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1. Nothing Changes

You’re all the fucking same. Day to day, holding hope tight. And still, nothing changes. You all stand and hope waiting for a brighter tomorrow, when today just passed you by. And it feels like everyday is darker than the last, well I’m not living in the past. But this depression is all I’ve ever known. And hating you never gets old. I don’t want to live, I don’t want to live another day, with you fucking pretenders. You make me fucking sick. You bunch of fucking pretenders. You make me fucking sick. Can’t stand another wasted night. I won’t live another wasted life. Tell me why I should try to make change for a world who never spared me a thing. Tell me your idea of what needs to be done. Tell me when you think the war is won. In a town full of fakes, no one left to believe. When will I get my relief? You’re all the fucking same day to day still holding hope tight. And still, nothing ever changes. Nothing ever changes. And still, this path I keep treading, with all of these words said. Moving on is all I have left.

2. Crumbling

So much lost time, so many wasted years. Searching for better things but there’s nothing to be found here. And everybody questions why they cant find the time to smile. In a world where everyone shops for status, happiness is lost in the isles. And when your self worth is only your possessions it wont be long till all you own is your own depression. Everyone need something, something to hold on to. But all I’ve got is this music that no one understands. Everyone has something, something to hold on to. Well, all I’ve got I the music that no one under stands. Quick to judge, quick to turn away. And so I’ll scream, since no one cares what I have to say. The world around me is filled with nothing but a fucked up society. I’ll tear past it all in hopes to find a better place for me. I watched the rise and fall. I watched it die.

3. Sweat And Blood

I’ve worked these hands straight to the bone. We dig down, deep past our hearts and into the fucking ground. Kill ourselves all day, then go back to a broken home. No though of future or sight of an end when a fucking shovel becomes your best friend. After a day in a ditch, you’ll pray tomorrow never comes. The pain and strain, the sweat and blood. We age away in the sun. Everyone is fucking fading away. We age away in the sun. Dead end fucking nights. Dead end fucking life. And see, there’s no love for the working man, when the bones in our backs is all we have. It’s all I have. Pain and strain, sweat and blood.

4. Not Welcome Here

It seems these days anyone who ever heard anything about anyone thinks they know about your whole life. It gives me reason to take a step back, with assumptions made without the cold facts. Stay the fuck away. No one wants you here. Stay the fuck away. No one likes you anymore. Fuck your status. Fuck your crew. It’s people like you that shows have to lose for the scene to improve. No one cares where you came from. No one cares where you have been. When you show no respect for the city you live in. I’m trying to forget it all but I can’t escape these judgmental walls. You make a stand for what? Nothing but a hypocrite piece of shit.

5. Help And Heartache

Everyday I tried to help. I saw hope they said you couldn’t. You turned away, ignoring me. Now you’re thinking thoughts you shouldn’t anymore. What am I here for? It’s not for me. Why the fuck can’t you see? Everyday shit got worse. Losing friends, they dropped you first. You asked for my help but wouldn’t listen, turned your back on all the advice given. And it’s all just a slap in the face. I hope this song makes your heart race. Forget I said anything. Your life, your way. All you ever say. Your life, your way? Well now you’re living far from your dreams. This is me letting you go. Forget I said anything. This is you living far from your dreams.

6. Let Love Die

Can you relate to your heart losing density? The feeling of your heart sinking. Everyday I bring myself face to face with these questions: How could you have done this to me? How could you have done this to us. So many promises I held so tight. Promises un-kept. Promises you broke that night. You were handed the heart of a broken man in hopes you would be the answer to every worry he ever had. But it’s all meaningless to you. It’s all meaningless to you. Can you feel the pain one bit? Or does it reflect off your insecurity driven excuses? I’m sick of spending every midnight clenching to the roots of my own hair. And killing myself on the inside because you weren’t there. My heart wont be given away ever again. You fucked it up. This was your last time. You fucked me up. I’m letting love die. Broken hearts. We’re drowning in our sorrows tonight.

7. Uninspired

Is there anything left, worth fighting for? These days have got me wondering, what the fuck is a bright side? And is there hope? Or are we destined for pain our whole lives? I pray one night I’ll be able to fall asleep without wondering if I’ll wake up tomorrow. ‘Cause fear has been riding my coat tails for the last 20 years. So loud I sing, is there anything worth fighting for? ‘Cause all I ever see is the same bullshit attack our lives over and over. So loud I scream, is there anything left to believe in? We’re searching for answers without knowing the questions. I’ve yet to go a day without being uninspired my the failure that surrounds my life. I’ve yet to go a day without being uninspired by the road blocks invading my life. It’s time to turn, turn the tables on this fucking world. Give me something worth dieing for. This world won’t break me. This world can’t break me. No one can save me.

8. Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

A year spent tied down to the shackles that kept me restrained from getting the most from my life. But this feeling of discontent is where I find my comfort. Easy to accept, when pain is consistent. Love is struggle, when you hand your heart to a closed hand.. 12 months wasted, I still don’t understand. All I ever gave you was all I ever had. And open arms just to fall back on, still you were nothing but a broken promise. Tell me when your idea of forever turned into I’ll never have your heart. What’s left when all I have to give isn’t good enough? Without your voice here, December is colder. I’m done, waiting a fucking round. I’m done, for you to come back around. Don’t want to see your face ever again. All I have left to give you is a page scratched with angst. So now I’m left asking, did you ever even care? I’m so sick of feeling let down, every time you weren’t there. And now I fucking wonder, would anything have changed your mind? Just help me find an answer and I’ll stop wasting all your time.

9. American Failure

Living day and night in question, wondering where we went wrong. So until questions become answers, I'll pour every word into every song. Straight out of my heart. I beg, take me back to the start. Why is it at the end of every night I fight falling asleep? How long will it be till me and dieing meet? Remember the nights when we sat together? Got lost in thoughts of tomorrow. Tomorrow and forever. Well, nothing ever happens like I plan. Now I stand alone, with an empty hand. Nothing ever happens like it should, We could have held on, well I thought we could. Rewind back everything. Forget your hopes and dreams. I am, the society is, an American failure. Help me figure this out. Will I make it through one more night? Help me figure this out. How will I make it through this life? My fucking life, has gone stale. We were all destined to fail.

10. Set Sail

I won’t be tied down. I’m letting everything go. Break through, chains and rails. We’ll set sail. Set sail.

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