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1. Isolation

Overflowing with hatred, I cannot contain me, I erupt
I feel violent, volatile, on the verge of destruction
So lost inside myself, it resonates this beating against my head and heart
So lost inside myself, it isolates as routine bites hard

This downward spiral, this endless circle, this solitude
I am nothing, I am permanence.

2. Cursed

The realisation that I still don't know what I'm doing here,
Put in perspective I am nothing,
It feels like something has been wasted, and I am fading
Time is growing against me as I grow tired of being
Just another soul spent searching for something inside,
I hate my fucking guts, I hate desire, I hate lust,
I hate humanity, I hate instinctively, I hate this fucking world for fucking hating me

The chasm in my chest
Screams of resounding emptiness
I've never tasted this bitterness
I never felt this solitude, worthlessness

So what great vision is this to sail amongst the vast indifference?
Accept a trail to hollow senses, where only tragedy breaks the numbness
So what great epiphany, will spell out beneath my feet?
Chain my wrists, and admit defeat, imprisoned by 'the clarity'
So is this destiny, a doubtful life, feeling empty?
Worst of all to make me guilty, blindest of the blind, telling me to see
I might hate this world, I might hate myself
But I wont be a wasted soul, another ghost like everyone else

3. Spirals

I doubt theres a better place for anyone, we're vampires feeding on distrust,
Its time we grow the fuck up and learn to love,
I know I said, we're all so dead, but I'm not ready for death yet
So quick to point the finger, before looking inside
Yet all young lovers know why nightmares plague they're minds
We know true love, is just a curse, in a fucked up world, that's getting worse
But youths forgiving eyes, stare aimlessly, and carelessly we fuck all through the night, in the shadows of the city lights.
I'll never love again. I'll never love anything.

Not for one second can I imagine a retraction
How much longer can we take beauty for granted?
We've a lack of reason, an absence of passion
We're without clarity, in a world of empty vision and

I doubt there's a better place for anyone until we learn love

4. Insomnia

"I took a walk through this city tonight
Retracing steps etched in my mind,
Of the darkest days that we survived
The troubled youth of suburban life
And at the heart of that beach town
I swore to you our innocence
All you saw was difference, afraid of change, afraid of ambition
Time wont wait for me
I wont live life, lost and confused
I'll find direction with or without you
Now bunked up on these hardwood floors
I'm past tired and sleep eludes me
The punk rock show still sweats from our pores
Our minds are racing and our bones are still shaking
And we all cant sleep tonight knowing tomorrow we'll do it again
On the road in the am, the rising sun fills the walls of the van
All the letters never sent
Because all my time was spent
On stories you'll never know
Written out of my mind
Guided by white lines on these endless roads
We have nothing in common with anyone"

5. The Cold Front

I refuse to be part of a world, refusing learning, refusing thought,

Refusing feeling, refusing heart.
Open our eyes so we can see again, unclench our fists so we can feel again
We're forward thinking, but no one cares

Instead we open our hearts to greed, and its a fucking killer, its a fucking disease
Its the cancer in our bones that brought us to our knee's
Where do you turn when everyone is as guilty?

I refuse to be part of a world, encouraging the suffering. the decline of beauty.
The oppression. the depression. though no deliberation to this fucking tragedy?

Who will be the voice for those who haven't one?

Who will be the first to show humility?
Who will be the first to show morality?
Who will be the first to show empathy?
Who will be the first to show sincerity?
To teach me?

6. Deadbeats From Deadhearts

To be alive but never to dream
To be another failure, the world didn't need
To be the voice of insecurity
To be the broken man, to be the waterless seed

I'll never life on my knee's, I know a promise holds more to me,
I'll never make the same mistakes, a conscious mind, I'll never break

7. Sun Heights

Have you ever felt so desperate? have you ever felt so dense inside?
Everything turns grey and desolate, everything feels weathered and fragile
Everyone you thought you loved, took you for a ride in a city called 'fucked'
And smashed through your dreams, head first down a one way street, singing
'I don't know where things went wrong for me', amidst nightmares by the fucking
Sea, dancing at thirty three, wishing desperately for clarity
And this isn't how I pictured me, afraid to grow into the man I aspired to be
Everyday, this is why events unnerve me.

In the shadow of the greatest man, I feel naked, the lonely one, untouched by the rising sun
Desperation crashed down on me, endlessly I reach for nothing, amidst the waves of eternity.

I'm on my own against the world and I've never felt so fucking cold.

8. Seventyk

I wonder if this is what its like to be a seventies kid?
Standing at the edge of the world, screaming
"I just don't feel like growing up today"
This whole city in shades of panic and pantone
We're on the run again this feeling in our bones

We're so fucking high and tonight's the night.
We slept through nine to five, now we're doing it right
I've never felt so alive with my crew at my side

I'm a fucking criminal, and paintings my crime
I've fucked this whole city one wall at a time

On the fucking run again
This feeling in our bones
I wonder if this is what its like
To be a seventies kid?

9. Ceremony

Don't tell me its over just yet
Because when you said you would be here forever
I figured that bought us some time
But time past through us
And left you wanting more
But this is it kid
Our hearts beat for it
It doesn't get any better than this
So don't look back
Don't look down
What could have been isn't even an option
I'm thinking clearly for the very first time
I'm a fuck up
A highschool dropout but I see this world for what it really is
Bright skies and countrysides in a land that talks in tongues
Where do we go from here
Is this all we have
Will we ever get out
Here's to our fucking youth spent wasted out
I know I promised you more but
Fuck what you think
Fuck everything
Fuck regret
Down for anything

10. Permanent

Two ways to choose,
On a razor's edge,
Remain behind,
Go straight ahead.
Room full of people, room for just one,
If I can't break out now, the time just won't come.

Watch me unwind.
Rejected and depressed.
Everything I am I hate.
Confused, directionless.
Knowing this is all we had.
Existing on best terms we can until
Death takes us from our own fucking hands.

But nothing can touch us now.

I tell myself that I know I don't want to be the man who tells stories
Of the all things that were ripped from my hands before I truly grasped them and I know if we shutdown in stages then let this be the last time
That I ever fucking gave a shit, with my head in my hands, I never meant anything more than this,
This is the story of permanence.
This is the story of unchained momentum
This is the story of everything, we ever wanted.

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Thanks to jrdnz_ for sending track #4 lyrics.

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