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1. Di Åpner Porten Til Helvete

[Music: Nattefrost, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

Kaos på SATANS slagmark
Hellig Jord Badet I blod...
Eimen av slakta spedbarn
Kristen død og Kristenmanns blod

Di Åpner porten i natt.. til HELVETE!!!
En ny åpenbaring i Dyrets tegn
Evig hat og evig mørke
Forferdelse og evig pinsler
Skapt av ondskap og tidløst hat
Dommedags Eld og (en) djevelsk død
Alt Liv skal knuses i kampen MOT GUD
med beina godt plantet i HELVETEEE!!!!!!

"Tror ikke på noen gud, ingen GUD!!!
Kvalme og Forakt i Kristen drakt... Dommedag...
Golgatha blir nostalgi, Jesus profeterte pedofili.."
Slakt alt Hellig, Drep alt jordlig liv...
Lev i skitten Synd, Dø i evig skam!!
Brenn Guds hus, Død over Guds barn

Vi Åpner porten til HELVETE!!!

Meld deg skyldig i løgn og hykleri
Gammal tidløs misantropi
Jesus elsket korset, er min teori (for helvete)

EVIG HAT!!! HAT!!! (Repeat, og ta ditt eget liv)

2. The Frostbitten Woodlands Of Norway

[Music: Tehort, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

From the ice-cold Norwegian Hills
From the silver mountain
And from My world I consider you Dead
I am born of Evil and Sin
And I always walked unholy paths
That you never seen or heard of
...And I must fight the endless battle ALONE

You Freeze to death.. In morning mist..
Great vast landscapes, Frostbitten woodlands...
Frozen thunder, Hellish blizzard storms
Here snow will always fall... Black majestic Winter Magic
The evil frozen Moonlit Nights

Here exist NO fucking life! This is MY pandemonium!!!
The Unholy North
The Cold grip of Frost... of Frost!!!!

Screams from tormented souls
Echoes in these towering mountains
The burning Pain is meant to last...
The direction of cold winds brings the putrid smell of Death...
All Heretics and Devils stand up and rides towards the Unholy Death...

Inhuman Coldness, Hellish winds
Black demons of the past
Norwegian Winter Hell...
Violent Battlecries, Perverted deathnoise
Victorious echoes of War, Death and Despair...
Candle life of own blood, and Heathen Heritage..

3. Start Up The Incinerator (Here Comes Another Useless Fool)

[Music Tehort, Lyrics Nattefrost]

Start it up
Start it up!!!

I got a desperate urge to slaughter
I have a sickening need to torture
I can die by no human hands
This unholy demon force

I was born to line the tombs of men
I am born of Satan and of sin
Black as a sculpture
Full winged on every cold night
Everyday I eat the fucking apple of Eden
Awaiting the destruction of the gods

I command you all to go out and slaughter
I command you fools to rape and murder
All for the glory of Him!
All for the glory of Hell!

Start up the incinerator
Here comes another useless fool

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Start up the incinerator
Here comes another useless fool

You must always live in sin
You must never help the weak
You must never feel guilt
And you live in the sorrow
And you live in the pain
And who the fuck do you think you are?
Start up the incinerator!


4. Submit To Satan!!!

[Music: Nattefrost, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

I embrace the cold Death..
With the burning Blade of Evil
The warm Blood on my hands
The trembling in your Christian knees
Liar, Weak is the Nature of Man..
What the hell are you waiting for????
Submit to SATAN!!
Cut the flesh (and) submit to Death!!
Whip and burn your skin
The Hellfire will burn deep within
Come Sodomy, Satan and Sin...
KILL GODDAMMIT, Let the war Begin!!
Priests and prophets and the gospel of lies..
The Heaven shall burn, all humanity Dies..
I sin, I sodomize, I slaughter, I sacrifice!!!
SUBMIT!!!! Submit to SATAN!!
Pervert you useless soul
My inner destruction demons
Hold high the black Inverted Cross!!!
Forever submit to SATAN!!!
SUBMIT!!!! Submit to SATAN!!!! Embrace the cold grim Death
The burning blade of evil
The warm blood on my hands
Hold high the black Inverted Cross!!!
Submit to SATAN!!!! SUBMIT!!!!

5. Diabolism (The Seed And The Sower)

[Music: Tehort, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

Set the World ablaze!!
Blood must be shed
Again and again
Sin after Sin!!!
Holt monumental Goat-Throne
Universal furnice...
The triumphant flame of SATAN!!!

6. Dypfryst / Dette Er Mit Helvete

[Music: Bloodpervertor, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

Til Helvete...
Livet har ingen mening
Et live er intet verd..
Dypfryst sjel, en siste ferd
Gjennom norsk grim skog,
Over nakent fjell..
Når en konge skall Dø
Og blått blod blir til is!!!
En ny NORSK hedensk høytid,
Når mitt liv skal gis...
dette er mitt HELVETE...

7. Everyday I Must Suffer!

[Music: Tehort, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

Unholy blood has been offered
(and) again I tap my Vein
My blood is eternally yours
I will give my life to you!!!
Everyday I must SUFFER
FUCK OFF and let me bleed...
"..I laugh and spit at your mortality
Because I know there is NO heaven.."
As Violent Hellstorm returns
The cold Winds of Madness from the Dark human Abyss
Kill all meaningless Icons..
(Be) Condemned to Hell..

8. The First Cut Is The Deepest

[Music: Nattefrost, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

Step forth to the Devils Warfield
And see His world through possessed Satanic eyes...
I am the enemy of God!!!!
And the purest fire burns within..
A hunger for Death!!!
The world Abyss!!!!!!
You live like filth under your false Judeo God...
The first CUT......
A man-made Black Messiah!!!

9. Evil Egocentrical Existencialism

[Music: Tehort, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

I vomit on your compassion
Cause there is no salvation
This is maximum fucking hell
I cant fucking breath
I used to live a long life

Maximum fucking hell

A burn and destructive carnival
I vomit on your compassion
Jesus Christ come
Total evil, total hell
(And) time has showed no mercy on me
Understandable I feel the cold I feel the hatred
In the vast glorious nothingness I call human heaven
I'm going down! I'm going down!!! Down!!! Down!!! down!!!
Down!!! Down!!! Down!! Down!!! Down!!!
We're all going down!!! Come on!!! We're all going down!!!
I sing the sons of your meaningless death... Death (din tulling)
You cant save you from your burning
You can feel the devil breathing
You can hear the loud voice of hell
(And) time have showed no mercy on me... (for faen)
Let us all burn!!!
Let us all burn!!!
(And) time have showed no mercy on me...
Mercy on me...
I'm going down...

10. Shut Up, There's No Excuse To Live

[Music: Bloodpervertor, Lyrics: Nattefrost]

Come chaos, come death
Like a wolf, he is the hunter
Like an owl, belongs to the night
Like a serpent, his bite is deadly
Like a cunt, waiting to be fucked

waiting to be fucked
like a cunt waiting to be fucked

Like a blade, it makes you bleed
Like a bullet, it's meant to kill.
Like a war, he is majestic
Like a metal, I will stand, stand supreme.
I stand supreme!
Like a metal I stand supreme.

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