,
No need for any jails, electric chair.
Forever! The soil will be spoiled,
We breath them, we drink them, we eat them in bread,
Now we can see, how taste the death.
We do need no mercy, wanna die,
As the humans, but not in cry.
Jesus left us, all alone, run away,
Out of this place, full of sorrow, full of fear, fucking fear!
Let me tell you, what is the plague?
It is the worst way how you can die,
All of you people it's high time to wake.
Let me tell you, what is the plague?
Why God allows, so much of sorrow,
So much of tears, so much of blood!?
I will tell you, how you will die,
What will be the last thing, that see your eye?
Don't forbid us finish our lifes! Let us go!
Don't forbid us use guns or knifes! Let us go!
Don't forbid us stop all the cries! Let us die!
Don't forbid us close our eyes! Let us die!
Let us die!!!

6. Suicide

When I sitting on my floor behind enemy close the door.
I'm not a manowar, but inside me still is a war.
I'm looking on my face and don't see my eyes,
My life is race and full of fucking lies.
Fear! I have weighty reason, keep so far away,
Life is a fucking prison!
I have been sleeping a many years it seems,
Fallen angels at my feet, I'm too lost!
Some face it haunt's my once dreams,
I'lay dying, I'm ghost!
Fear! I have weighty reason...
Follow like a many mans before,
Follow death and I'm looking for...
Fear! I have weighty reason...

7. Revenge From The Darkness

So you thaught I'll forget?
Oh no, no my friend, still can remember that!
Each while I can replay!
No it's needless to pray!
No one will hear you, nothing can save you!

I'll find you in your mind.
Whole your thinking... I will bind!
In the darkness,
You'll get blind...
No salvation you can find!!!

I'm just comin, I'm so close now,
The lord of pain, the son of Evil.
I miss nothing but your sweet flesh...
I miss nothing but your blood!

[Ref. 2:]
Your death will be slow,
Wait for my poisoned claw!

Mill your bones, cut your finger,
No compassion for you, rat,
That's the justice for you creature,
You're the mouse now, I am cat!

[Ref. 3:]
Your head I will mow,
Like a snow you must thaw!

I'll find you in your mind...

8. Underworld

I'm coming to your kingdom my lord,
Standing naked in front of you.
Crawling to your legs,
Waiting for your castigation....

There's no sun, even moon,
There's no stars in the sky,
But the stink of the doom
And the voice's calling: Fly!

[Ref. 1:]
Your eyes are in my brain,
Your voice is sighing in a darkness...
Still in my head, still in my blood!

There's not something catch,
There's only blood on the wall,
Bath sides having hard match,
And voice's calling: Fall!

There's no lifes in the water,
There's no wishes in your mind,
For Devil Angel is'nt wonder,
And voice's calling: Die!

[Ref. 2:]
No chance to escape,
But die horrible pain.
Rivers of tears are flowing this earth,
No one sings, but your sword, my master!

It's hopeless the call the God,
He won't hear you,
He's not alive anymore,
Lord martyred him!

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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