Dark Lyrics


1. Opening

Phantasm Inhabiting This Clogged Haze
Bring Laughter And Carnage
Kaleidoscopic, Baleful, Omnipresen

2. Charlie

Ouija, are you there?
Ouija, are you there?
Is there a presence among us?

Oui... ja, oui... ja

Dark is the memory I set out to forget
We used an oracle board to contact the dead
Young, bored and impatient we asked the name of the entity
The glass suddenly moved spelling out "Charlie"

Why are you here?
What do you want?

"Protect you."

How do you wish to protect me?
Charlie, are you a member of the family?

"No, I am a friend."

Fun and excitement turned into fear and disbelief
It gave answers to questions no soul knows but me
We moved the glass planchette to say our goodbye
It moved the pointer to "No" so we asked Charlie "Why"

From that moment the atmosphere began to change
Kind answers became evasive, dark and strange
Threatening the spirit: Leave, in the name of the Lord!
Bone-chilling messages came forth from the talking board

"Bitch! Slut! Whore! Cunt!
Go fuck your God! Fuck your God!"
D-I-E spelled out repeatedly
It threatened my family with death

The glass shattered
Releasing a scent of decay
We failed to perform a portal-closing spell
Panicked, we ran away

Something is watching me
It's a shadow
It is following me

Why are you here?
What do you want?

"Destroy you!"

Charlie wants to kill me
Charlie is not a friend

3. Bloodqueen

Her age has come the crown affixed
Her only wish is to conceive
Whilst burning those that shun belief

Countless years of blood thirst
And hundreds sacrificed
All hanged, quartered, cauterised
The queen's still longing to give birth

Endless years of madness!
Death-fatigue, the cruel intrigue
Is the despair and the sadness
Of a royal womb still fruitless

Blood Queen
Blood Queen
Like a beggar 'fore the altar
It seems Lord has eased her plight
Yet miscarriage still comes swiftly
Like a thief in 'midst of night

Ascending her stairs backwards
Clutching a mirror and candle
"Show me my future and show me what's mine"
And the mirror shows her a new-born child

She reaches for the infant, so sweet
But the mirror cracks

And its eyes start to bleed
A thick mist descends
Suddenly down the stairs
She drops the ghastly mirror
Screaming in despair

Blood Queen
A shape appears in the mist
And throws her to the floor
The child, now floating in the air
She screams, "No more!"

The eyeless child then reaches out
She grabs its little arm
But a surge of mist pulls her back
The sudden force breaks the infant's neck

Blood Queen
Blood Queen
Blood Queen
She comes through the mirror
Blood Queen
She comes through the mirror
Blood Queen
She comes through the mirror
Blood Queen

4. Charles Francis Coghlan

A blackness comes forth, thick clouds from the North
A serene cemetery atmosphere
Transforms into one of melancholy and drear

The wretched remaining seek shelter ahead
Huddled together, shedding tears for the dead
And ‘midst the silence before that storm
The beginning of this peculiar tale is born

Ravished by infernal winds, hail and rain
A storm surge generated by a deadly hurricane
Caskets plucked like feathers and swept into the sea
Into a maritime eternity

Charles Francis Coghlan, born in Paris, 1842
A remarkable actor awaiting his breakthrough
Charles Francis Coghlan moved from Ireland to the United States of America
His charisma would put a spell on you
Talented, handsome and eccentric
A rising star... reaching far

Rough waves carrying caskets towards another destiny
And most of them sink into the cold blackness of the sea
Yet one coffin keeps floating steadily

Charles Francis Coghlan, rising star, reaching far...
Charles Francis Coghlan, rising star, reaching far... in death

Breath-taking was his play, expressing joy, fear, sorrow and rage
He collapsed to the floor
And when his applause died down, he truly died on stage
Charles was no more

Day and night dancing and swaying along with the tide
Crushing rogue waves pounding the box of death until it’s out of Sight
Until there's no more light

Corroded by maritime salts
Submerged into the ocean’s cold
Sinking away from the circling sharks
Pulled down into the dark

Charles Francis Coffin - rising star, reaching far
Charles Francis Coffin - rising star, reaching far... in death
Charles Francis Coghlan - rising star... reaching far.
Charles Francis Coghlan - rising star... reaching far in death

Taken by the wave from its Texan grave
Coghlan’s coffin drifted like a ghost along the American coast
Until 7 years later, after the storm had abated
The casket was found washed ashore on Canadian ground
We are artists for life until the last drop has been shed
And true artists will always perform until their very last breath
Even within the cold and timeless theatres of death

5. Song For The Dead

I sing a song to the dead
From my heart, profoundly sad
Forlorn I cling to everything that is them
By betraying their peace
I keep death in asylum

Song for the dead

I touch their eyes, harvest their rheum
And rub it in mine, to try to see them
I can't let them go, they stay in decay
"'Til death do us part?" That's what they all say...

Song for the dead

I wear their clothes, so warm and tight
You think it's wrong, I know I'm right!
'Cause even their hair, so soft and fine
Once draping their skull, now looks good on mine
Looks good... on mine...

Song for the dead

All good things must come to an end
Empty words, when death is your friend
I'm living this endless lucid dream
In the land of the dead I'm King Libertine
Never buried neither forgotten
I dance and laugh amongst the rotten
And when my kingdom meets its maker
One song will silence the undertaker

6. In De Naam Van De Duivel

Once upon a time, back when the Devil had a temper
For he was repulsed by love for as long as he could remember
He knew of a bond, that flamed fiercer than fire
Husband and wife he ached to see burned at the pyre

So he summoned a witch before his black throne
Demanded their bond corrupted by this wise crone
The smirking old witch was instantly sold,
By his promise of rewards both in flesh and gold

In de naam van de duivel
And so the witch set forth on her insidious quest
Stalking the house of the blessed,
Kisses at sunrise leaving for work;
A sign for the witch to approach the house with that same evil smirk
"I came to warn you immediately
Of misfortune and adultery
In my dark prophetic dreams I saw you"

She opened the door for the devil's whore
Who was disguised as an old lady, kind and wise

In de naam van de duivel
"Your husband shall leave you forever
Do as I say, and you will stay together
While your love is asleep, cut off a lock of his hair
Bring it to me and I'll cast a spell to prevent your despair"

And so the witch twists her tongue, reversing the tale
She told her husband before to be on his guard:

"During night when the owls are still and the moon looks pale
Your wife will stab you with a knife in the heart!"
Those twisted words, poisonous like a snake
He could not believe, but still they kept him awake

So he lies there awake, in the dark of the night
When a flicker of steel catches his sight!
Overwhelmed by pure rage and disbelief
He tears the knife from her hand and slits her throat in his grief

In de naam van de duivel
In de naam van de duivel
At ease on his throne and pleased with his whore
For hell is free of love once more

In de naam van de duivel
For hell is free of love once more

7. Pitch Black Box

Pitch-black box
Death unlocks
Consume us all
Feed on our souls

A black cursed casket
Carved from wood, by the devil's hand
Filled with relics
Left by the dead, this box is damned

"Thou shalt not open"
Engraved in blood above the lock
Yet countless mortals
Have heard the dead, from inside, knock

Pitch-black box
Death unlocks
Consume us all
Feed on our souls

I thrust the skeletal key inside
Turn six times left, then three times right
Oh pitch black box, show me what you hide
And grant me the treasures from beyond the light

Pitch-black box
Death unlocks
Consume us all
Feed on our souls

Pitch-black box
Death unlocks
Kill them all
Feed on their souls

8. The Possession Process

Followed by footsteps, whispers, scratching and faint voices
Startled by slamming doors, knocking and otherworldly noises
I can sense that something is wrong, a feeling of being watched
There's no soul here but me and this witchery
I can smell the scent of death, the feeling of being touched
This is my home and I am not alone

White noise, black shapes dance in the corners of my eyes
Flickering lights and electronic equipment
And the perfume of decay attracts the flies


All senses increased and intensified
The shadows twitch and distort, I'm weak and terrified
I doubt I'm insane, yet something's calling my name
From the crevices and corners tonight

"No one seems to believe my story, not friends nor family
They think I'm fucking crazy"

I don't enjoy this life as before
I never leave this house anymore
Scratches, bruises and cuts mark my skin
Myself, now a monument to unspeakable sin

That which haunts me has taken control
Corrupted my senses and poisoned my soul
No foul medication or feeble priest
My god is silenced, my possession's complete

Breached by evil
My body now possessed by a malevolent source
Breached by evil
My body now possessed by a demonic force
Breached by evil
My soul ripped apart in a torturous place
Breached by evil
A black hell-raising angel, wearing my face

9. Three Times Thunder Strikes

Scrambling for matches
Determined to burn it to ashes
She threw the Ouija board to the flames and kneeled to pray

"I wish I never ever – ever – listened to my friends
Who had said it would be fun to play
Now the one that follows me
A predator, and me its new prey"

Cloaked by a shroud of darkness
Resurrecting forces she could never ever understand
That seemingly innocent game, now chanting

"Charlie – Charlie's not a friend"

No sleep, no peace, but – fear
Forever caged in a ghostly sphere
Unblessed by a violent host
Possessed by a virulent ghost
A visceral rumble shakes the house to its core
And jagged cracks cut through walls and the floor
Three times thunder strikes, a blinding bright white
Shattering windows, inverting the night
Between the chaos now spread throughout
She desperately cries out loud:

"I beg of you Charlie, release me from this"
Unchain me from the depths of the abyss"

No sleep, no peace, but – fear
Forever caged in a ghostly sphere
Unblessed by a violent host
Possessed by a virulent ghost

One month ago, she uncovered an artifact
A strange casket like an alien tesseract

"Thou Shalt Not Open" inscribed in blood where it locks
Yet in her ignorance she opened this pitch-black box
Unleashing Charlie, a force vengeful and strong
Did you open the box before hearing this song?

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Thanks to 6661367 for correcting tracks ## 5, 6, 8 lyrics.

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