Dark Lyrics


1. Suffering


2. In Coalesce With Filth And Faith

This is hate and all the passion that goes with it.
This is love and all the sickness that I feel because of you, because of you.
I crowned you during death; adornment of my dying bride.
In coalesce with filth and faith, your salvation deaths embrace.
Black like deicide.
Cracked mirrors look back and laugh.
Thoughts crush my mind.
Secrets of my heart pour black like deicide.
One of these nights I promise, I'll watch you die.
When the tables were turned, I'll watch you die.
Lifeless and empty, your absence is killing me.
Let the past die.
You were always dead in my eyes.
Because of you, this is hate, this is hate.
Because of you, this is hate.

3. The Nature Of Depravity

The fears of my past are more than real.
No script will offer comfort.
All I have is the eyes of my nightmares.
The beginning of the end is upon me.
This is the nature of depravity.
Only faceless figures await me.
The eyes of a failed sinner, a body where the dead lay.
This is the heart of the sick.
The nature of depravity.
The fears of my past are more than real.
Its only lust and obsession.
All emotion lies in decay.
I welcomed the darkness, I let it in.
This is the heard of the sick.
The fears of my past are more than real.
No script will offer comfort.
I welcomed the darkness, I let it in.

4. Adornment Of The Sickened

The precious passing of a beautiful face.
An inhuman perversion from on mistake.
Complete removal of the heart.
Adornment of the sickened.
This is the crowning of the undead.
Now I watched in embittered sorrow.
And dream of her in death, dream of her in death.
On my own back, turned from the light.

5. Innocence Died Screaming

This is a curse, a plague upon ourselves.
Embracing only ruin.
Forgetting everything else.
What a tortuous inversion of life.
So empty and torn at the seams.
Pulling back the curtain of night, downing in fear and grief, downing in fear and grief.
The broken crown of an angel, her innocence dies screaming.
A beauty so rare and hollow, her eyes now pools of ebony.
The broken crown of an angel, her innocence dies screaming.

6. The Diseased And The Poisoned

These pages have become a mass grave for thought and reason.
This hellish maze inside my mind, a vortex for the diseased and the poisoned.
Now I find myself staring at two empty hands and I'll give everything I have.
But it's nothing.
I'll give you everything, but its nothing.
Progression though depression.
Passion through deception.

7. To My Dead And Dark Dreams

In complete darkness and total fright, feeling cold hands scratch at me.
Deaths romance wonders like lost love upon this blackened dreamscape.
Clinging to past memories like the fading thoughts of a dream, there but just for a moment.
A glimpse then gone into dark eternity, entwined with the night beneath a crimson sky.
To my dead and dark dreams: A toast for thee.
Push past these castle gates.
My darling, death here awaits.
To my dead and dark dreams: A toast for thee.

8. Sadistic Embrace

Since the beginning I've been thinking of a way.
Since the beginning I knew I couldn't change.
I knew from day one that this never had a chance.
Its all fake, Its all in the past.
Partial understanding of my forced identity; I'm dead inside and it's all I'll ever be.
I gave up everything, I gave it all away.
Partial understanding of my forced identity; all we have is false hope.

9. Answers In Mourning

I can't see it but I feel it everyday.
I'm watching the fain fall through this broken glass and I'm washing the blood from my hands, washing the blood from my hands.
I shouldn't even try, she's right.
This time it's gonna take everything that I have, everything that I have.
These are letters I'll never send, words that will go unsaid.
I want you dead.
And bury you in the darkest part of my heart.
Your arms were my open grave begging me back.
Like a walk through a dead winter park, it was over before the start.
These are letters that I'll never send.
I want you dead.

10. Aortic Dissection

Breathe out this failure pain.
Breathe in the sorrow of past regret.
Unbearable, this is all I know.
Breathing never hurt so bad.
Tonight, I gave you everything I had, everything that I had to you.
I gave everything to you.
Now you see why there's hatred in me.
Now you see why there's death in these eyes.
This was made to be broken.
Just one more, just one more endless night built on sin, built on lies.
This is what sickness feeds on.
Just one more endless night.

11. Among Grim Shadows

Hours before the dawn when cold winds offered comfort, a darkness hangs in the air a seething for the night.
The screams of fallen angels.
I've learned to love it here.
This is where the dark and hate await.
My name written among the grim shadows.
A poisoned heart now in attack.
Tear past the flesh of life.
A life buried in black.
This castle courtyard, a theater for misery.
A thrown to unseat the living.
The lust of death burns in me.
Welcome the night.
Arise, the dead are upon us.
And with them, my name written among grim shadows.
Welcome the night.

12. Enthroned In Isolation

Summer fades.
Winter's cold hands embrace me.
When will this world need me? I've forgotten everything, everything, that's important to me.
Right now I'm just holding pictures.
Painting a memory of a love I used to believe, used to believe.
Sitting watching it all pass in silence; this can't be what I need.
This is a winter I'll never last.
This is isolation I can't stand.
Beyond my thoughts there is a hope that lies within, a hope that lies within.
Enthroned in isolation.

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