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1. Molesting The Dead

I'm Excavating the exanimated / Open the coffin by main force / I'm wadisgusted vomiting bile / Iknow the I'm vile / Then seduction concuers my deeds / And the smell of rotting corpses drives me to a point of lust

Molesting the Dead
Fucking a corpse is my addiction
Molesting the dead

The corpse is laying right before me, I flail fer sevenfold / Her face is devastated her body destituted / Obsessed by desperation I ravish this clod slut / I chock her on a cross with not a stitch on her body / She's hanging there like Jesus Christ I'm fucking this cold whore / developing immense lust while I'm fucking this exanimated body

She begins to convulse /Her stomach grows / Her raws disappear / Her pale face smiles on me

My sperm was the drench to resurrect a corpse

Her empty eyes are staring at me / Her frenzy smile craves for more/ Her empty eyes are staring at me / Her frenzy smile craves for flesh

Molesting the Dead

She's pregnant the demon needs to be feeded by human flesh / The fetus eats his mother from inside penetrates her stomach and looms

She's dying again with this frenzy smile

Our Breedthe carnivore comes to this world

2. Coward

You were praying for your recognition
Wanted to conquer your freedom
Now abandon your cowardice
And fuck up your sanctity

Reluctant to valor flail your failure
Tear of your bond the chains of oppression
Just live free you wanted it to be
Take the imminent punishment and throw it far away

Terrified you're watching your approach to death
Justified is the punishment you'll receive before your last breath

You're one with the vile flock
I'm pissing on you
Now abandon all your hope for your sanctification

You will never be holy
Death will find you anyway

You will never see your god
Don't throw your life away

Don't follow this fucking flock
Of fucked up cowards

Believing in a book of lies will never make you holy
You will never find what you search when you look out for sanctity

3. Misanthropic Deeds

A dark place called heart in a world as we know it
With a scar on the surface that lets us look inside and see...

Deviation from life
Devotion to the evil
Desperation to our divine

Misanthropic deeds

A battlefield full of rotting corpses
A massgrave full of radiative humans
A land full of hungry peoples
A church full of despairing prayers

H-bombs, terror, storms full of radiation
Oh yeah god loves us all

Screaming crying bleeding dying

From Mecca to Rome the books tell us a way of life
The rules are set just follow god and you'll be free

Just kill your fucking neighbor he doesn't act your books anyway
Fuck your fucking lies your divinity means nothing to me

I don't want to give my faith into a paranoid daydream thats questionless followed by the masses

I'm no part of your fucking game
I'm no slave to your higher fantasy
Millions of prayers tearstained to kneel down
Begging for a world that will never appear
The biggest sign of misanthropy
Was the invention of religions
God sent us his fucking abortion
To tell us how to live our life
Oh god your sheeps didn't learn a thing
Now nail your prayers to the cross

4. Where Is The Fucking Hospital?

[Lyrics taken from one of Kern's favorite movies, Toxic Avenger 4]

My arm is broken
My legs are fucked up
I've gotta pee like a race horse
Yes I do

Where is the hospital ahw shit
This ain't the fucking hospital
This is not the fucking hospital
Hey you've got a pisser in here

Cause I've gotta pee real bad

Oh my gosh who could do such a thing to a defenseless
Beautiful exceedingly attractive woman

I must free her yeah
Here I come Kabukiman to the rescue

5. You Can't Kill The Dead One

I am the ghost that enflames your thoughts
Don't try to kill me cause I am dead

I'm torturing your brain sending you my nightmares
Show you a world you never want to see
This is the hell on Earth coming from your brain
Just crush your head and you'll be free

With your eyes spread wide open you see me gnawing on your own
Destituted you're crying your only wish is to die

Open my grave and lacerate my corpse
Kick my bones and break my skull
I'm watching you smiling like a frenzied

I was the sacrifice to your god now I'm back
Showing you the depths of a dead world and now dream on

6. Lust For Gore

Five hundred pound what a fucking fat dighead
So damn vile like a piggery fist-fuck
I touch his stomach to feel his fat
This guy's ready for my project

I hack off his melon head for my collection
I slice his stomach I know how that feels
He's not like the cemetery whore hes's much better
He smiles the potato man, fucking funny

Bludgeoning the flesh to make it soft

When I make me small I fit into his stomach
So that is the feeling for a baby before birth
In a way that feeling bores me
I want to find some funnier games
Isn't there any other thing i can do with a huge empty stomach?

I hack off hand and feet
Now I rip out the bones and sew the extremities up

Now I've got a full body clothing
Made of a five hundred pound lard ass
Its so easy to come in
The blood lets it slip on so easily

I've got to find a mirror
Oh fuck that looks funny
Even if its fucking heavy

This huge guy's body with my head hand and feet
I fall down laughing looks like I'll never again stand up by mainforce

Now I've got to eat my new clothes
Now I look like he did

7. My Torture

My clothes are soaked by piss and blood
The beat of my heart is killing me

Not able to move my body out of here
No chance to scream cause no one hears my voice
Imprisoned in a cage of cowardice
No way out of this straight jacket they gave me

The more I cry for riddance the less I am heard
The more I cry for life the less I am embalmed

The salt in my raw I'm becoming frenzied
Gasping I'm creeping trying to breathe
My body's one itch I'm scraping confused
I hear the chuckle of thousands in my head

Darkness surrounds me
From inside
Every breath so savagely
An invisible strap strangles me

8. Sliced Open

A sharp ripping knife in the hand of fate
The cold steel approaches to me
I feel the gush of warm blood
Flowing down on me

I feel no pain just the frozen spider
Running so fastly down my back
My blood begins to freeze in my veins
My head begins to burn

Gore on my whole body
Ridden I'm laying down
Soaked is the bottom
Of my blood that's cooling down

Now fear and torment
Grow up inside
And I begin the resignation of my thoughts
Sliced open I'm laying down
My body begins to rot

9. Putrid Fucked Up Dip Potato

You're looking so fucking happy
I'm disgusted of your smile
The anger rises up in me
The ravishment of devastation obsesses me

Bond on a chair with straddled fucking legs
The chopped off in our sewed up mouth
Tearstained eyes beg for sudden death

I like the look of agony in your face

Days go by the room is filled with your rotting stench
Your face looks (like a putrid potato)
My gorge rises (I spew it into your face)

Putrid potato with a dip on it
Let me try a little ah what a great taste
A little salty in the end

I know what it needs just a little sugar
Now let me try again ah you're better
I think now you are finished

Now I need an oven I don't like cold flesh
Got to bake a dirty crippled motherfucker to enjoy the full flavor
Of your putrid fucked up happy dip potato face

Now you taste like fish and smell like the rotten abscess of a putrid cow
Disgorging your flesh brings your smile on my face
Now I've got the reign over your inner self

I've got a weakness for putrid
Baked happy dip potato faces

10. Ignorance

[Bonus Track]

Five men attacking a fellow breaking his ribs
Till they're sticking into his heart blood is flowing out of his mouth
They're sticking knives into his lifeless body
Punching the dead one to be the hard ones

The people are standing at the side
Like there is nothing to hide

No reaction

He is dragging a young girl
Into his car
Driving so fast
Driving so far

Out in the forest he is raping her helpless body
Taking this girl to the point she never again will be

She never again will forget this moment as her life got so fucking deep
Never again forget the pain
Never again will see the light

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