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1. Eternal Descent

Awaiting the arrival
Of serenity lost
Self pushed far away
Existence bleak if not

This bleak eternity
Has you in its hold
Now you break away
All you see is black

Disturbing flashbacks of life
Stare into your eyes
A shadow of your former self
Reality only fantasized

Attempt to break away from
This harsh void
Trapped in a world of pain
Misery at every turn
Absorbed into throes of bitterness
Pulled down into this eternal decent

2. Night Terror

Trapped inside two worlds of reality
Enveloped in a living
Purgatory in your mind

Visions of death - The only life sign
Subconscious fear runs
Through your mind
Dark illusions that can't be denied
Dreams of your death come to life

Unlighted path - Comes from your mind
Night terror lurks deep inside
Destroying you - It comes to be
Haunting your life - Mind never free

Dormant fear holding you in its grip
Cold hands keep you from awakening
Nocturnal imprisonment has your life
Struggling to break free from mental chains

Mentally gone, Your mind is devoured
A dark submission takes you down
Eternal sleep brings your end
Dreaming your life as it dies
Awake from your fate but you
Can't break free
Fear has crushed you in its hands
Unraveled in pain
Your life fades away
Now your mind is gone
Night terror reigns free

3. Sinister Perceptions

Blinded by thoughts so
Macabre, I see thing I
Thought would never be
This new harsh reality
I wish would cease

As I sleep, my dreams turn to nightmares
Phantoms of chaos enter my mind
Stealing my precious memories
Raping my mind in the night

Sinister perceptions cause my Fall
Never ending pain to the end
A sentence of anguish never
Thought before
A sentence of anguish
I am reborn

4. Sightless

Unforeseen malevolence
Within a shattered thought
A broken dream from the
Chamber of memories lost
The insight of a chaotic
Existence past
Forsaken fate - A toll of an
Abusive past

Escape yourself through synthetic peace
Prevent the pain from being unleashed
Enter the plane of time and reality
A dream of your life you cannot live

Silent cries as a dark misery arrives
A mirror of your life you can't deny
Forever gone you shall remain
Your life fades in your eyes

Time closes in on this deluded dream
Your false reality will start to cease
The haunting truth is now here
Face the pain you can't bear
Your sightless mind is blind to the fear
Hope will arise dissolve your fear

5. Drawn-In Misery

Deep within your mind
Repressed memories lost
Eternally haunting
Your normal life is paused

Now your mind will never break free
You suffer in dormant hypocrisy
Deep within your mind - perverted memories
Snap right back at you - drawn-in misery

Fantasy - A daydream far away
Fermented - Memories will always stay
Fantasy, dreaming, restless,
Screaming, mind lock, trapped
In, forbidden to give in

6. Journey Beyond

Your thoughts are flooded by
Visions of pain
Deception holds you down to
The bitter end

A false hope subsides in you -
The growing addiction from
The journey beyond
Deny the hurt that grows
Inside of you - The rising
Affliction from the journey beyond

Search now through your
Shattered soul for a glimmer of peace
Swallowed whole by diffidence
The journey begins

7. Delusional Imprisonment

Distorted visions of life
Disguised in your lies

Deviation, desecration,
Malediction, from your mind
Take your words, Hypocrisy,
To our eyes, to glorify

Speak of things that cannot be
Live your life in mockery
Your life is but a lie
A broken mind intensifies
Distorted words... Bred in your mind
Mystify - Speak your words to glorify
Bred in your mind

Divination, Hallucination,
Fabrication, from your mind
Take your words to our eyes
To glorify

Your mind has died

8. Soul Dissolved

Submerged inside of devious thought
Fighting the internal Nemesis which is yourself
Unmendable consequences - this web you weave
Escaping to deception - This path you lead

A recurrent dream of your foul disgrace
A nightmare of thoughts you just cannot face
Denial of truth by subduing your hate
To a shallow grave painstakingly made

Take a step back
Look into yourself
Bear witness of your own
Disposition devoid
Your hatred takes form

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