Dark Lyrics


1. H.B.F. Suicide

Let the final genocide begin evil against evil
nobody wins a higher conciousness does it exist?
business made out of human flesh talking about your
revolution not acting at all, not caring at all
One more broken soul, one more down Hell blood fire,
we burn our victims alive Hell blood fire, I won't resist,
I won't get back Hell blood fire, we burn our victims alive
Hell blood fire, I'll deny my life, suicide!!! I wish I was
dead, but I can't get rid of my dream my body pumped
full with lead, and then I would be your hero I got god
in my heart, I got satan in my mind cruel, cruel world
go away, make them disappear Mass extinction, abomination,
torture and war no relief, no light at all

2. Deathblow

Down here inside the walls of death nobody can hear your
screams but me who the fuck are you to judge me I am just
killing a bastard that deserves to die For what you did there
is no price and you will pay with your fucking life There is
no excuse for your crimes you will feel the pain equal to a
thousand deaths I knock you out from the face of the earth
I will give you an overdose of my most painful cure Time after
time I see myself die, what a spectacular sight my sweet end of
life You may think I have no conscience, but mine is as clean
as ice, when I strike for the first time you're bound to die

3. Ripped & Torn

Prepare yourself, for a violent day I ride into the unknown
you are drifting away from your soul it's about time to take
you home a thousand crossroads in your life, just a million
different ways to die I've been sick of my life since ages ago
I'm bored to death, it's time to go Welcome all my nightmares
Ripped and torn my life feels so unreal Ripped and torn time
for me to beg for mercy Ripped and torn time for me to get
Ripped and torn Time to meet the man, now dive into the rivers
of sin, let the evil have it's way it's too late, no escape

4. Destroy Life

Give me your soul, help me fill this void, empty heart, empty mind
I need a release, never had a shot at freedom never gonna be free
all I have is your flesh, young warm fresh blood still I'm always
one step behind, so far away can't reach the light Lying in my tomb,
waiting for my doom I can't get rid of all my fears, can't hide no
more, it's time to act the day I was born the sky turned red Lying
in my tomb, waiting for my doom I let the evil take over and fill my
heart again You can see me all in your dreams, I'm the one who pushes
you off from a cliff, hunts you down, makes you drown I am all your
nightmares, I'll be the last one to see you alive Destroy life I have
what it takes to make the whole world burn

5. Cursed

Facing the great black sky, drowning in my worst nightmare, hole-filled
heart traumatized by the fear of my own existence Man no longer needed,
millions of years have gone to waste, It's only a matter of days, then
we will all be erased I hear the chants, I hear the moans, my life is
all in vain, it's time to sacrifice my soul Damn my soul, send me to
hell, for cursed I amn in the darkness I dwell, damn my soul damn my soul,
send me to hell It's time to end this worthless existence eaten by giant
black holes, realize the end has come

6. Divine Breed Killing Machine

We've created one killing breed-machine, fed by hate and lies on with the
madness, we've got nothing to lose nuclear powered, driven by our own hate,
fear is his weapon against marionette-like men on earth Run it dry, way
overheated for the masses are blind, only one-track mind make it burn,
blow up it's fuse we've created hell and we can't escape We're riding
towards armageddon at the speed of light on our journey thru the past,
we terminate, we desecrate born of fire and steel, before his burning eyes
we kneel we welcome our new master, we bow for the almighty Infernal pain,
only one way to stop it but so many ways to die He is a quiet easy
built for our own satisfaction, nowadays impossible to defeat his kingdom
greater than the universe the legacy of our master, his soul lives on

7. Deep Rivers Of Blood

Your last day on earth, what do you do? you think about all the shit we put you
thru, you say you don't care but I know that's not the deal, out with your rage
I know how you feel Today is the day, your last day on earth Today is the day,
the last day on earth They didn't see it coming, they couldn't read the signs
they refused to hear the sound of doom judgement day is calling, we're all guilty
as charged we will drown, in the deep rivers of blood It's time to act, stab wounds
in their back, eye for an eye, time to die, time to pay they should have stayed
away, denying their great loss, no regrets just one day left

8. Breaking Boundaries

I can't believe what I am hearing you make my ears bleed so bad I can see
right thru your lies I stay and listen to what you are saying: just empty
words, made up stuff from your fantasy worlds, I got eyes, with them I can
see thru just about anything So far, so good, say what? - you're just acting
like a fucking fool So far, so good, say what? - I will deliver, I will
maintain I'm sane enough to make my own decisions, don't need any rules
I have my own, and I break them time after time a mad dog in progress
fulfilling my life I've been on the right track since day one don't need
to change my way of life, not ever gonna stay the same, I will remain
Whatever comes in my way, I embrace it take it with me on my journey thru
life defending yourself with so worn-out cliche's you say you are nothing,
I say you are everything you ever wanted to be You should try to be true
to yourself let your soul and heart guide you don't let your dreams just
be dreams follow the leader: follow your heart Just empty words, made-up
stuff from your fantasy worlds, I've got eyes, with them I can see thru
just about anything don't need to change my way of life, not ever gonna
stay the same, I will remain

9. Into Oblivion

Are you scared of yourself? Hiding your feelings, suppressing your hate,
denying your wish to die, locked up mind, so afraid of the fire Paralyzed,
choked on greed, co-existence in war A diehard bloodbath in your heart,
a wounded soul, can't take no more, your life hangs so loose Turn your back
against life, say good-bye and enjoy the light never to come back, never
to return You can feel the pain of the universe, your curse just won't go
away Facing death without dignity, you've been punished for your sins over
and over again

10. My Bloody Rampage

There's no saints in the world today before my blade there are no exceptions
I gather my troops for the final kill the western world will be gone tomorrow
Bloodlust, I seek pleasure in death unspeakable terror as I raise hell no one
gets away, no mercy, no use to pray thousands of bodies lined up on the streets
I sentence you all to death today rotten corpses, maggot-filled meat I can't
stop my infernal slaughter Watch me as I take action brutal murders for my
satisfaction The whole world blown into pieces my final sin the most violent
assault Human prey, my gruesome plan of revenge send my soul straight down to
hell Send my soul straight to hell Taste my venom, I shoot to kill Send my soul
straight to hell for evil I am

11. Baptized In Fire

We'll meet in hell, you and I wide-open wounds since the last time you want to
be an icon you want to be jesus christ revenge, your blood is mine see yourself
burn to death now look into my eyes of fire endless pain is yet to come Maimed,
your limbs torn apart and still you refuse a lethal-injection you've got a knife
in your throat, and a nail through your spine you'll be a son of god, baptized
in fire You had it coming, now your time is out pure fucking pleasure, as I
remove your face no rush job of torture, just maximum pain totally worn out in
a few days Brought to you by someone below Well, I was born in hell I'm the captor
of your soul you start losing blood, your life decays

12. Let Me Bleed

Smashed my head into the cold concrete I tried to tear myself apart overheated mind,
there's nothing more to gain you revel in my rage, you want to see me insane Let me
throw away the pain, let me bleed to death let my soul burn, you know I never learn
how to reject my inner thoughts So secret, so silent, so confused living my life
without a cause take away my life flame please let me die I tried to stay alive for
too long my furious mind was all set on fire so quiet on the outside, total hell
inside no more rebel, no more fuzz

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