Dark Lyrics


1. Meat Hook Sodomy

Butchery, my meat hooks sharpened to penetrate
Emasculate, gouging crotches I will eat
Hung upside down, holes punctured through half chewed gristle,
Debauchery with dead bodies, turning green

Upheaval of human entrails
Deterioration of grated genitals
Dangling from the hooks
Obscene feelings deep inside me

Dislocating, separating a blood-drenched body
Begin the anal grouting

Awaiting insertion
To rip out intestine
Bodily destruction
Vulgar molestation

Treachery, never ending soul ripping
Lifeless bodies rot, petrified
Clogging veins, pressure building
Scabbing clotted sores dehydrate
Condemned to life of obscurity
Dismal dimensions of my being
I explore my thoughts through murder
Devoting my life to mutilation

Screams of blood saturate
Grubs feed on dilapidated stumps
Darkness overshadowing...
The killing

Eyes now dilate
Bodies disintegrate
Razor sharp hooks implanted in your rectum
Splitting bodies, spilling guts on the ground
Sodomizing living beings with my utensils
Stabbing on your life stripped of all your skin
Disgusting to the world
Beauty to my eyes
The body lying naked
Discharging my infection

Invigorating while I kill, intoxicating
Invoking suffering on human beings
Grinding orifices my only therapy
Sculpting gore, muscle tissue
Reshaping mounds of flesh, deformation
Skulls of victims stacked like trophies
Bleeding from your arse, sudden blood ejection

2. Gutted

A tale of the deranged, this savage brutal being
A shocking way of life living on human offspring
Murder of the innocent,
His pale grey face, expressionless
Horrid dismemberment

One person's torture is another’s pleasure
Malformation, a diseased brain

Unsuspecting, slowly dying, as his knife invades the child,
Screams of pain, no one hears, blood splotches now appear,
Ecstasy through each cut, now the body twitches
The gutted little torso ready to be cooked

Isolated in his own mind
The need to kill now possesses
His body self-mutilated

Between killings, ejaculation,
Cut off appendages of former victims,
Sexual violence satisfaction
Disembodied corpses, spewing gore
On his body, soaked with their fluids,
Various digestive parts and assorted meats

Plunging his fist down the throat,
Ripping out the guts, internal extraction

The entire body bleeding, the heart stops pumping
The child lying dead, just another gutted infant
To satisfy his hunger, temptations of the flesh
Voracious appetite
Killing to release pure souls to the heavens
Justification of his killing
Self-torture, stiffening pain
He sees the faces of the dead
Guts are strewn from the children
Splintered bones, poke through skin
Gratification through castration
Roasting parts for consumption

3. Living Dissection

Fingers missing from hands,
Ready to snap bones and necks,
Pieced together from dead tissue
Body parts crudely sewn,
Face is smashed to pulp
Drooling from an empty socket
Brain half dead, hungry for flesh
Many souls commanding my existence

My body alive,
I defy the life I've been given
I should have remained dead

Experimenting on dead tissue,
Convulsing bodies on the table
Reanimation of the dead,
Rusty scalpels cutting skin
Pieced together parts and parts
Transplanting human life
Rotten organs, rectal pus
Spitting up your gallbladder

Donation of bodily organs carved from broken bodies
Eyes melting, skin exploding
Every body bleeding
Meat inter-changed from the mutilated stiffs
Parts of the dead are never to rest
Lymphatic nodes Implode,
While the brain corrodes
Bodies sold to science, profiting from the dead
Creation of a being never known to man

Heart pumping pus through the body,
Sliced in sections, the putrid infection
Regaining life from beyond
To rip the flesh from your bones

Stripped of flesh, unsightly
Torn in two, slicing through you
Live organs needed to be reanimated

Pathologist sawing the skull of the donor,
Now he lies dead
Awaiting a new brain
Re-cycling the bodies, parts of the dead
Exposing their insides,
Slitting their necks

Finding a way, bringing life to the corpse,
Once dead on my table soon to walk again

Fingers missing from hands
Ready to snap bones and necks
Pieced together from dead tissue
Face is smashed to pulp,
Drooling from an empty socket
Brain half-dead, hungry for flesh
Many souls commanding my existence,
My body alive, I defy the life I've been given
I should have remain dead

4. Under The Rotted Flesh

Under the flesh: rot
My lust for decayed corpses
Dead bodies exhumed
Their coldness induces me

Endless defilement,
Reoccurring relapses,
Perverse with the dead,
Soon I will kill for myself
Impending suffering,
Spasms shooting through me
A cannibalistic necrophile

Violating the body,
Putrefied, moldering,
Gorging on the rotted flesh
Cutting off the body's head
Drinking from its severed neck
As I rip the corpse in half

Human shit for nourishment
Coprophagia, consuming feces of the dying,
As their bowels let loose
Defecation flows down my throat
Excremental investment
Reflections of things to come,
Mirrored in the dead one's eyes
My fantasy of murder

Open wounds gushing,
Blood on skin coagulated
Tortured of the wretched,
No one cares of their dead
Appalling odor wreaking,
Piles of rotted bodies

The bodies prepared for slaughter,
Wallowing in your own blood
Grinding off your fingers and toes
Feeding on your meat
I immerse my sharpened implement
Into a fresh bleeding gash
Her body used for my sick desires
The blood thirst I can't control
Many more must suffer

Disposal of the dead,
The corpse chopped to bits
Licking up the drivel
The gore enrages me

All I kill a new creation,
My work of art bodies torn apart
Liver quivering at my feet
Eyelids cut off to watch...
Your own dismemberment,
Cutting through arteries
Nerves exposed
Feel the power of pain

5. Covered With Sores

Bleed on me,
Digesting the clotted scabs
Blood thirsty
Passing on my curse, the spell pussing gores
Of those I infect, become my loyal servants
To ride me of my own rot
Whittling meat from the bones of the dead
Pulverizing pelvic regions with a sledge
The mutilated bodies I leave rotting
After I have fucked them with my knife

Becoming a product of my own nightmares
A bleeding sac of infection, years deceased

I hide my slobbering skin, covered by a victims flap
I love to watch the blood ooze down the bodies stump like sap,
A vulgar way of life, my hideous side now revealed
Remembering the future is the key to unlock my past
Leaking membrane, consuming bodies
Carving out the cunts, blood my lubrication

Spewing pus on rotted skin
I celebrate my cruelty,
Boils begin to form,
Dripping on my tongue

Swallowing throbbing glands,
The juice leaks from my lips,
My only thirst is pus
Eruption of cysts

Incurable disfigured bodies, I rape the dying
Horrific sights now manifest, penetrating inner organs
The ruptured organs leak the fluid that I seek
To break the incantation of my damnation

Split wide open,
Bloated organs burst
Nerves uprooted,
Reopening healed wounds
On my body
Sucking on the sores
Ingesting my own fluids
Self-parasitic puss indulgement

6. Vomit The Soul

Grotesque, crippled, carved up carcass
Evil controlling my mind,
The fear of dying expired of life,
To vomit the soul I am dead within my self

The end a beginning to a new life in hell
I am your path to ever-lasting pain
Mass extinction of the human population
Son of the devil the evil incarnation
Maniacal mass murderer mutilating mortals,
The child born unto evil,
Trapped within the statue of flesh
Vipers travel through bodily orifices,

Blessed by the devil
Under inverted crosses,
Religious ways,
Lies controlling minds

I walk among mortal beings, but I have died
Excavating graves I search for decay
Packs of flesh driven zombies ready to feast
I suffer forever living only to dismember

Open season on humans,
Laughing I watch them die,
They bleed so easily
Their blood flows through my body,
I need to taste the flesh
Exposing pulsing arteries
Removing vital organs
Not stopping till you've died

Pus from your eyes carnal ways indulge in the gore
Slaughtered you lie in a pile of warm guts

Constricted corpuscles coagulating
Blood my drug a slave to its taste,
Reincarnated to human form,
Creating a race of immortal beings,
Rot away
Dead bodies, set a flame
Searing flesh, broken necks
You can't kill what's already dead

De-evolution, hunting for life
Cannibalism, immortality
Rip and slash, a society of mass murder
Bleeding slow

I take away your life,
And leave you lying cold,
Decapitated body
Searching for its head

Anticipate apocalypse,
Rising dead dismembering
Hacking limbs
Cracking ribs
Torture us

Blessed by the devil,
Under inverted crosses
Religious ways,
Lies controlling minds

I walk among mortal beings, but I have died
Excavating graves
Empty hollow corpse,
Forced to eat your flesh
Extracting purity
Twisted bodies rot away

7. Butchered At Birth

Birth is always painful
Decaying in the womb
Trapped within this body
A bleeding human tomb

Gutted bitch lies dead
Emptied of the child
Chewing on the cords
Its life line to this world
Afterbirth is flowing
The stench is overwhelming
My body, growing stronger
My pain turns to torture
Severing its bloodline
A butchered infant carcass

Meat from the unborn
The freshest kills
Chopped up children
Bathing in blood

Contorted and festering I rot in disgust
Re-generation of my body
Mother ripped apart
Smashing in her face
My knife cutting holes
Fucking her remains

Esophagus carved out
Crushing cartilage
Bile oozing from
Punctures in your liver

Ripping meat within
Chewing on intestine
Bladder spurting urine
Sight of defecation
Now grow infection
The child ripped to shreds
Drinking its excretions

Ejaculation over mutilation
On the mother's body hacked into pieces

The sludges from my cock give her life once again
Sewing the remains of the child deep within her
Reborn through evil
My torture known throughout Hell
Heed to his calling
The demons await my next kill

Carnage is my fetish
Body cavities scraped of guts
Brains seeping from cracks
As my axe continues to hack

8. Rancid Amputation

Torsos hang from their own intestines
Raped of all bodily extensions,
Stumps wreathing in sludge like infection
Suffering through a Rancid amputation
A pulsating artery accompanied by some veins,
Slit with no restraint
Sacs of pus develop
My muscles tighten as I feel the rush

I look at your body starting to gush
I slice through the limb, a human dissection
Portions of half-eaten flesh in my mouth
Starting to chew your now bleeding stump
I will swallow your pus
Your own rectal slime I'll force you to drink
Vessels explode as needles injected

Uncontrollable, my brain tormented
Slit from head to toe, die through the torture
Disease engulfs you, internal rot
Fresh cut wounds, beginning to clot
Ripping through flesh is what I do best
Tear off an arm, amputated neck
Eyes removed, cranium smashed
Decomposing remains, severed in half

Dying slowly never to rest,
Nerves are quivering as I rip

Removal of life on the blade of my knife
Inserted in your spine, smashing through bone
Feel my hell, I feed on fright
Rape the limbless cadaver

9. Innards Decay

Rotting alive
Tearing my way through the meat
Driven to kill,
My brain twitching for guts
Devoted to evil
Severed arteries gush
Hungry for the blood
Life is to decay
Victims meet my blade, carving out organs
A world of pain and terror
Visions of the future
Premonition of the evil,
Forthcoming eve of darkness
The chosen one will come

Eyes torn out, bodies cut in half
Twisted corpses hang from broken necks
Demented madman, unholy rampage
Impaled cranium beginning to drain
Sodomize the carcass, chew the anal rot
Sewn within the body the dark becomes my light
Live inside the shell, feed upon infection
At one with the dead

I rip my way through easy prey,
Disfigured bodies decompose
Chewed limbs drip with pus,
Intestinal strangulation
Humans left ripped apart
Lap up the dripping goo
Wretched chunks of bleeding flesh
Internally you rot away

My need to kill induced by hate,
Betrayal of trusted ones
My mark left on this earth,
Victims of my slaughter
Souls of my dead, murdered by my hand
Blood on my face, innards decay
Snapping necks chewing flesh
Insatiable thirst for blood
Slicing throats viciously
Uncontrollable insanity
Tear out the beating heart
Engulf the quivering spleen,
Chew the meat
Death is my life
Life is to decay victims
Meet my blade carving out organs,
A world of pain and terror,
Visions of the future
Premonition of the evil
Forthcoming, eve of darkness
Eyes torn out bodies cut in half
Twisted corpses hang from broken necks,
Demented madman, unholy rampage
Impaled cranium beginning to drain.

Chris Barnes - Vocals
Alex Webster - Bass
Jack Owen - Guitar
Rob Barrett - Guitar
Paul Mazurkiewicz - Drums

Thanks to pnoyes01 for correcting these lyrics.

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