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1. End Of The 1980's

"How many people in this world are like me?"
From a distance we look much the same
Wondering if cold is the absence of something because
I've felt this forever

After a while you learn that everything stops
We're ageing and we all die alone
The constant tick tock of lifeless irritates
We're all so fucking dead

Heartless means little to those who have
Caved chests, bound eyes and broken hands
I myself am fabricated
Has this meant nothing?

2. Drop It Like It's Hot

I can't escape the tension in this place it's never changed
Where's the unity when new faces aren't welcome in this family
Putting down those who are full of heart
Because they weren't there at the start
Well now I'm calling you out you fucking fake because
There's more than holding heads up high at stake

So what the fuck have you got when
You're dropping my name like it's so damn hot?
Talk and talk and talk again about how much better it was back then
Well get out
Fighting is never worth it unless something worth's dying for
Now your asking me what I fucking stand for?

Take your folded arms and drive them through your jaded heart
You were nothing then and your nothing now

Come on kid this ain't 84, so what you playing for?

3. Who The Fuck Taught You Snaps?

How could something that means so much to me mean so little to you?
I can't believe you could walk away, leave this so easily
Blinded by the stars in your fucking eyes

I'll tear them out and replace them with something real
Teach you to feel how I fucking feel

So tell me how does it feel to fuck yourself up?

So follow, please follow me through this just take my hand
Set yourself free.

4. Six Months

Six months from now I'll regret those thing I never did
I never told you how much I cared
But you weren't the breath of fresh air that I had hope for
Now you mean nothing to me

What friendship means to you, I'll never fucking know

The distance between us grows we're oceans apart
Forget everything it meant nothing from the start
But I still keep my promises

This won't end with this I swear another passing day and I'm still here.

5. Nothing To Lose

These are the days we won't forget
Everything that we've been through and yet to fall
Through it all
I'll fucking stand by you

Remembering how our sides ached, faces wet with tears
It felt so good let's do it all again
The weight of the world can't touch this shit
Can you feel it?
We're unstoppable

Nothing to lose.

6. Love Song

Wipe those tears from your fucking face
This isn't another song filled with lies told to my face
I wish I never loved you

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
And I will never die from a broken heart

When everything is all said and done
You'll be the one who comes back to me
Well fuck that, you turned your back on me
So fuck you, I'm moving on.

7. The Rules Of Attraction

Lying here and all I want is to beat my face against this wall
Motionless you drift away, and I'm left wondering
"If it means so little to us why do they fall down you like rain?"
Your hand in mine
I felt explosions for the first time

I realized words are just words
Heartbeats singing us to sleep
Chasing a dream, but some things are never meant to be
The air is filled with a cold uncertainty

Your Beautiful but you don't mean a thing

Why do I even care?

As I take this first breath
Glittering blackness paints me a brand new colour
Forget 'us' this is mine, with eyes like diamonds shine
Swallow me whole sugar
Swallow me whole.

8. Explosions

"Write me" she said
A week that felt like years
Distance makes the heart grow fonder
And I can' see much clearer from here
A thousand eyes stare back at me
But none hold suck beauty and captivate like yours

I wish words could express this feeling
My chest palpatates and breaks in two

A change of heart, a second chance to start again
This time it's for real
This is forever

With broken hands, I burnt bridges to keep warm
I turned cold that day but you placed warmth back inside of me.

9. Suckerpunch

So take a fucking step back and see what this has reduced to
Another bitter night spent bashing keys to tear each other down
What have we got when the blood that ties spills onto these floors?

The dawn of a new war
You've run your mouth too fucking long

I'd rather dies than listen to you
You've got no game your time is up
Your looking tired try something new
You've got no fucking game bitch
Try something new

So quit running your fucking mouth
Your killing no one but yourself

10. End Of The World

This is the point where we ask ourselves
"Are these our lives or are we more?"
Fuck standing on a ship we're sinking
The tide beats incessantly dragging you down

I only saw what I wanted to see
I only heard what I wanted to hear
This is the End of the World

With open arms embrace the cold
With open hearts embrace this cold
This is the End of the World

Submerge breathless and choke on blackened air
Piece me together with shards of heartless despair
Never forget the days that passed the time we shared
Meant everything although I wasn't fucking there

Deal with it
Rock 'n Roll
And I will never forget about you
Those who I love.

Thanks to thebearlives for sending these lyrics.

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