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1. Bad Habits

New years resolution
Stop this crybaby shit
Of course only after one
More unfiltered cigarette
It's so hard not to break the
Chains of dominoes
Addictions, bad habits
So hard to break
Rainy days and up all night
Anticipation of blood-shot eyes
Burnt spoons, lies and deceits
All my friends are gone
Gas station feed for breakfast
Meth amphetamines for lunch
Uphill climb for forgiveness
Your bathroom is my shitter

2. Drug Culture

An old house in a forgotten part of town
Dog shit on the ashtray carpet
They've been up for four days
Their porous veins would take anything you've got

Drug culture [3x]
If you quit you'd still have nothing
Plastic bag purchases behind closed
Doors in plain view
Dealing escape or minimum wage
Which would you rather choose
25 bucks for you blanket of warmth
The gravel voice doesn't think
Vomit in the bathroom sink
No waiting but you're still anxious
Control crumbles in this wasteland
Garbage can for human beings
The house is your only safety
For the ritual at hand
No one gives a shit if
You pass out on the floor you're in the
Drug culture

3. Second Guess

White guilt and sympathy
When you people whoring on the street
Stop your worthless empty words
You racist armchair politician
You can second guess the rioting
All you fucking want
At least its people doing something
Instead of sitting on their ass
Comparing their ignorance, luxury and security
With status provided by the TV screen
I'm not surprised when you say you can't relate
Comforting yourself with apathy
You've forgotten how to hate
You can second guess charity
But when have you ever really experienced need?
When have you experienced anything?
You took the first option because you were scared
Scared you'd become what you feared most
Having to rely on yourself instead of someone else
You're taken for granted and you don't care why
Pad yourself with protection, money secures
You'll second guess when it crashes and fall hard
You'll second guess the options & take the loss
I hate you pathetic new age morals
Your utopic philosophy is crap
How could anything trust humanity
Violent act after violent act

4. Traditionalist

Trap the past
Make it last
Could not grasp
It should end
Stop the pain
Endless reign
Won't give in

5. On The Take

Man lies, man learns, man dies
One nation under a so called God
Who claims to hold the seeds of tranquility
Excusing debris caused from self-righteous leaders
Happy-go-lucky, merica's morale
Too rich & greedy, tradition & style
Under pressure
Dedicating simply a must
Oh say can you be more realistic
You've been forced & pissed on
Yes, strategically erased
Some have a problem to where there's no competition
Milk cartons for ID's, nowhere is safe
Your taxes for everyone's defense
Should I think beyond the 90's or play dead?
From decades of devastation & rot
Just remember, everyone takes a fall
Exchange excuses for wrinkles
Not thirty yet
A grand illusion, stability
As life passes you by
Personal dependencies & cliques
Procedures, formations, a boss for a dick
God almighty psychiatrist grandpa in the sky
State conventional anti-depressant explodes on you
Staring in the mirror waiting for yourself to show
A struggle for inches & miles they take, they take
Pledge allegiance, the new order is main stream
The future America, far gone corporation consumption
Television dialogue, rent cheap
Just sit & watch on the take

6. The Sty Of Christ

You blame your biased ideals on how you were raised
On bible class chains you're a dutiful slave
The inbred American way
Instilled from your goddamned very first day

Raised ignorant [3x]

Hold your cross up high
On the battlefield where you've gone to die
The bodies of belief pile high
To uphold the worthless son of lies
The sanctity of your being
Does not require this spiritual prison
Let alone this religious fiction

Your puritan zeal hides your perversion
It hides your vanity, greed & indulgence
Sick preacher of intolerance
Racism strengthens your pious convergence
To self-appointed guardian of a "right-thinking" resurgence
Sensor of cultures
Your God won't return to rescue your worthless sect
Go to hell prophet of slavery
On the same day God created his biggest lie
In 1993 individuality dies in the
Sty of Christ [3x]

7. Insecurities

Basing & harassing to prove that you're a man
Screaming for your equal rights, an Aryan homeland
Societies ill caused by the colored man?
The Jew took your wealth?
You need someone to hate, to hide that you just hate yourself
Fighting to preserve a nation?
When was this an Aryan nation?
Why do gays threaten you? Why do you even care?
Brainwashed man like daddy, or that dress you want to wear
Fear of your own reality, insecurities
Like your father was afraid of his own reality, insecurities
Hypocrisy written all over your face, you decide what's right
Living in a panic, get a fucking life
The chapters of your white trash existence read like empty pages
A grim reminder of the solitude & the spite you incur on others
You insecure bastard
Your lifestyle is timeless in the America of today
The simpletons, the falsehoods with which the road is paved
You carry on this lie that your children will surely continue
Burying your family name, burying your endless shame
& television will guide them just like it brainwashed you
Continuing the 'tradition' until your lineage is complete
& I won't shed pain for you
I won't even pity you
Another dead fucking fool
Insecure brainless tool

8. Methamphetamine

Can't slow myself down at all
Futile attempt to sleep
The wire has been tripped
My hand shakes as I walk the line
I need to pull myself out of this situation
& try to save myself from losing grip
When my hope completely dies
Empty life
Money's gone
Three days went so fast
I need some more time

9. Draining Blood From The Land

Chop the forest & drain the Earth
Capitalist don't care when money's the word
Land developer? What a fucking lie
Improve you cash intake, improve your life
Draining blood from the land
All Earth's resources traded for cash
Economic insanity
Causes this sick dilution
Twisted into pollution
The ending of the ages
Too far gone, natural castration
Too far gone, self immolation

10. Overpriced

How much does it cost?
How many homeless turn up dead
Frozen or murdered on newsreel footage
How many children are beaten to death for your entertainment?
This is the capitalist nation we've bred
With commercials on television exacting our blood
Cutting off the impoverished
Dealing tranquility
Doused in tradition
That for most is unaffordable
Stability is overpriced
Trapped in the safety net
That's designed to catch them
The ignorant America
The gutter of the unnamed the aberration of this machine
Is its neglect of its working parts

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